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Sakura: Dammit Itachi! Why did you make author-san upset? You know she gets upset really easily!

Itachi: *looks away with no emotion on his face* ...

Sasuke: Yeesh, even I'm not that much of a cold-hearted ass...

Itachi: *cold, icy death-glare* Would you like to repeat that, foolish little ototou?

Just when Sasuke was practically begging to get killed, a powerful, unseen force froze Itachi in place, in a position much like how he had Kakashi in Tsukuyomi, the Nightmare realm. Suddenly, a low, evil chuckle resounded throughout the room as everyone looked at the source of the hauntingly evil laugh.

Sand-chan(A.K.A. me): Well, well, well... Look who's stuck and without the sharingan... Kukukukukuku~

Sasori and Deidara flanked her sides, watching with sadistic smirks as the author walked towards the bound Itachi, who was hiding his growing unease.

Sand-chan: *takes out an ipod, headphones, and a roll of duct tape* Isn't there a saying, "Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time"? Well, I say it's time to pay for your actions Itachi...

Since Itachi was paralyzed by fear, it was easy for her to put the earphones on and duct tape them to his head, then duct taped his mouth shut. She plugged the headphones into the ipod and was about to press play.

Sand-chan: *mouthing the words* 'Welcome to Hell...' *presses play*

Itachi's eyes widened as the music started to played, raping his eardrums every second the music played, the muffled screams of agony and writhing in pain made the author's grin widen even more, before she walked away.

Kakuzu: What exactly is playing on that ipod, anyway?

Sand-chan: *smirks evilly* I call it 'The playlist from Hell', featuring music by Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and many others... Kukukukukuku~

A long silence befell everyone.

Hidan: Fucker got what was comin' to him...

Everyone except Itachi: *nods in agreement*

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Sakura blatantly stared at her elder twin, mouth agape in disbelief and shock; Kyoko never talked about her life before her arrival to the village, when she and Kyoko were both eleven years of age at the time. Sakura's shocked state didn't surprise Kyoko at all, in fact she expected it, and she sighed as she walked to the couch and sat down. Sakura and the kittens gave questioning looks before she gave a sad, but dark grin.

"You'll understand soon enough..." Kyoko said, before she sat cross-legged on the couch. Without warning, she quickly did hand-signs, some of which were not recognized by the beings in the room. When she finished, her body fell limp, looking unconscious, then the flat-screen t.v. flickered on instantly. The screen showed a female with long, snow-white hair, black eyes, and red markings along her face and body, she was wearing clothes that of a japanese priestess.

"Hello Sakura-san, I'm Cha, the elder of the ChaKra twins. I go by many other names, as does Kra, but that is another story for another day. I'm going to be showing you Kyoko-chan's memories through my eyes, because some memories are extremely painful for her..." The white-haired woman said, her tone dropping near the end before Cha faded away and then the memories started to play...

There was a large field full of flowers, the sky clear of clouds, with everything at peace. Two girls, both about four years of age, were running and laughing with a woman with ashen-blonde hair, which nearly looked white, with blue-green eyes. The one girl had orange hair and amethyst eyes, the other had sakura-blossom pink hair and emerald eyes; they were Kyoko and Sakura from early child-hood. After much playing in the field, the blonde woman stood up and let out a small sigh before she smiled.

"Kyoko! Sakura! It's almost dinner time, we've got to go." The blonde said, getting upset pouts from the girls.

"But Okaa-san! We don't wanna go back yet!" Both girls whined, making their mother's grin widen.

"But you two are hungry, ne?" Their mother asked, and right after she asked, both girls' stomachs growled loudly, causing a chuckle to escape their mother's mouth.

Both four-year-old looked at each other, then grinned evilly before shouting, "Last one home gives up their dessert for a week!"

