One Day Soon

"Do you want to come in?" Dawn asks at the end of their latest date. She watches Edward with a hopeful smile in place as he pulls in at the front of the Summer's home and cuts the engine. The muscles in his jaw tense slightly at her words and his knuckles turn white where they still clutch the steering wheel.

She wants to brush it off as his nerves getting the better of him but she knows it's more than that. He's a vampire. Her sister is the Slayer. The two don't exactly go hand in hand (at least not in a dustless way) and Edward made it very clear to her at the beginning of their relationship that he doesn't trust easily.

It'll take some time for him to adjust to Buffy being a vampire slayer just as it will for her to accept that he's the vampire that her little sister is dating. Edward has the to-be-expected concern of being slain by her sister and so his silence and negative attitude towards the idea is only natural.

"You don't have to," Dawn adds awkwardly. "It's just…wouldn't it be nice for you guys to meet finally? Buffy knows you're a vampire. She's cool with it." She pauses and shrugs sheepishly. "Well, okay. Maybe she's not all that cool, but she promised she won't stake you."

For a moment she thinks Edward is going to say 'yes' as he turns to consider her. And then her heart flops.

"Maybe some other time," he says quietly. His eyes darken very slightly. The moonlight above illuminates the chestnut left in them and plays softly over his hair.

Dawn nods and tries not to let her disappointment show. "Sure, some other time."

They sit awkwardly in their seats. Their eyes refuse to meet for more than a darting second before returning to survey the rest of the car's interior and what little can be seen through the tinted windows in the dark of night.

Dawn reaches up and unfastens her seatbelt. "I should head in." Her hand is reaching for the door handle to open it when he grabs her wrist suddenly, surprising her with his lightning rod, inhuman reflexes.

"Wait," he says. He loosens his grip and takes her hand in his. "Don't go yet."

They allow their gazes to meet then and a smile plays at Dawn's lips. She relaxes back into her seat and places her hand in her lap rather than on the door handle.

Edward smiles back at her.

"Okay. I'll stay awhile."

Twenty minutes later she finally leaves the car and Edward to walk up the drive. Before she enters the house she readjusts her shirt over the small mark he left on her neck to mark her as his. Better covered than seen by Buffy, she figures.

She climbs the stairs and makes her way towards her room wondering how long it'll be until Buffy and her friends will meet Edward and hoping that it will be one day soon. Really soon.