I have to Marry Whom?


This newest magical decree has been hereby enacted by the Ministry of Magic: London on this July the 1st, 2000.

Due to the severe decrease in wizarding population as an after-effect from the second wizarding war, all wizards and witches from the ages of 18-50 are required to marry. Due an increase if squib population, several stipulations are as follows:

A. There is to be no pureblood marriages to other purebloods. This was the main cause of squib production.

B. There is to be no Muggle-born to Muggle-born marriages.

C. All persons affected by this new decree must be married to the fullest extent of the law within six months of this ordinance

*Failure to comply will result in either banishment from the wizarding world for a minimum of five years or a year's sentence in Azkaban prison.

D. A child must be conceived or born by the two year marker on the marriage.

*The act of consummation must be performed at the minimum of one time a month within the two days of peak ovulation/fertility for the first two years.

*After two years, one consummation every six months is required.

*Subsequently if a child is not conceived by the allotted time, a medical exam to check for fertility or sterility will be performed.

i. In a result of sterilization on either part will result in an option for divorce

ii. Fertile members of the marriage must be re-married within six months of the finalized divorce.

*The ministry-provided wedding bands will alert a ministry official if you have broken any parts of this decree. Punishment will be according to the crimes.

E. You must remain married for a minimum of five years before divorce can be applied for

F. If you are not married within the allotted six months, your name will then be submitted to the ministry

*Subsequently, you will be paired with someone the ministry deems a match

G. Exceptions include:Sterility on either account

i. Must by known and documented at a wizarding hospital before the marriage takes place

If you are already engaged and your wedding date is set with the ministry outside the allotted six months. If you are outside the age limit. You may marry someone who is either two years outside the age limit, younger or older. If the person is younger, parental consent must be obtained.

H. If you have been recently widowed (within the past year) then there is one year allotted for bereavement. After the allotted year, there is a six month period in which they must re-marry. If there is two or more children, the requirement to get re-married is null.

I. Petitions may be submitted to the ministry for a particular witch or wizard.

We here at the ministry believe that this new decree will help our populous thrive once again.

Signed and Approved,

Rufus Scrimgeour

Minister of Magic

I have to Marry Whom?