Why Don't I Read It?

A/N: Hiyo!!!!! I got this idea for some drabbles for CyberSix, and then I started to get more, so I thought I may as well do this. I need to write more CyberSix fanfiction, I need to. Now, about these drabbles, they don't really have a specific category. Some are meant to be serious, some are meant to be funny, and some are just there. Also, I'll add a drabble when I think of one and write it out. So yeah…Anyone reading this should know that there is no real plot, as is the way drabbles are, so you don't really have to look too forward to updates. If you actually like it, which you probably won't, as it was written by me. And yes, they are going to be very short. Yeah…ON WE GO!!!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to CyberSix. I wish I did…*Sigh* If I did, Von Reichter would have died an even more gruesome death. And his nose would have a life of it's own.

Time: Kind of 'DataSeven and Julian', with Adrian and Lucas finally finding the bookstore.

"Finally," Lucas moaned in relief as they entered the small, rather cluttered store. "I thought we'd have to wander those streets forever."

"Least you'd actually get some excersize," Adrian quipped kindly as he worked his way through the shelves, Lucas trailing behind him.

"Hey, I'm in very good shape! I'm still in my prime!"

Adrian chuckled softly as he selected a book off of the shelf labelled 'Classic Literature'. He opened the pages and skimmed through it.

"All you ever read are the classics," Lucas complained, peering over his friend's shoulder. It was amazing how large the blond man was compared to the meek, ebony haired Lit teacher.

"One, I am a literature teacher. Two, there's a reason that they're classics, Lucas."

"Still, you should look at all the other types," Lucas insisted, steering the man away from his favorite shelf. "What about fantasy? Or action/adventure, or maybe…Hey, what about science fiction? I've never seen you read sci-fi!"

Adrian looked at the shelf silently, adjusting his glasses. "Sorry, science fiction isn't really my type."

"Why not?" Lucas asked as he himself picked up one of the books.

Because I already live in one, he thought grimly. I don't need more than that.