(AN) WARNING: as with the last 5D's story, some elements of the show's storyline with be altered...

Essentially, this will be my version of the Dark signer arc.

I do not own yugioh 5D's.


Rise of Chaos


It was a cold night. Cold, and dark. Before our story begins, let me take you away from the brilliant light of Neo-Domino city, to a place of much less fortunate area known as the satelite. We all know what to expect here: Rats, Roaches, and deserted/wrecked houses. This is where Yusei Fudo, the new king of Neo-Domino city, formely resided until the whole Fortune cup incident.

But our story does not begin in this part of the satellite, it starts much deeper. In an even more perilous zone, known as B.A.D. Awkward name:yes, but it's hardly an exagerration. This area was not all that different from the rest of satellite until a mysterious earthquake forced all the inhabitants to leave. It is now filled with piles of junk and scrap-metal, entire streets are cracked open down the middle, making them impossible to use and quite easy to fall through. The buildings are much worse off than rest of the satellite, they collapse on a daily basis turning streets into bomb zones.

Are story starts in the deepest, foulest part of this zone. To a chamber somewhere deep underground. The chamber was poorly lit, but one could see that it had the appearence of a great hall. Large pillars made archeways leading to big wooden doors that lead to separate rooms. In the center of the chamber, was a large wooden table with six chairs. Three candles sat upon the center, And at the head sat a man, garbed in an odd outfit. He was dressed in a long, flowing black cloak accented with crimson stripes. His chair was turned away from the table, and he was gazing upwards towards a hole in the cealing, where one could see the stars quite clearly. But one could see more then just stars tonight, a large comet, blazing with dark fire, was streaming across the night sky. At this moment, the figures' arm began to glow the same color as the comet: a mysterious spider-shaped mark.

The man grinned. This was the moment he had been waiting for. He turned back to the table and outstreched his arms.

"Come, my bretheren, the hour of which we have awaited is finally upon us!"

As he called out his summoning, the five doors opened. Out of which, darkness flooded forth. Ghostly moans could be heard as the shadows sweeped through the room. The man did not flinch however, he just stood there wearing his calm yet confident smile. When the shadows cleared, five people now sat in the once empty chairs, they all wore robes simillar to his own, but they each had a different color accenting them. To his left sat two men in gold and blue, while on his right sat two women in orange and green. At the opposite head of the table, facing him, was a young man wearing silver.

"You summoned us, Rudger-sama," he asked.

"I did," the man, apparently named Rudger, confirmed, "My children, the hour we have long awaited is at last upon us, for I have just witnessed the Devils' comet in the night sky,, in direct trajectory with the dragon star!" he continued. His exclamation was followed by gasps of surprise.

"Rudger-sama," began the woman in green. "Does this mean-"

"Yes Misty," Rudger cut her off. "It means our lords and masters shall soon be liberated from their prison. Infact, their bindings have already loosened," As he said these words five cards appeared before each of the figures. More gasps of shock emmenated through the room as they picked them up.

"Rudger-sama," said the one in blue "these are..."

"As I said, Kiryu, their bindings have loosened," Rudger began. "They are capable of physical manifestation, but they are still partially sealed. So the cards you see before you are currently incomplete," he explained.

"Then how do we complete them?" asked the one in silver.

"All will be explained in due time, Daisuke," Ruger assured them. "In the mean time, your orders are to return to your quarters and prepare, for once the sun sets tomorrow night, our ultimate plan will be set in motion! And we will have our revenge upon the signers!" He exclaimed.

"Death to the signers!" the others chanted. Unable to contain his emotions any longer, Rudger chuckled. That chuckling soon became a fool blown maniacle laugh, soon every one of his companions joined in. Soon, very soon, their revenge would be at hand.

End of prologue...

stay tuned for 1rst chapter...