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Chapter One: Curiosity Kills. Or at least, ruins your life as you know it.

May 22, 2010

The two girls couldn't have been any different, and yet they were best friends. One had dirty-blond hair, (although it was dyed silver for the occasion,) which went down to almost her waist. The other had black hair naturally, but, as it was only barely past her shoulders, and the character she was cosplaying had much longer hair, she also wore a black wig. One was atheistic, the other, Christian. One was a liberal, the other, a conservative. One swore constantly, as a fluent second language, the other only when really angry. One was a math and antropology double major, the other biochemistry and pre-med. But they both shared many hobbies, and had been roomates in their freshman year of college.

Now, two years later, they were finally able to both go to Anime Boston together, along with some other fan-girl friends (and one guy.)
For the black-wig girl, it was her first time. That girl was me.

And I was hungry.

"Laaady Sephiroooooth," I moaned, fiddling with the mantle of my red Vincent costume,
"I'm staaarrrviiinng!"

"Lady Sephiroth", otherwise known as Amelia, turned aroung to face me, her green eyes (hurrah for expensive contact lenses) narrowing in exasperation. "I told you guys we all would have to pack our own lunches! I'm not supposed to be responsible for feeding you!"

"I know," I continued whining, causing passersby to stare at the Vincent who acted more like Yuffie, "But I ate it all already, and I'm still hungry!"

Amelia groaned at my stupidity, and I made a pleading puppy-face at her.

"Jenni, how you stay so damn skinny is beyond me."

"I'm not skinny!"

"You so are!"

Jokingly, I pulled out my makeshift Cerberus gun, and laughed, "Oh yeah, Lady Sephy?"

Amelia smiled and picked up her own home-made creation weapon - a paper foam and spray paint Masamune. A small crowd of Final Fantasy VII fans gathered around us, including our other friends who were supposedly holding our spots in "the giant line of d00m". I felt a little embarrassed, and slightly nervous with a crowd of fans around us cheering for a fight between Vincent and Sephiroth, but since Amelia was in her element, and the idea of a paparazzi sounded cool, I continued play-fighting with her. Amelia had taken fencing before, so her moves were more styled and graceful than mine; I had taken ballet for two years in elementary school, but that doesn't really count.

All of a sudden, Amelia pulled what I shall call her "Sephy-smirk", which is infamous among our close friends because it always makes me react the same way.

"Pbbbt!! HAHAHAHAAAHAhhaaaaaa...."

I pointed at her with "Cerberus" for a moment, and then burst out laughing, eventually dying onto the floor in a heap. I don't really know why, it just suddenly became extremely humorous. Maybe its the idea of Amelia being Sephiroth? I don't know, but regardless, when I tweaked out, the crowd became confused, and finally dissipated altogether, after taking a few shots of the mentally deranged Vincent crumpled up on the ground, laughing her head off even with the "Masamune" chopping off her appendages and head repeatedly.

Amelia eventually stopped smirking her torment on me and joined in laughing, too.

Three coca colas, two hours of waiting in line, being ridiculous and trying to fend off boredom via recording us singing like we were high on my cell phone later...

"Oh man, Amy, do you know where the bath room is?"


"I have seriously got to go!"

"We're so close to the end of the line, and you choose i now /i to need to pee?"

"Umm, well I had a lot of drinks, and I..."

"Alright, alright, here, I'll go with you cause I don't want you to get lost in this mob on me."

Thank goodness, thank you Amy, I thought, as we ducked and weaved through random bodies in our path, desperately searching for a sign of a bathroom anywhere. I found one, but it had yellow caution tape all over it and a cone in front. Amelia dragged me away as I tried to sneak past a janitor to just use the bathroom anyway.

"UGH!" Growled Amelia, "What if the rest of the group is already at the end of the line by now?!"

"You know you love me, Amy," I grinned cheekily.

We saw a security guard by some stairs (the huge line of d00m going past him, but not looping up or even down the stairs for once) and mutually agreed to just ask him for directions. As we approached him, Amelia turned to me with a tired but mischievous smile, "Jenni, I don't think you're exactly a Vincent personality. But I'm glad you could finally come with us to Anime Boston, and you do look good in red."

I laughed, thanked her for the compliment, and asked the guy in front of us for directions.

"Sure, just up these stairs, I think, but you're not really supposed to go up there..."

I made a panicked face to show I was just dying and it was an absolute emergency.

"...But", the poor guy continued quickly and with face reddening with embarrassment,"I'm sure you ladies won't get into trouble, right?"

We dashed past him gratefully and bounded up the stairs, but realized when we got up there that the long, winding hallway was completely dark. I got a little nervous, but we continued on anyways.

"The sooner we find you the bathroom, the sooner we can catch up with the others," Amelia spoke quieter, since the hallway echoed.

I nodded, speedwalking a little faster, turning the corner -

- and stopped. What the heck was that?

A door to a room right at the turn of the corner had been left slightly ajar, and various colored lights shone pretty patterns of rainbow speckles on to the wall opposite it.

"Wow," I breathed, glancing back at Amelia, who shrugged, and was probably wanting me to leave the door alone,
but I pushed the heavy oak door with a good shove anyway.

"Oh. My. GOD!!!!" Amelia squealed, and I beamed, my thoughts exactly.

Either we had landed in a giant Chuck E Cheese net full of preschool toy balls, or there were lots of materia replicas in here, safely hidden from the eyes of greedy collector fangirls. Sort of.

We darted all around the huge room, which was probably as big as half a high school gymnasium, and proceeded to pick up and hold every little pretty brightly colored orb in sight, the bathroom trip and the con event we had been in line for long forgotten. Amelia and I each did an interpretation of Yuffie, squealing, "Where's my materia?!"There were some of every color, some slightly bigger or smaller than others, and there were a couple that were...unique.

Such as the one I found.

Which I never should have touched.

Which I should never have let my best friend touch.

Why oh why couldn't I have just gone off, left it alone, and lived a normal life?

Because, I am a very curious person, and this shiny ball with dark purple mists in it, and red lightning in the "clouds" within it seemed very mysterious and awesome to me.

Well, curiousity killed the cat.

"GASP! Amy!!! Come look at this one!" I beckoned Amelia over with wild arm movements, my eyes wide with delight, and Amelia came to observe this strange orb as well.

"Woah...wonder what the heck kind of materia that's supposed to be?" She muttered softly, looked at me with eyes of amazement, and I grinned, offering her the orb.

As soon as both of our hands touched and were holding the orb for the split second it takes to hand someone an object, the orb began humming, whizzing, and shining an angry, brilliant white, blinding us temporarily and filling the entire room with suffocating white light. We both screamed and dropped the orb immediately, but the damage was done. "OH MY GOD!" "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?" "WE'RE SO FUCKING SCREWED!" etc., etc., we were both shrieking and frantically made a dash for the door -

- which was gone, and the room did, too.

All that existed was us, crouched and huddled together on a non-existent floor, with empty space all around us,all white and painful, and the feeling of flying at tremedous speeds without appearing to physically move. My hair began whipping all around, and then Amelia's too, wildly flapping behind us, and we held on to each other the more tightly with fear. I could barely hear her over the power of the chilling air whistling through us, when she yelled another string of obscenities.

The orb was not through with its fireworks display yet; the wind increased as a green, and then a red stream of fire swirled around the white blob that shone like a sun and hurt to look at. The red and green things began going around it in orbit, faster and faster, reminding me of electrons around an atoms's core as I squinted at it.

I began praying like mad for it to stop, cursing myself for not having thought of it sooner, when the two colors collided harshly with a crack, and the wind stopped completely. I think I blacked out.

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