1. Introductions—

Kiro was a very studious young boy, with soft blue eyes and dark blonde hair. He always achieved high grades in his lessons, and his quiet, gentle, generous, and peaceful demeanor was demonstrated at an early age, making his choice to enroll in Corneria's school of White magic a natural one. While in elementary school, being smaller than other boys his age, Kiro often found himself bullied by older, larger, stronger children, but when he graduated from primary school at the age of thirteen, he eagerly anticipated transfer into the White magic school, where he hoped to find other kindred souls.

Kiro did, indeed, find many others who shared his temperament and skill. Once among others of his type, and with the firm guidance of the White mages and of the head wizard, Kiro began his mastery of those arts which he naturally felt a desire to follow, the desire to heal and the desire to protect. He was one of many students of the academy who were adept in the fields of chemistry and alchemy, besides pure White magic, enabling them to imbue certain elixirs with healing and curative properties.

However, despite his aptitude for alchemy, Kiro would take particular interest in the art of curing mental maladies. All of his life, Kiro gained the most pleasure from sharing the mind and heart of others, from looking within someone to know them, to establish a few intimate friendships. Two of these friendships were with a girl in his class, Cheria, and an older boy, Talum.

On his first day at the academy, Kiro was bewildered by the vast array of books, scrolls, mages, wizards, staves, and potions that seemed to fill every room of the large compound. While most hardly noticed a fresh face among so many, one boy eagerly approached the young Kiro.

"Hey, you new here?" Talum stretched out his hand.

The nervous Kiro, unaccustomed to such friendly behavior from perfect strangers was at first apprehensive.

"I-I'm sorry?"

"I mean, are you with the new incoming class? Would you like some help getting acquainted?"

"Ah, yes, please. I am looking for the administration office." Kiro responded, accepting the older boy's handshake.

"My name's Talum, by the way. I just started here a couple years ago, but I'm already starting to feel like this is home. I think I'll go into researching and scribing magic scrolls when I graduate. You know what you wanna do?"

"Oh, no, not yet. I mean… well, I really like the idea of healing directly." Kiro's apprehension started to melt away with the comfort brought by this new friend.

"Oh, you mean like one of the sanctuary priests? Yeah, the real people-persons will often keep those sanctuaries for passing warriors to be healed. The money is good, and you get to hear some pretty neat stories. Most of us are more comfortable around the books, though, to tell the truth."

"Actually, I think I want to heal… and protect… like, in a questing party."

"Really? …. Well, good luck with that. I mean, that's a pretty tough challenge. It's really the riskiest job a White mage can get. Are you sure?"


"Don't worry about it. You have four to six years or so to figure it all out before you graduate, depending on which track you take."

Kiro enjoyed talking with his new friend, learning about the environment that would become his home, and about the norms and etiquette involved in the society of White mages living, studying, working, and teaching at the academy.

"Well, here we are. I hope to be seeing more of ya, though." Talum turned to walk away before suddenly stopping and turning back, "Oh, hey, I didn't catch your name, buddy."

"I'm Kiro." Kiro smiled.

"Kiro… a fine name. I'll see you around, Kiro!"

I know not much has happened to make this interesting, yet, but I promise that I have plans for better things to come. Please let me know of any things you feel I can improve in my writing style. Thank you!