Summary: Sen is currently staying at Zelos' house because of her dad's work. Her family and the Chosen's are pretty close family friends, but could they get closer? This is supposed to take place somewhat right after the end of the game. I made it so that Kratos never left so it's slightly AU.

Author's Notes: Sen and most of the stuff about her are in the prologue. Some of the stuff that you notice in the second game is ignored as if it didn't exist, just FYI in case you say: that's not right! I tried to pretend that it didn't exist, but I tried to use the same map. (FYI, I don't know where some things are in the new world because I haven't gotten that far, so if I make a mistake, either ignore it or tell me nicely. I hate people who yell at me for something I have no idea about. If you've played Dawn of a New World, then you may notice and such. I'm on my first visit to the Earth Temple in the second game if you want to know. I'm progressing so I should get better with locations later.) One last note: the title is based of the translation of Sen's hometown, which is pronounced aka akee. You'll see. That's a lot of notes from me…

Pairings: OCxZelos (maybe some others in between the lines.)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything Tales of Symphonia. I only own Sen and her hometown and most things about it. They don't exist in either game.

Sorry for ranting a bit in my notes. You didn't have to read the stuff in parentheses. Now read on!


Sen sighed. Her one true love was a ladies' man that didn't notice her. Sure he was 22 and she was 15, but she still loved him dearly. She sat down next to her window, rested her chin in her hands on the window sill, and looked out onto the streets of Meltokio.

She saw the Chosen and his posy of girls outside beneath her window. She felt like opening the window and yelling "SCRAM! YOU'RE AN EYE SORE!" but her common sense got the better of her. What's worse; being attacked by Zelos' followers or having to stare at them as an eyesore.

She got up and went down stairs.

"I'm going out," Sen told Zelos' butler. (I've forgotten his name.)

"Have a nice day Miss Sen," he replied as she left.

She, herself, was from a small village by a river that most had never heard of, but the Chosen's family did and that's why she was there. Sen's family used to be from Meltokio before becoming the Mayor's family of the town of Aka'aki, her hometown by the river, and was family friends with the Chosen's family. Her father had too much business for her and her mom disappeared when she was ten, so she was sent to live in the Chosen's house for a while.

Sen didn't want to leave home at first, but after a couple weeks of living with Zelos and Seles, she felt like part of the family. Something like that. That had been a month ago. Over that month, Sen had developed feelings for Zelos that the other women couldn't even think about, like liking someone for their personality and not their looks or status.

Sen walked up behind a couple of the girls in the Chosen's posy and didn't make a sound like. She loved doing this for laughs and making the women angry at her and threaten to get her kicked out of the Chosen's house and down to the slums. Just a little closer now... A little closer... And... Right about...

"HI," Sen exclaimed really cheerfully all of a suddenly, scaring most of Zelos' posy.

"Would you stop doing that," one of them shouted angrily at her.

"I'm just saying hi. Sorry if you failed to notice me arriving," Sen said pessimistically, walking over to Zelos' side.

"Just saying hi?! JUST SAYING HI," another asked angrily, "Why I ought to-"

"Calm down," then Chosen said, then turned to Sen, "You saw us out of your window and decided to come say hi, didn't you?"

"Yup," Sen replied innocently, "It's really boring at home with nothing to do. No one wants to do anything with me anyways. On top of that, Seles is asleep."

"Why don't you bug someone else," a third woman said.

Sen sighed, "Fine, you can have your fal-" Zelos cut her off and whispered in her ear.

"Leave them alone."

"Fine," Sen said after removing his hand, "but I'll be back later." The women watched her leave until she was out of sight. Maybe she should catch a frog in the sewers and bring it back for them. That would ruffle their feathers. So she headed for the entrance to the sewers outside of the city.

It was definitely unpleasant in the sewers sometimes. She could smell something fowl but ignored it and continued searching. The women in Zelos' posy were creeped out by Sen's love of things that crawl around in places that were 'dirty.' The sewer's walk ways weren't all that dirty. Those wimps were scared of a speck of mud. Sen would often laugh at that. Afraid of a measly speck of mud. Ha!


There was a frog, right in front of her. She went over and scooped it up.

"Hello friend. Ready to scare some noblewomen," she asked it and ran back to the entrance. At the entrance, she was confronted by a guard.

"You're not allowed in here," he said.

"Why," Sen asked him.

"As a guest of the Chosen, I am not allowed to let you go places that may have danger," Sen said the last three words with the guard.

"As a guest of the Chosen, I'm aloud to go where I want to," Sen said, "Though at least I stay out of trouble." She stuck her tongue out at him childishly and headed back to the Women and Zelos with her prize.

She walked up to them normally and waited next to Zelos for them to notice her.

"What is that," one of the women asked her, pointing to the frog she was holding.

"This is a frog, haven't you seen one before? They live in the sewers," Sen said. She loved playing innocent to them. They all knew, even Zelos who played along most of the time, that it was just an act and that she wasn't that innocent.

A noble-girl that was around ten years old came up to Sen.

"Can I see your frog," she asked.

"Of course," Sen said, kneeling down to let the girl pet the frog.

"You shouldn't touch it! You'll get warts," another woman said.

"No you won't. That's just a myth," Sen said, standing up as the girl left, "would you like to pet the frog? Or are you too wimpy?"

"I am not," she said and slowly made her way towards the frog and stroked it for a millisecond and then shot back, "So disgusting and slimy. What a hideous creature."

"It's not the frog's fault," Sen replied as the frog jumped out of her hands and at the women. They scattered within seconds. Sen and Zelos ran after the frog, trying to catch it. The whole time, the women were yelling at Zelos to abandon Sen and get away from the frog. A few times, Sen and Zelos collided or fell over one another. Eventually a guard got sick of laughing and caught the frog. Then Sen released it to the sewers. Would they have a story to tell Seles!