Their mother's eyes widened, her daughters make sure that everyone, including adults, come through with challenge agreements. The two four-year-olds sped off at high speed, using chakra to enhance their speed, and they made it back to a small, but tasteful traditional-style house. They rushed inside, their mother close behind, before they quickly took off their sandals and dashed towards the kitchen, where the smell of beef stew and veggies floated through the air. A man with crimson hair and blue-purple eyes was putting the stew on the plates, along with the rice and veggies, when he heard his daughters run into the kitchen. As he finished up, Kyoko jumped up and hugged her father, her legs wrapped around his upper torso and her arms around his neck.

"Otou-san! Otou-san! Sakura and I learned a lot from Okaa-san today! Like how to climb up trees with chakra flowing right to our feet!" Kyoko said, still hugging her father as Sakura walked over to her seat, also excited to talk about their day. Their mother just entered the kitchen, panting lightly, before plopping down in her seat with a tired sigh.

"Kyoko-chan, it's hard for both of us to have dinner while you cling to my back like that..." Their father said lightly, causing Kyoko to pout and let go, landing lightly before going to her seat. Their father lightly smiled, before taking his seat and they all had dinner.

::Later that night::

"Saku-chan...?" Four-year-old Kyoko asked her younger twin as they lay in their shared bed, for it seemed super-big to the four-year-olds.

"Yeah Kyo-chan?" Young Sakura replied, facing her older twin, looking right into her eyes.

"Did Otou-san start teaching you memory suppression yet? Otou-san said that I'll have it completely mastered by next week..." The young Kyoko said, her voice dropped near the end, as if she was ashamed of being so far ahead.

"Yes, but he's still explaining the basics to me. I wish I could be a quick learner like you, Kyo-chan..." Sakura said with honest conviction, truly happy that she had such a talented sister. She continued with, "Kyo-chan, could we save the conversation for the morning. I'm sleepy..."

Kyoko forced a small smile before she said, "Sure, g'night Saku-chan..."

"G'night Kyo-chan..." Sakura said sleepily, before turning over, her back to Kyoko, and fell asleep.

Kyoko, however, didn't fall back asleep. She sat up in bed, before she said under her breath, "I wish I wasn't 'great', like everyone thinks I am..."

Kyoko fluffed her pillow lightly, before placed her head on the pillow and promptly fell asleep.

Sakura and the kittens were flabbergasted, to say the least. Sakura was reeling at the memories of her family, amazed about... everything...

The kittens however, were having discussions about this new information.

"I would've never figured Kyoko had an inferiority complex about her abilities..." Sasuke said, thinking back to times he had trained with her, she always seemed content with her abilities, if not happy about them.

All of then nodded in agreement, before refocusing back to the screen.

It had been two months since Kyoko talked to Sakura during the night.

"Kyo-chan? Why did you say what you did that night two months ago?" Sakura asked, curious for the past couple of weeks.

They were alone, out in the field they were about two months ago. Their parents said they needed 'alone time' and told them to go play in the fields not too far away from the house. The girls didn't question it as they ran to their favorite field to play, which they did for the last hour or so.

Kyoko sighed before she said, "It's just... I have a bad feeling something will happen soon..."

Then Kyoko stood up abruptly, slight panic mixed with suspicion splayed across her face, before she whispered, "Sakura, do you hear anything?"

Sakura listened intently, there was no noise; no birds chirping, no sounds of animals moving about, no wind. Their light breathing was the only sound they could hear.

"We need to go home. NOW!" Kyoko said, panic and fear seeping into her voice as she started to run towards their home.

Kyoko was nearly there, Sakura not too far behind her, when she saw that their house was in shambles; the outside was torn apart, the broken wood everywhere, the windows were broken beyond repair, and the door was forced open, the frame broken and bent. When she went inside, Sakura now by side, horror-stricken by the scene, she saw that the inside was just as bad, if not worse, as the outside. The walls were singed, the black marks marring the walls, and covered in deep scratch marks, but what made her go stiff was the crimson substance that also covered the walls: blood. Then she and Sakura saw what will forever haunt them; their mother, covered in her own blood and large gashes, her face was pale and her breathing was erratic... she was dying... Sakura was frozen in place as Kyoko slowly walked over to their dying mother before Sakura followed after, their bodies feeling heavier than ever. They were now next to their mother, who painfully looked over at her daughters for the last time, smiling sadly at them. Kyoko and Sakura fell to their knees, tears prickling at their eyes as their mother lightly coughed up blood, a sad smile stiil on her face.

