Summary: Edward Cullen was the puppet master. Not only could he read minds but played god to women. But when new vampire slave Bella arrives, he can't read her mind and is not a pullet of his string like all the other females. But Edward is determined for her to want him but doing so will he happen to fall in love? In a relationship like theirs there's only two solutions, die after each other of live forever.

Chapter 1: Hell bound

I didn't bother to scream, i was too smart for that. I've seen these kind of movies and screaming does nothing but embarrass you. But tears were uncontrollable. I silently sobbed as I felt my skin itch in the vampire's arms. I didn't dare to see who my kidnapper was but I knew WHAT he was. Suddenly I felt my legs drop to the floor, followed by the rest of my body, He dropped me.

"Ow" I groaned.

"Bag it, Human" He snarled. It was a he, much more helpful. i looked down as I felt his eyes burning into my skull.

"Your prettier then the last slave girl. Maybe he'll keep you around a little longer" He snickered. He?

"Who's he?" I asked. A sharp blow to my cheek silenced me. Gosh it hurt. This being was strong, very strong.

"Did I not just say to bag it?" It hissed. I nodded, looking down. An iridescent glow lit the side of my face but I was unsure to look into the direction on the heaven sent light. The vampire shuffled forward, clutching the back of my top to drag me along with him.

"Watch it buddy!" I snapped. I saw him glare at me. He had pale skin, black eyes and white spiky hair. Some one stuck there head in the bleach to long, didn't they?

"You better lose the attitude with Mr. Cullen when he greets you. He'll get you killed with the snap of his fingers"

"I bet death is better then where I'm about to go. Am I right?" I asked. He saw my bold expression and laughed, pinching my left cheek.

"You have a back bone, but if your not careful he'll rip it out of you" The vampire laughed. We walked through a well lit cave like place. It was rather done up for a cave. My eyes swelled up as I saw others like me, lying motionless on the floor. Some of them were getting hit in the back my other vampires. Some were women, crying out...I knew what they were doing. Was that going to happen to me? A lump in m throat stopped me from saying anything else bold so the vampire smirked.

"You'll be their best yet" He whispered into my ear. I almost gagged but I remembered where I was. I let him push me further forward into the cave. For some reason one of the pale faces, clearly a vampire looked at me sadly but her eyes held something I didn't understand.

"That's Alice Cullen. Mr. Cullen's sister. She chose to help you humans so Mr. Cullen imprisoned her with you lot as well. No other dare touch her though. He saw to that" The vampire explained. What kind of monster would treat his own flesh and blood like that? If he could do that to his sister, boy I'm in for a ride!

I was exposed to a large elegant room. Many vampires were laughing, shouting and some were biting, but once I entered their heads all snapped in my direction. They sniffed and moaned, Eyed me up and down hugerly and I whimpered.

"Told you you'll be their best yet" The vampire let go of my shirt and let me fall onto my knees. I winced as my knees graced over the hard stone floor and my hands cut up. I turned my hands so I could see my knuckles which were bruised and sliced also. I then heard voices from in front of me. Not daring to look up I just listened.

"Isn't Edward so dreamy?"

"Yeah...he was so wonderful last night"

"I know! A true god!" The gushed. It was female voices. Edward? could this be the horrible monster that I was about to meet. Although the way they said his name it was more...pleasurable. I shivered as a creeping fear shook down my spine.

"Why isn't she a stunner" One of the male voices smiled. I felt small. I saw shadows hovering over me and I sank even further. I looked up and saw I was surrounded my all male vampires.

"Hey pretty thank"

"I'll see you in my bed"

"I have first bite"

"Well she does smell lovely"

"Edward will want her for sure"


They got closer and closer to me. I was as stiff as a Bord.

"Leave me alone" I whispered lowly but they heard. One of them snickered.

"This one had a gob of her, I'll keep an eye on her" It was the vampire who brought me here.

"I like girls with attitude" One of them said in a hungry tone. I gulped. There was no escaping.

"Leave her!" Echoed a voice, booming from behind them. I heard the female voices sigh and so I could only imagine that the voice belonged to Edward. The group of vampires parted so I could see light in front of me but I would not look up. I heard Edward gasp and moan.

