Summer and Jamie are sitting in Jamie's room. It's the second week of August. They heard the door bell ring and bolted down the stairs.

When they got the door, Jamie's mother had all ready opened it and was talking to Rebecca's mother.

"Hi Rebecca" Jamie said.

"Hi Jamie! Hi Summer!" Rebecca said.

"Bye Mum!" Rebecca said, taking a step toward her friends.

"Wait, Rebecca!" Her mother said.

"What mum?" Rebecca asked in an exasperated voice.

"Be careful o.k. and no boys" Her mother warned.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Rebecca said.

Rebecca allowed her mother to give her a kiss on the cheek before going over to Jamie and Summer. She rolled her eyes at them.

"No boys?" Summer asked, raising her eyebrows at Rebecca.

Rebecca started walking up the stairs, "She's convinced that dating will only get me hurt and say's I'm not allowed to"

Jamie snorted, "So much for that"

Rebecca grinned, "Yeah, oops"

15 minutes later Alyssa showed up.

"Oh, I should warn you two, my grandma's coming over tonight for dinner and she's staying the night, but only for tonight. She's leaving after lunch." Jamie said.

"O.k. and why are you warning us?" asked Rebecca.

Just then, Jamie's father yelled up the stairs, "Jamie you grandmother's here!"

"Let's go see, shall we?" Jamie asked, leading the way out of her room and down the stairs.

Jamie's grandmother was a short, white-haired witch with dark beady eyes and a long crooked nose. She had huge circular glasses and looked quite fragile.

"Jamison!" She barked, in a very powerful voice that did not match her fragile looking body.

Jamie groaned but put on a fake smile and walked over and hugged her grandma.

"Grandma! Nice to see you!" She said in a falsely happy voice, however, her grandmother seemed to take it as genuine happiness.

"Justin, get you but down here!" Mr. Potter yelled up the stairs again.

A tall boy with messy black hair and brown eyes and down the stairs. He looked about 19.

"Hi grandma" He said, not trying to act happy, unlike Jamie.

Jamie came back over to her friends.

"Jamison?" Summer asked, with a smirk.

Jamie rolled her eyes, "Shut up"

"Everyone to the kitchen, dinner's ready." Mrs. Potter said.

The Marauders sat at the breakfast bar as the rest of Jamie's family at the table.

"So, is that your brother?" Rebecca asked, gesturing to the boy sitting at the table.

Jamie nodded, "Yeah, he's 19. You might remember him from when he went to School"

"No, I didn't even know you had a brother." said Alyssa.

"That's 'cause I don't tell anyone I have a brother" Jamie said.

"Why?" asked Alyssa.

"Because he's annoying" Jamie said simply.

"Nice" Rebecca said, laughing.

After dinner everyone went into the living room.

"So, Jamie, who are you friends?" Jamie's grandmother asked.

"Oh, this is Rebecca Lupin, Alyssa Briggs, and Summer Black." Jamie said, pointing to each as she said their name.

"Black?" Barked Jamie's grandma, "Are you the daughter of Orion and Walburga Black?"

"Not any more" Summer said, "They disowned me when I ran away at the beginning of summer"

"Humph" Was all she said.

She turned her attention to Rebecca, "Joe and Helen Lupin are your parents, right?"

Rebecca just nodded.

"So, you're the one that got bit by Fenrir Greyback?" She asked.

Rebecca's cheeks burned red. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat, staring at her hands in her lap.

"Mum!" Mrs. Potter said, "You can't just ask people that kind of thing!"

"Oh, fine. Briggs, I don't know a Briggs. Are you a muggle born?" Jamie's grandma barked at Alyssa.

"Yes Ma'am" Alyssa said timidly.

"Hm" She said.

"Jamison, you certainly know how to pick them" She said bitterly.

Jamie rolled her eyes, "Mum, can we go back up to my room?"

"Yes" Her mother said.

"Thank you!" Jamie said, jumping up from her seat.

She left the room, followed by her friends.

"Sorry about that, Becca" Jamie apologized.

"It's O.k." Rebecca said.

"Now you know why I don't like her" Jamie said.

The girls went up to Jamie's room. The girls had a good rest of vacation at Jamie's.

all right, it breaks my heart to say this, but this is the last chapter. I know, weird ending, but don't worry cause i loved these girls too much to just forget about them. So, i'm working on a sequel right now. I'll probably start posting it in a couple of days. Thank you all, especially MrsRemusLupin1 for all your support (and critisisim).