"Mama and Papa... we were caught off guard... Papa's still fighting... But I think I won't make it..." Their mother said, causing the tears in Sakura's eyes to fall, placing her hands near her eyes as she cried.

Kyoko knelt down in front of her mother, the tears threatening to fall, before she said, sadness evident in her voice, "Thank you Okaa-san, for being the best you could be... and good-bye..."

Their mother smiled weakly, before weakly saying, "And thank you, for being the best daughters a mother could ever have..."

With that, their mother breathed her last breathe, a look of eternal peace on her face, as Sakura cried her eyes out and Kyoko let her tears silently flow, before she recalled that their father is still fighting for his life. She also remembered what their parents told only her if they were to be attacked like this...

"Sakura, you remember our special hiding place? The one that even mom and dad couldn't find us?" The young Kyoko asked her younger twin in a frantic voice as she gripped the young Sakura's shoulders.

Sakura nodded, confused as to why she was panicked, before Kyoko continued with, "Go and stay there until I give our signal, and whatever you do, don't come out no matter what!"

The young Sakura nodded before she ran to there secret hiding place far and deep in the woods, leaving Kyoko in the remnants of their house. She sensed her father's chakra not-too-far away as she ran to the chakra signal of her father, pushing chakra into her leg to go faster. She finally found her father, heavily injured and in combat with a dangerous looking ninja, before he caught sight of his daughter. He smiled sadly before he nodded, causing tears to fall from her eyes, but she nodded back, understanding what she must do.

"Thank you Otou-san... and good-bye..." The young Kyoko whispered, before teleporting far from where her father was fighting to a large, thick tree, larger than any other in the forest.

She tapped on the side of the tree's trunk a few times in a distinct pattern, before the side opened up, revealing an unnerved Sakura. Kyoko quickly entered and sealed the tree shut, hiding her face as she performed many complex hand-signs, the tree then was surrounded by a bright light. Kyoko held the final hand-sign for a about a minute, slight tremors before all was still, before she released the jutsu. They exited the tree to a disturbing sight; there was a deep crater, all life around them was destroyed with the exception of the large tree that Sakura and Kyoko were in, shock on Sakura's face while Kyoko's was blank.

"Father used a very powerful forbidden jutsu, at the cost of his life and the life around it. He did it to protect us from the rogues after us, but to also get rid of all evidence of our existence..." Kyoko said quietly, Sakura looking at her, shock still on her face.

The young Sakura's knees buckled under as the entirety of the situation hit her full force, mind and emotions reeling from everything happening so quickly. Kyoko, knowing what she had to do, kneeled in front of Sakura, fully aware that this will be one of the hardest things she'll ever have to do.

"Otou-san told me that if we were ever attacked and he had to erase that we ever existed, that your memory had to be suppress your memories..." Kyoko said, her voice heavy with sadness and grief as Sakura's eyes widened.

Kyoko swallowed the lump in her throat as she continued with, "We both know that I can easily fend for myself, but you have some difficulty doing so. I really don't want to do this, but it's for your protection..."

Sakura was quiet as Kyoko placed her thumb and middle finger on her sister's temples, covering her eyes partially, before Sakura smiled as tears ran down her face as she stated, "I don't agree with it, but I understand. Just promise me that when we meet again, we'll become best friends, and one day return my memories..."

Kyoko cracked a small, melancholy smile as she said, "I promise, Sakura-chan...", with that, Kyoko suppressed Sakura's memories, burying them as deeply as possible, causing Sakura to pass-out, falling backwards in the process.

Kyoko, keeping her eyes hidden by her bangs, quickly did some hand-signs and summoned three demonic-looking felines, two large tigers, one with a saddle-like stretcher and the other with scars and weapons, and one small black cat that had an eyepatch over it's left eye, but looked fairly young and feminine.

