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Chapter 46: Endings and New Beginnings

It was decided for the four from Kinmoku to wait a but before leaving, after all three of them needed to adjust for being dead for so long… so did the Senshi too. The next week was to adjust getting used to being alive… in fact things changed that week for three of the old Senshi.

One day in the Kurosaki residence, Isshin knocked on both doors his children's room.

Okay… so he only knocked on the door of the girl's room.

"What's going on?" asked Yuzu.

"I hired an assistant doctor." Said Isshin, "I want everyone to meet him and his daughter."

They went down stars as Isshin went to go inform Ichigo.

The three girls went down stars to find a white haired man wearing glasses.

"Hello you must his daughters." Said the man.

"Rukia just lives here… dad just considers her his daughter." Said Karin.

"That's okay." Laughed the man in a friendly way.

That was when they heard shouts and beginning from Ichigo's room, that was when Isshin and Ichigo came down.

"This my new assistant, Dr. Souichi Tomoe." Said Isshin.

"I have a daughter with me but she had to freshen up." Said Souichi.

That when a young girl about the twin's age, with short black hair... it was Hotaru Tomoe AKA Sailor Saturn

"I know you." Said Hotaru.

"So you know each other?" asked Souichi.

"We met recently." Said Yuzu.

"We're going to move across the street in a few days." Said Souichi.

"What made you want to take on an assistant?" asked Ichigo.

"If there's another doctor here I can take days off with out having to worry." Said Isshin.

"This still seems suspicious to me." Said Ichigo.

Everyone ignored Ichigo, it was better that way.

The next day, at North High in the S.O.S. Brigade clubroom, Kyon knocked the door, he heard Mikuru say "Come in."

And did so, he saw everyone but Haruhi in the room. Ryoko and Itsuki were playing Go, Momo was drawing a sketchpad, Yuki read and Mikuru made tea while dressed like a maid.

"Where's Haruhi?" asked Kyon.

"She went to go try to recruit the two new transfer students." Said Mikuru.

"Oh yeah, aren't they supposed to be famous?" asked Kyon.

That was when Haruhi came into the room upset.

"They refused!" yelled Haruhi.

"So you didn't kidnap them?" asked Kyon.

Haruhi glared at Kyon, "No…" said Haruhi, "I thought my information would get them to join."

"What Information?" asked Kyon.

"The only reason they choose this school is because one of them wanted to wear the boy's uniform and this was one of the few that would let her." Muttered Haruhi.

"That's right but it's not black mail material." Said a voice in the doorway.

They saw the new transfer students, Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh. They were Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, now that the world was at peace (war in the Soul the Society not withstanding) the two decided it was time to go back to school and act their age.

And for the obvious reason in their short list of schools, this was the only one that would allow a female student to wear the male uniform.

"What are you doing here!" yelled Haruhi.

"We thought you would check out the club room." Said Michiru.

"Wow… I thought it was just a rumor you made Mikuru wear weird things." Said Haruka blinking.

"Get out of here now!" yelled Haruhi.

"This is a free country, isn't it?" asked Haruka who was clearly amused by this.

"So…" said Kyon, "Do they know each other?"

"They met prior to this." Answered Yuki looking up from her book.

Later that night… at Konata's house, Rei Hino took a breath… she knew she missed a lot while… well she was dead. But this had to be top secret.

She rang the bell and Sojiro (Konata's father) answered.

"Hello." He said, "Are you a friend of Konata's?"

"Sort of…" said Rei.

"Konata, someone's here to se you." He said.

"Okay." Said Konata coming down stairs, she saw Rei, "Rei… right?"

Rei nodded…

Rei nodded and Konata invited her into her room.

"So why did you come here?" asked Konata.

"I've heard about your reputation from Seiya…" said Rei who seemed to fidgeting.

"What's this about?" asked Konata.

"I was hopping to barrow your comics." Said Rei, "You know to catch on what I missed."

"I see…" said Konata with a car like smile, "But why are you hiding it… it seems like you really want to keep this a secret."

"I don't want to keep this a secret… what makes you think that?" asked Rei.

"So I can tell anyone?" asked Konata.

Rei began to sweat drop.

"Please don't." said Rei.

"Don't worry I won't tell." Said Konata.

"Okay…" said Rei.

Konata chuckled evilly, "Why do I have the feeling that something bad is going to happen." Thought Rei.

The next day, Chiyo-Chan who had heard a lot about her, met with Ami. It wasn't just that she was a Sailor Senshi, it's just that Ami was well known in well… the Genius sector.

"So you heard a lot about me." Said Ami.

Chiyo-Chan nodded, "That's right, I heard that you were among the best when it came to taking tests."

