"It's alright, Thalia," I whispered softly into her ear. She lay in a hospital bed and our eldest daughter, Sally sat at the end. She was thirteen now and had her hand on her mother's knee as we tried to reassure her.

"No! No!" she cried, "I want to see my baby right now!" I looked up at Sally, who now looked concerned for her mother and her newborn sister or brother. Sally looked like my mother, hence her name. I sat on the bed right beside her and kissed her on the forehead.

Let's catch you up while we wait. After I spoke to Annabeth we went to Hades again, and as he said he would do, he killed Ethan. I still miss him to this day. Nico came back to camp with us and left once again, telling us that he would meet up when I turned sixteen at least. Grover was there at camp, turned out he had found a new camper on his way to look for Thalia. And as Annabeth told us, I fell in love with Thalia, who got in huge trouble with Artemis and was cursed by falling in love with me…how terrible. We had one daughter thirteen years ago after I turned nineteen and Thalia had just turned twenty. If you're smart enough, that would mean I'm thirty-two and Thalia is thirty-three.

On my sixteenth birthday, nothing happened. Not until a week after when Kronos killed Thalia's tree and gained passage into Camp. It was moved after that to a new location that I was unsure about…still. But we won and we were all happy and then Thalia was cursed and now we're here, waiting for our newborn baby.

A nurse made her way into the room with a small blanket and walked over beside Thalia, carefully placing the baby into her hands. A girl. Another girl. You know, I was starting to feel left out, but Thalia's eyes were sparkling, and she must've already had a name.

I looked down at the newborn baby girl. Her hair was blonde, apparently Thalia's mother had that color hair as I have been told. Her eyes were closed, so I couldn't tell you what color they were, but Thalia whispered something that I couldn't hear. She looked up at me, "Remember what she told us? How she would show up eventually?"

I nodded, knowing what she was talking about. "She's shown up," she looked down at the baby sleeping softly in her arms, "Annabeth is here."

I smiled and placed my hand on Thalia's shoulder, "Annabeth Thalia Jackson." I whispered, "Is alive once more."

Little Annabeth looked up at me and stretched out a hand, she looked around the room in amazement and her eyes were caught on something, something she wouldn't even look at Sally, Thalia or I.

She was staring at a silver rose that lay on the end of the bed.

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