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It's been five years since the marriage law had been instituted. And just about five years since the members of the Order had been married. There were quite a few members added since then. Molly actually threw a party to celebrate the mass five year annivarsaries of those who had married because of the law. It was huge and lasting practically all night long. Even those who had just recently had children were there, leaving their sleeping children in a room upstairs once their fell asleep. You could see the various couples sitting around the living room of the Burrow. Bill and Fleur had taken up the loveseat and each had a child in their lap. Bill had little Victoire Marie and Jacque Davis was on Fleur's lap, sucking happily on his thumb. Percy and Penelope were sitting on the floor by the fire with the two and a half year old triplets. They were highly surprised when they had the girls, especially when Percy wasn't expecting to have more than one child; but they ended up with Rose Ann, Ivy Lynn, and Iris Denise. Percy and Penelope were happy with their little group and really had no plans to increase their numbers, but if it were to happen, they wouldn't be against it.

The twins were another story entirely. George and Alicia had only one child, and had a difficult time conceiving her. It was the two year mark and they were going for their physical. Only then did they catch that she was a few months pregnant. It was a high risk pregnancy, with Alicia or bed rest for the last four months; which she absolutely hated. George, the ever helpful husband, gave her something to do while she was confined to their enormous bed; the accounting books for the shop. Fred on the other hand was a father to one girl, Lindsay, but Angelina was pregnant again, this time with a boy.

Sirius and Hestia were standing in the doorway their children playing at their feet. Jessica Lucinda was running back and forth around her father's legs while Jordan Casey was tugging insistently on her mother's dress, wanting to be picked up. Ron and Lisa were chasing around their three year old, Robert Thomas, as he giddily ran from them, weaving in and out of various Weasley family members.

Remus and Tonks were there with their son, Teddy, and he was the oldest of the children, only a few months older than Jessica, just going to be turning five in three months. He was a metamorphmagus just like his mother, but with an affinity for rare meats; something he inherited from his father, but not his lycanthropy at all. And the honorary family members Oliver and Katie Wood were there with their two daughters, Perdita Colleen, and Bridgette Luna.

Finally, off in a corner of the room, were Charlie and Hermione. She just laid their youngest child in a room upstairs for sleep, Quinn Molly, while their oldest two Mark Charles and Alexander Arthur were off playing on the rug with their cousins.

Overall, it was a good thing that this marriage law came out; Charlie and Hermione never would have fallen in love and had three beautiful children. Just the other day they got a letter in the mail from the ministry announcing that they would be elegible for divorce in a mere three months, but they laughed at it and burned the letter. They wouldn't be getting divorced any time soon; and neither would any other couple attending this party. They had all fell in love and decided to stay together, and not only for the sake of their children.