Kyoko secured Sakura to the saddle-like stretcher and said, keeping her voice level as possible, "Mikala, you are to bring Sakura to Konohagakure no Sato, and inform the Sandaime Hokage of what has happened and make sure that Sakura's taken care of."

Kyoko turned to the other tiger and continued with, "Raijin, you are to make sure that Mikala and Sakura are to make it safely to Konoha, and terminate all who stand in your way."

Both tigers nodded before sprinting off, leaving Kyoko alone with the black cat. The black cat padded up to the young Kyoko and nudged her head against Kyoko. Kyoko scooped the cat into her arms and sobbed loudly, large tears trailing down her cheeks and small body violently trembling.

The cat licked her cheek before she said, "I know it hurts and that this has been difficult for you to do, but it's the right thing to do and Sakura-san will be safe in Konoha..."

Kyoko nodded in understanding as her tears still stained her face, looking more and more like the small child she was, before she said, her voice still trembling, "I-I don't c-care h-how long i-it takes, o-or h-how difficult it w-will be, I-I will b-become s-strong enough t-to protect e-everyone I c-care about!"

Kyoko sobbed again, before she let go of the cat and stood up abruptly. She quickly wiped her eyes and lifted her head, eyes filled with pain and determination and fists clenched so hard that they started to bleed, marking this as the beginning of a long, painful, and difficult journey.

The screen faded to back as Cha came back onto the as everyone was in a shocked silence, but the kittens then noticed tear-drops stain the rug and saw that Sakura was crying, eyes shining in reawakening as if she was reunited with something that was lost long ago.

Cha had a melancholy smile on her face as she inquired, "Kyoko released the memory suppression right at the moment you saw her seal them. Tell me child, do these memories make your heart ache?"

Sakura quick wiped her eyes before she said, voice slightly trembling, "A little, but the happier memories make having these memories worth while. Otou-san once showed us the scroll that held our family jutsu, all of which I remember..."

"As does she, but this story doesn't stop here... For this story has just begun..." Cha said sadly, fading back to black before the next memories played.

An eight year-old Kyoko was walking down a dirt road, tattered traveling-cloak fluttering behind her in the breeze, before she stopped as she looked at the large gates of Konohagakure no Sato with tired, lidded eyes. She then went through the gates, placing her I.D. card and small scroll on the small check-in desk, a young jounin with silver-hair and one-eye that was covered smiled lightly at her.

"Hello Kyoko-chan, what brings you to Konoha?" The young jounin asked the small girl, lightly smiling at her through his mask.

Kyoko gave a tiny, albeit forced, smile before going back to a neutral expression as she said, "I was summoned by Sarutobi-sama, a vague description in the scroll, for information concerning a classified matter and to check on my sister's well-being, Kakashi-san."

The young Kakashi nodded his head, before Kyoko held out two simple flowers towards him and said with empathy, "I wish you my condolences for your teammates, Kakashi-san, and I hope you can places these flowers on the monument as a way to pay my respects to them..."

Kakashi smiled sadly and gently accepted the flowers as he said, "I'm sure Rin and Obito will like these flowers, Kyoko-san, and I know that your parents would've been proud of your emotional strength and kindness..."

"Thank you Kakashi-san..." Kyoko said with a tiny, honest smile before she teleported in-front of the Hokage building and walked to the Hokage's main office.

She lightly knocked on the door, to which she heard an, 'okay', and opened the door to see the Third Hokage at his desk and a male anbu who looked about thirteen was standing near the Hokage. Sarutobi looked up and nodded lightly, to which Kyoko walked forward and closed the door behind her, before bowing to him in a respective manner.

She stood a reasonable distance away, face unchanging as she asked, "Hello Sarutobi-sama, how have you been?"

He merely replied with, "Everything has been good. My grandson, Konohamaru, just turned three not too long ago..."

Kyoko nodded before getting to the point, "Has Sakura-chan had any weird dreams, nightmares, or flashes of suppressed memories?"

Sarutobi then said, "Sakura has been mentally-stable, no nightmares at all, and has been very happy as a Haruno..."