Ami couldn't help but t blush at the phrase, "All I did was study… Really." Said Ami.

"I know… but your test scores were still amazing!" said Chiyo-Chan.

Ami couldn't help but to smile at the younger girl.

A few days later it was time for Star Lights and their Princess to leave. All the Senshi (including the outers… perhaps in alternate universe they wouldn't have… but in this one they did)

"I don't know whether or not Mikuru is a Sailor Senshi." Said Taiki.

Mikuru blushed… at this.

Seiya walked over to Usagi, "When I first met you I knew you were special." Said Seiya.

"You mean like friends right?" asked Usagi.

"Seiya laughed with a sweat drop.

"Usagi…" sighed Rei.

"She didn't get it." Sighed Kagami.

"But I moved on." Said Seiya.

Seiya walked over to Kagami.

"I'm going to miss you most of all." Said Seiya.

"Of course you would." Said Kagami grumpily.

However she was blushing at the same time.

It was also this moment just about everyone was shocked.

"We… we weren't out for that long… were we?" asked Minako.

"I didn't even notice it!" shouted Konata.

"He fell for Kagami?" asked Yaten in shock.

"I wasn't expecting that either." Said Taiki.

"Their relationship is based on an emotional connection than just looks." Said Princess Kakyuu

That was when the two realized, Seiya talked to her about her problems… It would make sense as Kagami was one of the sane ones.

"I don't know if I ever see you again." Said Sailor Star Fighter.

"You better." Said Kagami.

Seiya leaned in and kissed Kagami on the cheek, he then joined the other two Star Lights and his Princess. The three Senshi transformed and they flew away.

None of the Sailor System Senshi knew what to say.

"I guess that's it." Said Usagi.

"Wait is there anything else that happened when we were out?" asked Minako.

"Oh… Mamoru popped the question." Said Usagi.

That was when three of the inner Senshi (minus Ami) swarmed Usagi.

"Why didn't you tell us sooner!" yelled Rei.

"We're you friends… you should have told us." Said Makoto.

"I want to see the ring." Said Minako.

The other watched this knowing that their Senshi duties had come to the end and the world was relatively at peace (not counting the war with the Arrancar). And so the Senshi won once and for all!

The End!

Omake Time: New Senshi R Preview!

Black screen

Tatsuki's voice: Oh man I can't believe the story's over!

Tatsuki's voice: Well… it was a fun ride

Haruhi's Voice: I agree with Tomo, the story could have gone longer!

Minako's Voice: I didn't get any screen time!

Konata's voice: I guess you forgot about Emma's track record.

Orihime's voice: What?

(The song Kaeshite! Knee Socks begins cuts to scene of all the high school Senshi in a study group)

Voice over: The Senshi are free to live out their lives in peace, with no enemies… or so they thought, a figure from the Silver Millennium returns is after the Silver Crystal.

(Shots of a woman sending out monsters to fight the Sailor Senshi)

Ami's voice over: She was someone who was after the Silver Crystal, she was weak so a group of moon Senshi lead by Sailor Ganymede.

(Cut to the group talking)

Tomo: So I was pretty awesome!

Yuki: It was the competent thing you did as leader of the moon Senshi.

(Everyone sweat dropped at this.)

Voice Over: However this is not the only thing for former Soul Reaper captain Sosuke Aizen also desires the Cerulean Crystal

(Shots of the Sailor Senshi fighting various Arrancar)

Rukia's voice over this: This insane! Aizen knows that he shouldn't mess with Sailor Senshi… that's why he stayed out of the Sailor War.

Voice over: However there is also a force searching for the Copper Crystal… and it's tactic is the worst.

(Song stops… shot of Sailor Sun looking at the person after the Copper Crystal)

Sailor Sun (looking shocked): Kyon?

(The figure is showed to be Kyon but in a weird outfit… and evil looking eyes)

Kyon: No… but this is his body.

(Ichirin no Hana begins to play)

(Scene shifts to various Senshi fights)

Haruhi's voice: There's no way I can fight Kyon!

Momo's Voice: I now know the truth! Aizen is the enemy!

Tomo's Voice: My one act of coolness and now it's blown!

Konata's Voice: If only we had a Gundam for this!

Usagi's Voice: Is everyone ready!

Voice over: Three Enemies, Three Crystals, 29 Senshi! You do the math.

(Black Screen, title is shown: New Senshi R)

(scene sifts to the Senshi in civilian forms in a closed space, a Shinjin Appears)

Tomo (pointing): Godzilla! Godzilla!

Yomi: That thing doesn't even look like Godzilla!

(Cut to black, this caption is shown: Coming Soon)

Tomo's Voice over this: I know… I always wanted to say that!

End of Omake Time!

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