The title may not seem the most original of titles. But it's adapted from my absolute favourite musical and this fic is inspired by it. Don't worry, it's NOT gonna be the same storyline!

Disclaimer: I'm just borrowing the favourite characters from Bleach because my imagination is running wild. You know I don't own them.

Chapter 1

Scene 1

The streets of Rukongai offered an abyss void of any warmth and security. It was nothing but death, despair, darkness.

A young lady about the age of 16 was lost from her caretaker.

Walking frantically amidst the noisy crowd… roaming blindly, searching aimlessly, clumsily bumping into people, receiving dirty glares and rude curses…


Any girl roaming the streets alone risk being thrown to a brothel or being raped, or both.

The young lady was covered in an old mud brown hooded coat, covering her hair and hiding her face from the crowd. Her face was smudged black.

It was a blessing to be disguise that way, albeit not intentionally.

Given what was beneath that dirty look, she was a perfect beauty that would have attracted unwanted attention. Face of an angel, body of a goddess, aura of a princess, smile of the sun.


The next time the young lady walked into another stranger, however, she was roughly thrown onto the main road.

"WHAT ARE YOU, BLIND?!" the stranger yelled.

"" the young lady stammered while in pain.

This time, her caretaker heard the commotion and rushed to her side.

But at that very moment, the sound of galloping horses and a speeding carriage reached her ears.

"Out of the way you fool!" someone from the crowd yelled.

Oh no! I'm too late! The large raven eyes of the caretaker widened in horror.

Just as the carriage almost ran the young lady over, a familiar set of strong arms dived out to catch her and they both rolled to the sidewalk at the other end, saving both from being run over by the carriage.


The man held the young lady protectively in his frame, while she cling onto him for dear life.

But she didn't care about her life at that point, for she knew that she had found what she was searching for.

Sensation was tingling all over his body from having her in his arms, that space which belonged to her.

"I've finally found you!" the young lady smiled.

The man tensed and let go off her quickly.

"I know it's you! Please, don't go!"

Furious tears soaking her face, she reached her hands out to him desperately.

Damnit! That was too close. I can never let that happen again!

The man ran off, not looking back while mentally cursing himself.






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