"She does smell delicious! Let me see her, your in the way!" He ordered. The vampires muttered under their breath and left the large hall so it was only me and Edward. Just my luck. I saw a pair of legs kneel in front of me.

"Look at me" His voice was gentle. I didn't obey so he placed his hand under my chin and forced me too look up. He had the looks of a greek god! His pale skin, lush hair so wild and his dazzling smile. His perfect body. But I only so the outside. On the inside he was a monster. Suddenly without thinking I glared at him and this took him by surprise.

"My, you are as beautiful as every male in this room has been going on about" He whispered too me. I blushed, feely overly embaressed but since he was still holding my chin I could not hide my blush. He gently stroked my cheek with his other hand but remembering what it was like outside I felt my skin crawl. He glared at me at my disgust.

"What is it?"

"Monster" I whispered. He blinked.

"Excuse me?" He was shocked but I didn't dare explain myself. He shook me angrily and desperately.

"What did you say, Human?"


"Is that right?" Edward glared, letting me go to clench his fists. I threw my hands in front of my face and stumbled backwards.

"Don't hit me! I'm not as strong or as powerful as any vampire but I will slap you!" I hissed. He saw past my defense and picked up my hands. I winced. He looked over my palms and knuckles.

"Who did this?" He spat through his teeth. I cleared my throat.

"The vampire who brought me here. I wasn't very willing to come" I admitted. Edward shook his head.

"I strictly order my followers to bring my females here in perfect condition!" Edward bellowed.

"That is...sick" I wrinkled my nose. Edward chuckled and cupped my face with his hands.

"But you like it" He whispered, his head leaning closer.

"No I don't. I despise you" I spat. He jolted back, his icy stare lingering on my eyes. His hands moved down to my neck slowly.

"You what?" He said. Did I have to repeat everything?

"I despise you. You've brought me here as a servant girl? I was happy and you tore me from my life that I loved. The people that I loved"

"You will learn to love me" He leaned in.

"I don't think so,pal. You're a monster. In AND out! You can't control me" I hissed. His hands swiftly moved from my neck to my waist as he held me close to his body. I gasped.

"I do control you. You are mine now" He glared into my eyes as if searching for something...he did not find.

"How is this possible?" He asked in frustration. I shook my head.


"I can't read your mind! This is insane! And you don't seem...taken in by me" He said. I scoffed.

"Course I'm not 'taken in by you'. What did you expect?" I asked.

"Every female bows down to me. I am their lover and master. I am YOUR lover and master" He said firmly.

"Go to hell" I spat. He laughed with no humour.

"Love, I'm already there" He said.

"You seem like heaven to me- I mean seem IN heaven to me!" I blushed.

"This- Is not heaven. It is my eternal grave! And you my dear, are by far the finest angel I have ever lay ed eyes upon" He growled. He then sighed.

"But for your attitude you have to pay the price" He stared at me. I recognised that look in his eyes...lust.

He clashed his lips onto mine forcefully, giving me no space to think. He moaned slightly and pushed me so I was full out lying on the floor, him hovering over me. He bit my lower lip and I gasped, accidentally giving him entrance. I hit against his chest but this seemed to drive him more. He clutched my face in his hands as he kissed me. He felt like he wanted it so badly. He moan louder. I felt his tongue battling against mine for dominance and I couldn't believe for a second that I was doing dirty with the devil. He soon remembered I was human and needed to breath so he parted his lips from mine, peppering my neck with sweet kisses. Once I was finished gasping I roared.

"Stop this! Get the hell off of me!" I yelled. He only chuckled and stared deep into my eyes.

"Mmmm....I like you. I'll be seeing you A LOT!" He smirked. I scoffed and wriggled under his body but he still stayed like a statue.

"You ever planning on letting me go?" I hissed. He bent his head down, biting me ear and kissing it before he answered.


"I begged a differ! Let go of me!" I cried.

"You WILL be mine! I don't think you understand how it works around here,love. I'm the puppet master. And you my dear, are my puppet. And my best yet" He grinned. He closed his eyes and started kissing my neck again. He was too strong. I could not stop him. But I would not cave.

"I'll put up a fight. I'm not an easy girl you monster. I will never give in to you" I whispered but this did not distract his lips but he did chuckle. Boy what have I gotten into?

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