Konichuwa! I don't even think that's how you spell it…oh well! Anyways, here's my first Percy Jackson story!

To capture on what happened at the end of The Battle of the Labyrinth, for my story picks up not long from there. Annabeth and Percy are starting to get really close, finally, I'm sure everyone sees a future possibly for them. Annabeth is starting to finally turn on Luke too, starting to understand that he's not as nice as he seems. Thalia is the lieutenant of Artemis's hunt as well. Percy just turned fifteen too, but Annabeth is still only fourteen (in my story at least, it never says that Annabeth is older than Percy. If it does…someone please remind me and show that to me! I might have missed it)

Here's a quick summery of the story you're about to read.

Percy was living happily in his school, and nothing weird was happening! Only until Kronos decided to join his history class and kill his mother, and possibly kill Paul. He needs to stay somewhere, so he goes to visit his old camp friend, Annabeth, who's become much different. She's dating a guy named Jake, the head of her school's football team. Percy's cautious of Jake, but Annabeth is trying to show him he's nicer than he seems. But the timing of Percy's arrival is nothing good for Annabeth, for she, her boyfriend and her close friend, Victoria/Vikki are going on a week-long cruise to Greece for two weeks that weekend. Meanwhile, Thalia wants to take a similar vacation and learn more about what's she's getting into and meets up with the four of them. The cruise turns into a second Titanic, but when Percy tries to find out why his father is doing this, he finds out there's much more to Annabeth's new boyfriend.

There's a summery of part 1 of 3. At the end of Part 1, I'll give you info about Part 2 and so on.