Wilson arrived in his office after an especially grueling appointment to find an envelope addressed to him sitting innocently on his desk. Inside was a letter with just one sentence, 'I said pretend, but I'll take what I can get.' Confused, Wilson looked again in the envelope to find two checks, addressed to him and Chase and signed by Nurse Brenda for a large sum of money. It was only then that he remembered the bet that had started this whole thing.

There was a knock on the door and Chase slipped in the room, setting himself gingerly on the edge of the chair, his expression showed nervousness. With a start, Wilson realized how easily he'd read the other doctor, the other doctor who was known even by those closest to him for being unreadable. Was that mask gone now, did Chase no longer wear the mask around him? Or had Wilson become so good at reading the intensivist that it didn't matter? Either way, he could now read the other doctor like an open book, and the blonde had come in here to tell him that House had noticed, he was sure of it. He'd broken through the ice and was well on his way to solving the Chase puzzle. He was fairly sure that he could simply ask Chase at this point all those little questions that had bothered him. All those things that had made him a puzzle to House.

Wilson didn't ask those questions, and he didn't show Chase the checks and end whatever it was that was going on between them. He stowed them away in his desk drawer and grabbed his coat. "Dinner?"


They could pretend a little longer.


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