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All of 15-year-old Summer Black's belongings are packed, and she can't wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day she escapes from her evil mum and dad, tomorrow is the day she leaves for Hogwarts. She can't wait to tell her three best friends, Jamie Potter, Alyssa Briggs, and Rebecca Lupin, about what she's found out about anamaigus'. She turned over in her bed, too excited to fall asleep.


Rebecca Lupin is deeply asleep; finally, after two hours of trying, she too was too excited to sleep but finally sleep had gripped her and she had fallen into deep sleep. Now she's dreaming, dreaming of her first year of Hogwarts four years ago, when she had first met her three best friends; and two years ago when she had finally told them about being a werewolf.


Its 12 am and Jamie Potter still hasn't fallen asleep. She went to bed at 10 (at the insistence of her parents) but is just lying in her bed being excited. 'I can't wait to see Summer, Rebecca, and Alyssa!' she thought 'I can't wait to be back at Hogwarts; playing Quidditch and catching the snitch in a real game instead of just chasing it around.' So with thoughts of her friends, Hogwarts, and Quidditch, Jamie managed to finally fall asleep.


Alyssa Briggs is super excited to go back to school. For her, it's not just being back at school and with her friends; it also means she gets to go back to the wizarding world. Being a muggle, the only thing that really connects her to the wizarding during the summer is her books and wand, which she can't use. She definitely doesn't want to wait to see her three best friends and be back in the wizarding world but then again, she doesn't really have a choice……..


The next day…..


Rebecca and her parents are standing on platform nine and three quarters, saying good-bye.

"Love you Mum, love you dad. " She said giving them hugs.

"Bye sweetie, have a nice year" Her mum said

"I will, bye!" She said, allowing her mum to give her a kiss on the cheek before jogging off, waving to them. Just then she saw Alyssa and walked over to her. She grabbed Alyssa's shoulders and said "Boo"

Alyssa jumped and screamed when someone behind her grabbed her, and she spun around. Her face lit up when she saw a laughing Rebecca behind her "Becca!" she exclaimed "Don't do things like that! It scared the crap out of me!" However, she grabbed her friend and pulled her into a hug.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist! Have you seen Jamie or Summer yet?" Becca asked

"Nope" Replied Alyssa "Can you help me put my stuff on the train?"

"Of course"

The two girls put Alyssa's stuff on the train then Alyssa said good-bye to her parents who then left.

Jamie had just put her stuff on the train with the help of her dad and then said good-bye to him and her mum, when she saw Summer and called out her name. Summer heard her name being called by a familiar voice she turned toward the voice and spotted Jamie. The two friends met up to each other and hugged each other.

"It's so good to see you!" Jamie said

"You too! Come on lets go find Rebecca and Alyssa!" said Summer leading the way into the smoke.

Jamie and Summer found Rebecca and Alyssa near the bright red Hogwarts express talking excitedly they say the other two approaching and stopped talking, waving to them. The four girls hugged and greeted each other then got on the train together and found an empty compartment.

When Rebecca finally returned from the prefect's carriage and her prefect duties they had started talking about her 'furry little problem' when their friend and a fellow Gryffindor, Nick Tonks, a tall, and grey eyed boy, came in. Today his hair was a natural shade of light brown. (He's kinda suspicious and thinks that Rebecca might be a werewolf.)

"Hey girls, Hi Becca" He said his eyes shining as he looked at Rebecca

"Hi Nick" Said Rebecca, smiling at him and blushing ever so slightly

"Do you want something?" Asked Summer, not meaning to be rude but she was annoyed at being interrupted from talking about important issues.

"Um, I wanted to know if I could sit with you, but if you're busy I can leave" Said Nick

"Yeah, that's fine, sitting with us I mean" Said Jamie, he nodded and came in and sat in-between Alyssa and Rebecca

Summer opened her mouth to say something but closed it again when Jamie, who was sitting next to her, elbowed her in the ribs and gave her a 'don't-make-him-suspicious' look.

"So what kind of trouble will you be getting into this year?" Asked Nick

"Oh, you know, a little of this a little of that" Summer said with a mischievous grin

"Don't forget sneaking around!" Added Jamie a mysterious glint in her eyes

"Yeah, can't forget that" Said Nick sarcastically

The five friends talked about their summers and what classes they would be taking this year, They talked until they had to get ready for Hogwarts and then Nick went to a different compartment. After he left the girls went back to talking about Becca's 'furry little problem'.