Kyoko gave a small sigh of relief, before asking him in a slightly darker tone, "Did you find any information on who killed my parents?"

Sarutobi nodded and explained with, "I have found out, with the help of my best anbu, Uchiha Itachi, that two members of the Uchiha clan were responsible for the act. The one who killed your mother had returned after taking her out to deliver the information to the head of the family, Uchiha Fugaku. They originally were supposed to have come back after a mission around that area, but Fugaku had ordered them, if they found you, your sister, and your parents, to kill on sight."

Kyoko nodded, rage building inside her small body before Sarutobi continued, "The one who killed your mother is called Uchiha Shisui, but Itachi took care of him and made it look like suicide. And since the Uchiha clan have been planning rebellion for the longest time, I've decided earlier that the Uchiha clan must be eliminated to keep Konoha peaceful. Itachi is to be the slayer of the clan and be framed as a criminal..."

Kyoko, her face unreadable, walked up to Itachi, grabbed his hand lightly in her much-smaller hands, and mumbled something.

Itachi kneeled down to be more at eye-level with her and asked kindly, "I didn't hear that, could you please repeat that?"

By now, the hood of her cloak slid off, and her face was tear-stained and flushed, as she repeated, her voice wobbly from her emotions, "Thank you, Itachi-san, for bringing some justice to my mother's death, but the burden you now hold is greater than anything else. I hope that one day, even if it's the day you die, you can be unburdened and happy!"

She finally broke-down after such a long time, tears flowing uncontrolled and small sobs escaping from her mouth, as she felt Itachi hold her tiny form, rubbing comforting circles on her back and letting her stain his uniform with her tears. When she finally calmed down and stopped crying, she let go of Itachi and faced Sarutobi, who had more to say.

"The only member of the clan who will have his life spared is Uchiha Sasuke, Itachi's younger brother who is about the same age as you Kyoko-san. The result of the massacre will cause Sasuke to get stronger so he may kill Itachi to avenge his family, but he might become so wrapped up in his revenge that he might go to Orochimaru to gain more power. If it's okay with you Kyoko, could you try to be Sasuke's friend?"

Kyoko nodded lightly, before she said, "But I can't stay in this village completely until I turn eleven, for I have made many promises that I had to literally sign my name in blood to keep, but I will visit often and try to befriend Sasuke-san..."

Sarutobi nodded, not prying into the information given, before Kyoko continued with, "I'm going to visit the academy for the day to check on Sakura-chan, but also to meet Sasuke-san..."

Sarutobi nodded again as Kyoko bowed to him and Itachi, before she teleported outside of the Ninja Academy and walked into the building, stopping in front of teacher's lounge. She lightly knocked on the door, which opened to a younger Iruka Umino, who lightly smiled at her and let her into the lounge.

She took off her cloak and handed it to Iruka, who put it on a coat-hanger, before he inquired, "Hello Kyoko-chan, are you here for a one-day class visit? You're early so class hasn't started yet, but I could fit you in if you'd like."

Kyoko smiled lightly and said, "I would like to, thank you kindly. Is there any other students who get here early?"

Iruka said lightly, a little curiosity in his tone, "The only one who gets here early is Uchiha Sasuke, but he's not very sociable and he seems to have an inferiority complex from his family life so it may be hard to talk to him..."

Kyoko smiled at him, the first real smile from the girl that Iruka had seen, before she said, "But I can still try, ne?"

With that, she left the teacher's lounge and headed to Iruka's classroom, leaving the older male in a surprised shock before he lightly shook his head, a grin on his face. When she entered the classroom, she saw a young Sasuke sitting at his desk and reading a scroll, before he heard her walk into the room and lifted his head to look at her. He buried his face back into the scroll, face slightly flushed as he remembered Kyoko from previous classes, whose story to the class was that her adopted-parents traveled a lot, but they let her learn to be a kunoichi at the academies in different villages, before she took a seat right next to Sasuke.

It was quiet for a few seconds before Sasuke timidly asked, "H-hello, Kyoko-san. How have you been?"

