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New Senshi

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The Search Begins

Sailor Star Fighter laid there in the middle of the park, by her side, laid her fellow Star lights… she wasn't sure what just happened… other than the fact that Galaxia just won…

Sailor Moon fought valiantly, but in the end… couldn't win. Yet somehow the three of them were transported to this place… they didn't know how… they were just there.

"So you're alive." Said a voice.

They could barely move but they tired and saw Luna and Artemis, looking at them.

"We are… but…" said Sailor Star Fighter, "It doesn't matter… there's no hope left… The Light of Hope is gone and Usagi… Usagi…"

Luna and Artemis looked at each other… they knew it was time to tell them… but before they could… there was a strange yell. The Starlight sweat dropped as a weird old man with three kids chasing something… since they were so focused on chasing whatever they were chasing none of them noticed, well one of the did, a sad little girl in black pigtails she looked at them for a few seconds then cornuted running, for the oddest reason she was holding some sort of weapon.

"Was that little girl holding a bazooka?" asked Artemis.

"Their from a TV show were offered to do a guess spot one…" said Sailor Star Healer, "We all refused."

"Wait… wasn't the earth…" said Sailor Star Fighter.

"It was somehow healed… we don't know how." Said Luna.

"But we have theory…" said Artemis, "Sailor Sun."

"Sailor Sun?" asked the other Senshi.

Elsewhere, in a high school club room, two boys were playing Othello, one of them was named Itsuki Koiuzmi and the other… well no one knew his name, but everyone called him Kyon.

"What do you mean a Closed Space engulfed the world recently?" asked Kyon in shock.

"It did." Responded Itsuki, "But in a good way."

"From what you told me, how can that be a good thing?" asked Kyon.

"We're not too sure, but a global catastrophe of some sort happened. Let's say, Ms. Suzumiya didn't want that to happen. What do you think she would do?" asked Itsuki.

"Make it so that would never happen." Said Kyon.

"That's right…" said Itsuki.

"So some sort of Global Catastrophe happened?" asked Kyon.

"We're not that sure… but something terrible happened, and she reversed it… that is all we know." Said Itsuki.

"Right…" said Kyon, who wasn't sure if he should believe it not.

Back in the park, Luna and Artemis were explaining well… about Sailor Senshi about also about the "hidden Senshi" as well.

"So wait… you're saying there's hundreds of Solar System Senshi that never awakened?" asked Sailor Star Maker in shock.

The two cats nodded.

"We never had a precise number, but it's in the hundreds." Said Luna.

"What does that have to with Sailor Sun?" asked Sailor Star Fighter.

"Sailor Sun, while powerful in her Senshi powers, she has powers all her own… she could deist and create reality on a whim." Said Luna, "Because of that we were never were sure awaken to her… however we had the feeling that whether or not she would awaken that her powers would appear." Explained Luna.

"However our current guess is that she does have her powers no matter what." Said Artemis.

"So with hundreds of Sailor Senshi…" said Sailor Star Fighter.

All of them began to day dream… of an army of Sailor Senshi, standing there… with Sailor Galaxia in shock, unsure what to do…

"However there's a few problems." Said Luna.

"What?" asked Sailor Star Maker.

"First of all, all of the powers of a Sailor Senshi were never given to girls in the Silver Millennium and these unused Senshi Powers were divided equally and given to two power forces that reside in different realties to give to young woman they deem suitable to become Sailor Senshi…" said Luna.

"But the ones that earned their power still remained in the hundreds, right?" asked sailor Star Fighter.

"It does." Said Luna, "But I think we need a much smaller number for this…"

"What do you think is a good number?" asked Sailor Star Fighter.

"20 might be a good number." Said Artemis.

"I guess if we gather 20 Senshi that might be a good idea." Said Sailor Healer.

""We should wait until tomorrow…" said Sailor Star Fighter.

"So then it's agreed the 5 of us will go search for these hidden Senshi so that we don't have to find them." Said Sailor Star Fighter.

"Where are we going to begin our search?" asked Sailor Star Maker.

Everyone sweat dropped… they honestly didn't know.

The next day in a café 5 teens including Itsuki and Kyon sat in a booth, the other three were girls, one of them was named Mikuru Asahina who was very beautiful, Yuki Nagato who looked a little out of it and finally Haruhi Suzumiya, together they were known as the SOS Brigade! Searching for Aliens, Time Travelers and ESPers.

"Okay, today we're going to being our search." Said Haruhi.

"Haven't we searched all the time?" asked Kyon.

Haruhi glared at Kyon who merely sweat dropped in response.

Haruhi held out toothpicks, each member picked one, Haruhi and Itsuki picked one with a red tip while the other three got one with out any marks. Haruhi seemed to pout slightly while Tanuki smiled.

"Let's go look…" muttered Haruhi.

Lyon smirked slightly, he was glad he got stuck with the other two, maybe they knew what the so called Global Catastrophe that Haruhi stopped was.

