This is the follow up chapter I told you about...

"Are you sure we won't get into trouble for doing this?" asked five year old girl with raven hair and pale eyes.

"Positive," said a blonde boy of the same age with the same pale eyes and whisker marks on his cheeks.

Both tiptoed through the dark halls of the house. Slowly, they made their way to a kitchen where a woman stood, cooking over a stove.

"She isn't looking," said the boy.

They saw their exit and made a dash for it. They were so close to making it when a pair of arms wrapped themselves around them and scooped them up.

"And, where do you think you two are going, you brats," teased the one that held them.

"Daddy, let go!" squealed the boy.

"Um…let's see what your mother says." He looked over to the woman who was cooking. "Oh, Hinata, dear, what should I do?"

Hinata giggled and turned to her husband and children. "If you all behave you get the ramen I am making."

Both father and son drooled at the sound of ramen. "Okay," they said. They made their way to the table.

"Naruto, you have to eat quickly. Tsunade can't have her apprentice late on his first day."

Naruto gave her his signature grin. "Relax. I can down a bowl of ramen in less than thirty seconds."

Hinata rolled her eyes as she placed three bowls of ramen on the table. She looked over at her daughter, who looked at the ramen in slight disgust.

"Is there something wrong, Tori?"

She looked up at her mother. "I don't want ramen…"

"Then can I have hers?" asked the younger blonde.

"No, Yukio, daddy gets it," said Naruto.

"No way! I want it!"

"Now, don't you two start." Hinata gave both of them a stern look. She then looked back at Tori, who lazily pushed around her chopsticks in her ramen. She knelt down next to her. "Now, tell mommy what you want."

The little girl sighed and stood. "Nothing." She then walked away and out of the room.

Naruto and Hinata looked at each other. Both sighed and went back to what they were doing.

Tori went up to her bedroom. She closed her door and sat on her bed. Ever since she was younger she didn't feel that she was really a part of this family. She wasn't anything like Yukio or Naruto. Even, she felt like she wasn't like her own mother.

They didn't understand her. Tori felt like a part of her was missing. It was like a void in her. She lied back on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She closed her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Outside her window, there stood a shadowed figure in the tree. His coal colored eyes watched the young girl sleep. He placed a hand on the window. "Sleep well, Tori." The figure then jumped away, leaving without a trace of him being there.


I have decided to do a sequal to this story. Ther is more left to be done, said, etc... so ya, do keep a lookout for a sequal soon and thank you all so much for reading and following this story. I do apologize if the ending sucks a bit. Other than that...I will keep you all posted!

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