"I've been good, Sasuke-san. Thanks for asking." Kyoko said, lightly smiling at Sasuke which caused his blush to darken somewhat, before she leaned over to look at the contents of his scroll and asked, "Whatcha readin'?"

Sasuke lowered the scroll a little, showing her its contents as he said, "It's a book about ninjutsu from the basics to advanced skills. I'm studying it to get a better idea of how it works and how to make my jutsus more powerful..."

"Woah, that's pretty cool..." Kyoko said, even though she read that scroll hundreds of times, but him reading it surprised her greatly.

After that, Kyoko and Sasuke lightly chatted about a few things before more kids filed into the room and class began, Iruka informing the class of Kyoko's presence. After a lesson on ninjutsu and genjutsu, each student had to use a genjutsu and use on either Iruka or a fellow classmate, extra credit if they get the whole class. Everyone got up and lined up, everyone did a basic genjutsu on Iruka except a few student who didn't do it or completely flunked it.

It was Kyoko's turn and she did the hand-signs, and the whole class was viewing an underwater utopia, fish and many marine animals swimming around them before she ended the jutsu, earning an applause from the whole class, except from a few of Sasuke's jealous fangirls. The last one to go was the leader of the jealous fangirls and she wanted Kyoko to be the person she casted the genjutsu, Kyoko was wary but agreed, stepping forward so she stood in front of her. The girl then performed the jutsu, putting Kyoko in a very realistic genjutsu.

She was in a familiar field, eerily quiet just as that day. Her eyes widened as she, in the genjutsu, ran and found her old home, in the same condition she found when she was four. She opened the door and saw her mother kneeling before a faceless enemy with a katana raised high. Kyoko then saw the blade slash her mother's throat, the body falling limply to the floor and the figure exited the house, leaving Kyoko to look at her mother's corpse, before she screamed in pure horror and agony. She ran from the scene, scared for her life, before she saw, from the large tree that kept her and her sister safe, her father finishing the jutsu that killed him and his enemy. He was stabbed in the abdomen before the explosion destroyed everything in sight. Tears were flowing non-stop now.

She then turned around and saw a four-year-old Sakura glaring at her with unmeasurable hate before she yelled, "WHY DID YOU LET THEM GET KILLED? YOU SHOULD'VE DIED INSTEAD! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!"

Kyoko, hysterical from what all that she saw and heard, said loudly with fear and terror, "It wasn't my fault! If I was stronger, mother and father wouldn't have been killed! It's not my fault! IT'S NOT MY FAULT!"

It was then that she was released from the genjutsu, collapsing onto her knees as she continued to cry. The young Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura surrounded her as Iruka scolded the girl who casted the genjutsu, surprise and sadness on her face as she said that she didn't mean for Kyoko to react like that and that she didn't know how she was orphaned.

She grabbed Sakura's sleeves, still hysterical, and said, "I would've protected them if I could! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Please don't hate me! It wasn't my fault!"

"It never was your fault child..." Sarutobi said, coming into the classroom when he was informed of the situation with Itachi, his anbu mask on, following him.

She let go of Sakura's sleeves and cried, sobbing her heart out as Sarutobi picked her up and cradled her, whispering words of understanding and forgiveness as she clutched his robe with a strong grip. The class was moved to a different classroom by Iruka and Itachi guarded the door to make sure no one got in, Kyoko letting herself express her long-locked up emotions until she calmed down. She let go of Sarutobi's robe and he set her down onto the floor, standing as she wiped away the last of her tears before she nodded and said she was okay. Sarutobi and Itachi left, informing Iruka that the class could return to the room and that Kyoko was okay before the class filed back into the room, the girl who placed the genjutsu on her walked up to Kyoko, who stiffened in slight fear, with a saddened and apologetic expression.

The girl bowed her head to Kyoko, voice trembling with sadness as she sincerely said, "I'm sorry! I didn't know what you went through and I didn't truly mean to bring up those painful images. I know the pain of losing my mom when she went on a mission... Please try to accept my apology..."