In the same area, the Star Lights in civilian forms (wearing poorly made disguises so they wouldn't be recognized by stalker fans)

"So how long do you think we'll be able to find one?" asked Seiya.

"I don't know… but hopefully we'll have a good chance." Whispered Artemis.

"We just have to try our luck and hope that Galaxia don't find us first." Said Seiya.

Sailor Galaxia… or Chaos… whatever name would be suit this enmity sat on her thrown.

"Hmm… so those three got away." She growled.

She remembered a strange silver light engulfed them and they disappeared… not only that but some how Earth was healed… she didn't know how but she knew it wasn't the same owner as what happened to the Sailor Starlight… fortunately she had a few more Sailor Animates she never got to use.

"Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion." Said Sailor Galaxia.

"Yes my queen…" said a blue haired woman in a skimp out with butterfly wings… she stared at her leader but didn't say anything… by saying something about her looks she would probably die.

"I need you to find the Sailor Starlight." Said Sailor Galaxia.

"Yes my queen." Said Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion with a bow.

Back on Earth, in a park, Kyon was talking to Mikuru and Yuki about what happened. Yuki informed him that somehow that all life was eradicated, but was brought back by Haruhi, she unconsciously created a Closed space shortly before she died which in turn reversed the effects of the eradication.

"What happened to do that to all life!" yelled Kyon in shock.

"I am sorry… I don't have anymore data other than that." Said Yuki.

Kyon couldn't say anything, as he didn't know what else to say, but he did turn to Mikuru, almost as if she knew what he was going to say, she said, "I'm sorry, but it's classified."

Kyon sighed, he really didn't need to know what happened to eradicate all life on earth, but at least Haruhi saved it, "Let's go back to the café early, this way I won't have the death penalty." He muttered.

Yuki looked at Mikuru, "It's begun." She whispered.

Mikuru looked down… and nodded, what they were talking about was a secret… for now…

With Haruhi and Itsuki they searched… mostly in silence. Unaware that Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion was watching them.

"They're in this area I'm sure of it." She said, "Those two look like good bait."

That's when she flew down in front of Haruhi and Itsuki, both of them stared at the Sailor Animate.

"No way…" whispered Haruhi," Super Natural phenomena!"

She began to observe Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion, "I can't believe… it's really something! It's amazing! These wings are too realistic to be fabric"

"Okay… I don't think I'm going to turn into a Phage…" thought Sailor Heavy Papillion with a sweat drop, "Him on the other hand…"

She unleashed a gold beam at Itsuki, he star seed appear on his forehead. It went black and he began to transform.

"What did you do to him!" yelled Haruhi.

That's when Itsuki was no more… there was "Sailor ESPer!".

"You turned him unto a monster!" yelled Haruhi.

"That's right!" laughed Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion.

Not too far away the Three Lights heard this… along with Luna and Artemis.

"Someone's in trouble." Said Yaten.

"Damn." Muttered Seiya, they ran to a place, to transformed in peace.

With Haruhi she was frozen...

"This has to be a dream…" she thought.

"Stop this right now!"

Everyone turned to a nearby building where the Sailor Starlights stood.

"Oh… this is too perfect." Smiled Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion.

The three of them jumped down.

"I thought they you were in the area… and I thought these two were prefect bait." Said Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion.

"Bait… I'm bait!" yelled Haruhi.

"Calm down and let us handle it." Said Sailor Star Maker.

"No way! No one makes me bait!" yelled Haruhi, "Let me help you!"

"How?" asked Sailor Fighter, hiding the fact she could no longer attack herself.

"That might not a be bad idea." Came a voice.

The saw the Luna and Artemis were looking at Haruhi.

"So wait you're saying that…" said Sailor Star Fighter.

Luna nodded then perform a back flip… producing a golden wand with the symbol of the sun on it. She then handed it to Haruhi.

"I don't know your name but you are a warrior like these three." Explained Luna, "You are Sailor Sun."

"So wait… I'm a magical girl?" asked Haruhi.

Luna nodded, "That's one way to put it." She said.

"How do I work this thing?" asked Haruhi.

"Say Sun Star Power Make-up!" said Luna.

"All right! Sun Star Power! Make-Up!" yelled Haruhi.

Haruhi's clothes change a white body suit, that gained a golden sailor collar and skirt, she gained silver ribbons in the back and front, she gained gold nee , high boots, elbow length gloves with gold piping, a gold choker, gold earrings that were sun shaped, and gold tiara with a silver stone in the center.

"Amazing!" yelled Haruhi… or in this case Sailor Sun.

She turned towards Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion, "I'm going to make you pay for taking my Vice Commander."

The Sailor Starlights all sweat dropped…

"What is she talking about?" asked Sailor Star Healer.

"I don't want to know." Said Sailor Star Maker.

"Um… what am I supposed to do?" asked Sailor Sun with a sweat drop.

"Attack them!" ordered Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion.

That's when Sailor ESPer launched a strange orange ball at Sailor Sun. Sailor Sun barely dodged.

