Ok, so me being the type of person who is constantly checking and re-checking my work to see if various aspects of it line up as good as they can, I discovered that I was unhappy with my Cybertronian Time Units. I mean I still like the ones I put down in Part 1 but I think that they could be better. So instead of charging it and upsetting some people (I hope I don't) I decided just to add on to it.

Since I wasn't alive when G1 came out, a lot of my fanfics will take place during either the Unicron Trilogy or Animated.

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers, Hasbro does

Part 2:

So if it takes place in the Unicron Trilogy universe:

Kilk - a Cybertronian second (5 Earth seconds)

Breem - a Cybertronian minute (5.2 Earth minutes)

Joor - a Cybertronian hour (5.7 Earth hours)

Orn - a Cybertronian day (4.7 Earth days)

Quintun - a Cybertronian week (23.5 Earth days)

Diun - a Cybertronian month (16.7 Earth weeks)

Vorn - a Cybertronian year (5.2 Earth years)

And if it takes place in the Animated universe:

Klik - a Cybertronian second; approx. 1 Earth second

Cycle - a Cybertronian minute; approx. 1 Earth minute

Megacycle - a Cybertronian hour; approx. 1 Earth hour

Solar cycle - a Cybertronian day; approx. 1 Earth day

Rotor cycle - a Cybertronian week; approx. 1 Earth week

Orbital cycle - a Cybertronian month; approx. 1 Earth month

Stellar cycle - a Cybertronian year; approx. 1 Earth year