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Lying there on my tattered old quilt that was a gift from my Grandma Marie, I sobbed softly to myself. He was gone, which was bad enough, but worse, was what had come just a few days after he had left. A positive pregnancy test. After throwing up everywhere two days before he left, and it not stopping after a week, I was forced to accept the truth, I was pregnant and there was absolutely nothing that I could do about it. When the wave of nausea that had meant that I had to lie down had passed, I stood up and went downstairs and out the front door. I hopped into my truck and drove down to Jacob's house at La Push. Hearing the noise of my truck pulling up outside, Jacob ran out the front door, a big smile on his face, and opened the door for me

"Hi Bella, come on in!" I climbed out, but the impact of my feet hitting the tarmac sent another wave of nausea to my throat. I turned and ran to a nearby bush, which I retched into. When I was finished, and the pale green colour was fading from Jacob's face, we went in.

"So Bella, what do you want to do today?" Jacob asked.

"Actually Jacob, I was wondering if I could talk to Billy?" I watched the disappointment creep into his face, and guilt filled my stomach.

"Ummm, sure." He replied.

"Cool, I'll hang out with you afterwards Okay." I smiled at him.

"Sure, sure." He said, obviously pleased with the way things had turned out. He led me in to the too-small living room, where Billy sat, staring out of the back window.

"Ummm Jake, can I talk to your Dad in private please?" I flashed him my special smile, reserved only for getting my own way with boys. I felt terrible for it afterwards.

"Sure!" He said, he disappeared out of the door to his garage. Billy turned his wheelchair to face me, a smug looking smile on his face. I could only guess that it was because the Cullens had finally left.

"So Bella, what can I do for you today?" he asked.

"Well actually Billy; I'm pregnant with Edward's baby, I don't know what to do about it, and to be completely honest, I absolutely terrified." The smile vanished from Billy's face.

"You stupid, stupid girl! How could you be so irresponsible? I'll have to consort with the rest of the elders, and check our manuscripts for anything that might relate to your situation. The best thing we can do is get it out and kill it." He grimaced at the words; clearly this idea appealed to him no more than it did to me.

"No, I won't let you, this baby is the last thing that I've got left of his. You can't take it away from me!" I screamed the last few words then ran out the door. Jake was waiting for me by the door; a look of panic crossed his face when he saw me. I ran straight outside without a backward glance. I climbed into my truck and drove away, catching a glance of Jacob in my rear-view window. It would be the last time I ever saw him, and I regret that now. I drove away from La Push, at the very limits of my trucks speed, so that they wouldn't have the chance to catch me. I drove straight to the one place I knew that I would be safe from prying eyes, their house. As I drove up to the garage and grabbed my truck keys, I began to sob. I remembered the last time I'd been here, and the accident at my birthday party. I carefully climbed out of my truck, and walked toward the door. Just as I reached it there was a snapping in the trees above me and Laurent jumped down landing lithely in front of me. I screamed, but moments later realised that if he had intended to kill me he would have done so already.

"Bella." He said, inclining his head slightly in my direction.

"Laurent." I said, my voice shaking a little.

"I suppose your wondering why I haven't killed you yet aren't you." He said conversationally.

"Well… Yes."

"It's just that you have a strange scent mingled in with your own, it's almost well, vampish." He said the word with an impish grin.

"Ahhh, I can explain that. I'm pregnant with Edward's baby, and I think I need help." I knew that he could see the fresh tear tracks running down my face, so I was not surprised when he sighed and offered to help me to the house.


Alice's P.O.V


Crap, Edward was not going to like this. Or maybe he would. I couldn't quite understand what he was feeling at the moment. Even Jasper found it confusing. I went to his room to break the news gently. He'd been hiding out in there since we left, sulking and sobbing tearlessly, only leaving to hunt so that he was strong enough to carry on being depressed. I walked through the grey door into the grey room. He'd decorated to match his emotions obviously. Dull and dismal. The walls were bare, and as he no longer played music, the only furniture in here was a long grey couch, with matching cushions and a stone table containing his journal and a pen. Damn, he really was depressed if he was keeping a journal now.

"Edward, I need to tell you something." He came over from where he was sitting with his head in his hands on the sofa.

"This had better be very important."

"It is… Bella's pregnant." I watched my words sink in. When they did, he broke down in a crumpled heap.

"By whom?" He asked, his emotions evident in his voice.

"I don't know; I censor things like that out of my visions unconsciously now. Its rude to intrude on peoples privacy like that."

"Okay, I guess going back is out of the question now isn't it."

"I'm so sorry Edward, I really am." I gave him a hug, my tiny arms barely reaching around him. He sobbed into my shoulder. Not even Emmett would laugh at him now.


Bella 1 month later


The baby had broken my spinal cord. I felt a sharp cracking in my back, and then I couldn't move anymore. I collapsed onto the floor, and didn't feel Laurent pick me up and run with me to the sofa in Edward's room. I didn't even feel as he sliced into my stomach with a knife, or tear my womb open with his teeth. I didn't feel as he pulled my child from me, wrapped her in a blanket and laid her on my chest. I didn't even realise that he had bitten me until the venom started burning through my veins. I screamed for almost three days straight. When the burning stopped and I opened my eyes for he first time, I was suddenly aware of the burning thirst in my throat.

"Bella, sweetheart, lets go hunt, you must be awfully thirsty." I turned around to see Laurent facing me. I ran with him to the forest and bagged a deer and a mountain lion. When we got back I asked him where my daughter was, she was sleeping in Rosalie and Emmett's room apparently. I went straight there, and realised why she was there immediately. Their room was filled with dolls and baby's cribs. Rosalie must have been very broody. I found my daughter sleeping in the nicest of them all. It was white and lacy, with pink ribbons all over it. During the brief hours during my transformation that I wasn't screaming, I had been contemplating what to call my little girl. I had finally come up with the name Renesmee Carlie, so when I scooped her up into my arms, I whispered,

"Hello my beautiful little Renesmee, you look just like your Daddy you know."

The moment she heard my voice, her eyelids fluttered wide open, and she gave me the most breathtaking smile a mother could wish for. She reached up and touched my face, her beautiful brown eyes sparkling. I gasped. In my mind I could see her short life from her point of view, my absent face when she had been laid on my chest, how comfortable the crib that she had been sleeping in was, and how much she already loved me. I held her close, and scoured the room with my eyes; I found what I was looking for. A simple pine Moses Basket. I carried her over to it and lay her there; she looked up at me, obviously wondering what I was doing. I went over to the crib that she had been sleeping in and picked it up easily. I carried it to his room, and put it at the bottom of the bed. That way I would have somewhere soft to lie while she slept, where I could watch over her, or read to her. I went back to Rosalie and Emmett's room and carried Renesmee, or Ness as I had started to call her, back to his room and gently lay her in the crib. Then I carried the Moses Basket into the lounge. I was all set for the tiresome months ahead now. I knew that I would always love Renesmee, and I also knew that she would be my link to Edward, even if he didn't love me anymore.