Maybe you're not even human 'cause
Only an angel could be so unusual,
Sweet surprise, I could get used to
Unusual You.

Unusual You, Britney Spears.

I was a normal girl and sometimes I wished that I could be unique. I had imagined thousands of times of being the 'Chosen One' and having a completely unusual lifestyle. It sounded odd, even to me, but I couldn't help but wish that my life was different than your typical average girls. Maybe it would be different in Sunnydale …

My parents got divorced when I was young and I continued to live in Los Angeles whilst my Mother moved away to Sunnydale. It had been difficult growing up without the mother/daughter bonding and crying over romantic films whilst a bowl of popcorn lay between you, but I had learnt to see past it. My Father had taken care of me and treated me well, what more could I ask for? Except I knew that he wouldn't always be there when I needed him which was why the devastation of his death was slightly weaker than it should have been. My Father had always made me promise to return to my Mother if anything happened to him; being a policeman was a risky job and he couldn't always assure me that he would return home.

I stepped out of the taxi cab and thanked the driver, passing him a few dollars as he retrieved my suitcases from the boot of the car. The driver flashed me a smile before getting into his cab and disappearing around the corner. I took a deep breath and wondered of a time when I had been so nervous. I had not seen my Mother for almost six years, since she had left when I was ten years old, and, even though she was my mother, I was scared to walk up the path to her front door.

I studied the house. It had a brown door which went well with the crème house itself; the curtains upstairs were brown and the curtains downstairs were both white, vases stood in each window with bright flowers in them and there was a chair swing in the front porch of the house. I had been so busy examining the house that I hadn't noticed my Mother rush out to welcome me.

'Buffy!' my Mother greeted me.

She enveloped me into a hug, smoothing down my long blonde hair. I hugged her back, all the traces of awkwardness disappearing, and smiled softly into her shoulders. It had been a long time since I had smelt the scent of her hair or been enclosed in her warm hugs. It was odd … I began to wonder how I had ever lived without her for so long.

'Look how beautiful you are! Not that you weren't ever beautiful, I just meant –'

'I know, Mom,' I laughed.

She looked down at my suitcases and rolled her eyes as she grabbed the closest two. I chuckled at her expression and grabbed the other four before following her up the garden path towards the house. I immediately dropped the four suitcases when my Mom shut the door and sighed in exhaustion. I looked around the hallway; the sitting room was on my left and the dining room was on my right. There was stairs as soon as you entered through the front door and down the hall was another door, which I guessed led to the kitchen.

'Are you hungry?' Mom questioned, smiling at me lovingly.

'I'm good, thanks,' I said.

'Are you sure? I can make you anything you want!' Mom said quickly.

I laughed and shook my head. Mothers never let anything go and always questioned you if you were positive, where as Fathers just accept your first answer and don't push. I notice my Mother nod and pick up the two suitcases she carried in.

'Shall I show you your room?' she asked.

I nodded and grabbed two out of the four suitcases, following her up the stairs. I walked down the crème hallway and stopped in front of a faint purple coloured door which my Mother had vanished through. I stepped inside and dropped the suitcases, staring around in amazement.

The room was a faint purple colour, my favourite colour, and was decorated in photographs and posters. There were photographs of me and my parents, before they split up, and posters of some hot celebrities that I fancied. I was amazed at how well my Mother knew me, even though she hadn't seen me for almost six years! A double bed lay in the centre of the room, a bedside cabinet stood besides it and a huge wardrobe was pushed against the wall, a large mirror propped up against it. The curtains were a dark purple colour and glass ordainments were lined up on the window.

'Wow!' I whispered, looking around in awe.

Mother looked nervous as she sat on my bed, watching me for a reaction. I heard her sigh in relief after my comment and I smiled.

'Thank you,' I said, taking a seat besides her.

Mom smiled at me in relief. 'Rupert helped me.'

Rupert Giles was my Mother's boyfriend, as my Father had told me at least. He was a few years older than Mom and worked as a librarian in a library in town. Mom met him during her first few months living down here and he automatically helped her adapt to life in Sunnydale. I had heard that he was quite the genius; maybe he could help me on school work …


'Mom, what am I going to do for school?' I asked, keeping my fingers crossed for home schooling.

'Sunnydale High has accepted you,' smiled Mom, patting me on the shoulder. 'Tomorrow is your first day!'

I forced myself not to scream and jump out of the window. After all, Mother had only just decorated.

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