"Be careful Sailor Sun! If you destroy the monster then your friend will be gone forever!" yelled Luna.

"What!" yelled Sailor Sun in shock, "I can't get rid of Koizumi! He's the Vice Chief of the S.O.S. Brigade!"

That's when Sailor ESPer attacked both Sailor Star Healer and Sailor Star Maker. They had no choice but to attack him.

"Star Gentle Uterus."

"Star Sensitive Inferno!"

"Stop it!" yelled Sailor Sun.

That's when there was a bright light, a golden wand with a sun on top appeared in front of Sailor Sun… she somehow knew what to say and do, she twirled around and shot a gold light from the wand, "Sol Star Healing Light!", the light hit Sailor ESPer.

"Lovely!" yelled the Phage.

When the light cleared Itsuki collapsed unconsciousness.

"Damn it… I'll be back one day." Said Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion who then disappeared.

"Okay!" yelled Sailor Sun, "Tell me what's exactly going on."

Meanwhile in Sailor Galaxia's HQ.

"What do you mean there's more Sailor Senshi." Said Sailor Galaxia.

"There is, a Sailor Senshi appeared and she stopped me." Said Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion.

Sailor Galaxia sighed, "I thought there might more Sailor Senshi… but I didn't know they were there that weren't awakened. Look likes like I was right..."

"Lady Galaxia." Said Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion.

"Continue to follow them and lure them and this new Senshi out." Said Sailor Galaxia.

"Yes my lady." Said Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion.

That's Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion.

"Earth was resorted somehow… I need to know why…" thought Sailor Galaxia.

Back with the Senshi (who has sense detransformed).

"So I'm a Sailor Senshi, a warrior who protects the universe from evil beings. And I have been activated because this evil Sailor Galaxia who has been courted by a create known as Chaos wants all the Star Seeds which are the source of a Sailor Senshi's power?" asked Haruhi.

"That right." Said Seiya.

"Awesome! I can't wait to tell the rest of the SOS Brigade!" yelled Haruhi.

"You can't you have to keep this top secret." Said Seiya.

"What really? Why?" asked Haruhi.

"Because if you tell your friends or family that will put them in grave danger maybe turned into a phage like he was." Said Taiki turning to the still unconscious Itsuki.

Haruhi looked down and said, "I see…"

"Don't worry… hopefully we're find the other 19 we're looking for." Said Artemis.

"Why 19?" asked Haruhi.

"Because finding 20 girls is a good even number." Said Seiya.

"I guess…" said Haruhi with a shrug, "But can I ask you for a favor in exchange for not telling the rest of the S.O.S Brigade."

"What is the S.O.S. brigade any ways?" asked Seiya.

Haruhi smiled… it seemed to be an evil crazy smile… like it was a question he should have asked.

Some time later… at the café hen Haruhi and Itsuki arrived with the other three waiting at a table.

"You're late." Said Kyon.

"Sorry I passed out for some reason." said Itsuki.

"So it wasn't my fault!" yelled Haruhi, "So you find anything?"

"No sorry." Answered Mikuru.

"What about you?" asked Kyon.

"Well it wasn't super natural… or one of the mystery of the world… but it is interesting! Meet unofficial members, the former boy band! The three lights!" said Haruhi revealing the three unofficial members, who looked unembarrassed.

Both Mikuru and Kyon gaped… Yuki just keep a strait face.

"How were you able to get them to join!" yelled Kyon.

"They help Haruhi when I passed out, so I don't know the whole story." Said Itsuki.

"That's a secret." Said Haruhi with a smirk.

Kyon sighed… it was best he didn't know the whole story…

Meanwhile outside, Luna and Artemis watched.

"So do you think she altered reality in someway?" asked Artemis.

"I don't know… could be…" said Luna with a laugh.

And so the tragic battle began, with the first Senshi they found being an hyper active girl who wants to find anything super natural… wow… that's just the way things are going to be begin…

Omake Time: You're Fired: The Story of the Guest Spot The Three Lights Refused.

The three Light were sitting front of their agent… he had just hired them to do a guest stop on them most popular show right now.

"Why won't you do it! It's the hottest show." Said their agent.

"It's stupid a show." Answered Taiki, "I mean it's some guy depressed like a pimp chasing ghosts."

"And hasn't it began to lose ratings?" asked Seiya.

"But he just added the Karakura Rangers! Their cute kids!" said The Agent.

"Sorry… but I don't know how we're even going to do that spot." Said Yaten.

"Well too bad I already booked it." Said the Agent.

"Well… you're fired!" said Seiya.

"I doubt you can find another agent for you three." Laughed the agent.

The next day the Three Lights found a new agent and all was well for the Three Lights… while the former agent hit the bottle… pretty hard in fact, he got fired from the agency and never had a single talent ever again.

End of Omake Time!

Next time: Haruhi, Luna, Artemis and the Three Lights investigate Akihabara, that's when they find a Phage who's after the mysterious "Legendary Girl A!", who is this Legendary girl A? And could she be a Sailor Senshi? Find out next time.