Hey guys! Sorry for the fake out but I would really like to recommend something to all of you.

I found this amazing series anime/cartoon and Im sure if you love twilight you will love this.

Its called Vampire Knight

and the drawings are just beautiful, as are the characters and their personalities. I honestly suggest you watch it. Sadly it is in subtitles but its still amazing, I know that may turn some of you off the show but I promise you, you will absolutely become obsessed. There are also fan fics on Vampire knight. Ill put up the links for the episodes where you can watch it, cuz i love you all!

THE VAMPS ARE POSITIVELY SEXY!!!!!!! I wish they made twilight into an anime sigh... it would be so much better non? :P

Well give it a go and please let me know if you become a fan.

http:// . com/ vampire-knight-episode-1/

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(If you scroll down on the website on the right hand corner there are the lsts of episodes)