Compromising Position Souichiro X Aya

It was during class time Souichiro was picking fight's again. Hey you Souichiro called out. It had been that student that attacked Souichiro and Bob and Few weeks back with a Katana. The Blonde yelled ''You Think your pretty Tough don't you attacking me and Bob like that well Bob sure kicked your ass right now it's my turn Souichiro ran in for a punch.

The Punch Hit him Hard and knocked him down but Souichiro was being so Arrogant that The Student Snuck up on him and Tried to Slash him. ''Well I Think I Better beat you again Blondie. Wow I Still dodged your Katana Dickhead Than he Kicked The Young Student in the Forehead Knocking him out. Guess I tried too hard to dodge him Souichiro hit 5 Empty Desk's and fell He was Stuck under them. Hey a little Help anybody come on Help me out. Well It's time for lunch The Muscular Teacher said I could care less Nagi as He left the classroom along with The Student's. Nagi saw Aya looking for him. Hey Aya could you help me Im a little stuck. Okay Souichiro-Sama wait… your Stuck in here. Yeah know get these Desk's off my Arm's.

If your stuck you can't escape Souichiro-Sama Im not stupid I Can't pass this chance up I Have you all alone and you can't escape my Love. Aya! Just Let me out already I gotta Meet Bob we got Fighting to do! No I won't Aya what are you doing that's My Groin Area you can't do that to me at least not at school. I can because Im doing it now feel's good right Souichiro-Sama. She took off her School Uniform and got on top of Souichiro's Cock and rammed herself in. Souichiro felt his Virginity shout ''Im Free! In his mind it felt real good he just eased into it a little more. Aya kneeled down to Tongue Kiss him she rubbed her Breasts on his chest his nose Bleed away from Aya and he regained his composure. Oh Yes Souichiro-sama I,ve been wanting to do this ever since you feel into that Shower. Aya are you a Pervert Souichiro asked. ''When it come's to you I am that why I had camera's installed In the bathroom's to activate when your Whizzing. Yeah that's great and Creepy.

I Love You Souichiro-Sama I Love you also Aya They kissed. I guess that mean's were together right Souichiro-Sama. Yeah Bob's gonna be happy I finally went out with a girl who wasn't scared Of Me.