"I'll try..." Was all Kyoko could get out, still a little afraid of the girl, before the class was brought outside for taijutsu and throwing practice. Kyoko, the girl, whose name was Miroka, and half of the class, including Miroka's ex-friends, warmed up for taijutsu practice, Miroka and Kyoko helping each other stretch, Miroka's ex-friends looking on angrily. The other half of the class, which had Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, and a few others were at the throwing targets, which some proved to better than others at, looked cautiously at what was likely going to happen.

"Oi, Carrot-top! I challenge you to a fight! One-on-one!" The meanest girl in class, who was jealous Sasuke fan-girl, yelled while pointing her finger right at Kyoko after the stretching was finished.

Miroka looked worried, but Kyoko accepted the challenge, keeping her head level and not let her anger get the best of her; she just wanted to have a class without any trouble, but that just didn't seem to happen that day.

They faced each other before the mean girl said, "If I win this fight, you'll have to permanently stay away from Sasuke-kun!"

Kyoko shrugged, as she said, "I'm pretty sure that he was okay with talking to me, but I accept the challenge," which caused the mean girl to throw a mini-fit before she continued with, "And if I win, you and everyone who's a fan-girl of Sasuke-san will leave me be, no matter what."

The girl smirked evilly before she said, "Deal."

Kyoko, moving so quickly that barely anyone saw her, punched the girl right in the gut, knocking the air out of her, before Kyoko had the tip her foot under the girl's chin and sent the girl flying a few feet behind her. Kyoko turned around and saw the girl try to get up, but collapsed out-cold.

She smirked confidently before she said out loud, for everyone to hear, "Anger, jealousy, and hatred only weaken one's self on the path of a shinobi. Only those who have enough guts and determination are a true shinobi..."

Kyoko walked away with a smirk, the feeling of complete victory lightened her day that started out as very sad.

Sakura and the villainous kittens were brought back to reality when the TV was turned off and Kyoko woke up, stretching her stiff body and taking a few deep breaths.

"Why did you stop there?" Sakura asked, practically on edge as to what Kyoko was showing her.

Kyoko, when she was done stretching, merely replied with, "The jutsu that I used is fairly complex and I have to be in complete sync with Cha for it to work, both of which take a lot of concentration..."

Sakura nodded in understanding, before Kyoko then continued with, "Besides, it's late and you have the first day of teaching the med students, which is tomorrow, remember?"

Sakura let out a depressed sigh as she asked, "You just had to remind me, didn't you...?"

Kyoko gave a smug smile as she said, "Yup, 'cause that's what siblings do!"

"Make the other completely miserable?" Sakura asked, continuing the banter between the two sisters.

"Puh-lease!" Kyoko said, rolling her eyes at Sakura before she continued with, "You're being such drama-quee~n!"

Sakura let out an un-ladylike snort before she a small smile cross her face as she said, "Whatever, let's get ready for bed..."

Kyoko nodded, even though she could sleep in tomorrow, before a thought hit her as she then asked, "Hey Saku-chan?"

"Yeah Kyo-chan?" Sakura inquired, half turning from the hallway that lead to their shared room.

"Should the kittens sleep in our room?" Kyoko asked out of genuine curiosity.

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Itachi: ... *foaming at the mouth, eyes looking lifeless*

Kyoko: Is he gonna be okay? *nudges Itachi lightly with her foot*

Sand-chan: He'll be fine... *smirks evilly, content with the result of her new-found torture*

Deidara: It'll make him think twice before he hurts your feelings, un. *feels no sympathy for the Uchiha*

Sasori: *nods* Ditto, minus the "un". *also feels unsympathetic for Itachi*

Hidan: *pokes Itachi with a long stick* Wonder how many sessions of therapy the fucker will need to be relatively normal again?

Kakuzu: The Akatsuki's budget doesn't allow that kind of spending, so he's on his own...

Sasuke: *looks at Itachi, then at the authoress, then back to Itachi* Note to self: Never piss off the author...

Suigetsu: *nods head slowly while looking at Itachi* Agreed...

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