Summary: Sen can't sleep one night and doesn't realize that she's fallen asleep again.

Author's Notes: The idea just came to me while thinking about random stuff. I think I've improved my writing thanks to a reviewer. Thanks again! And don't be afraid to help me improve my writing! The story is based off of Disney's Alice in Wonderland.

Pairings: OCxZelos

Disclaimer: I don't own ToS or Alice in Wonderland.

Chapter 4: ToS Wonderland

It was three in the morning and Sen couldn't sleep. She had woken up because something had fallen and made a loud thud in another room.

Sen looked around trying to think of something to make her fall asleep. She laid down and closed her eyes. She heard something land on her bed. She sat up and looked at it. It was Genis in his "Easter Sunday" outfit with real bunny ears and bunny tail.

"Genis?" she asked, and he jumped of the bed.

"I'm late!" he exclaimed, running out of the room. Sen followed.

"Genis?! What are you talking about?!" She called after him, following him outside.

"I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! No time to say hello! Good-bye! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!" Genis called still running. Sen ran after him, through Meltokio to an open manhole. He jumped down and disappeared. Sen jumped in after him and landed in a strange room with a table & two bottles on it. She saw a small door close on the other side of the table.

Sen went over and investigated it. She grabbed the doorknob and the door woke up.

"Ouch! Let go of my nose!" It exclaimed, making Sen let go in surprise.

"A talking door?!" She asked it.

"Yes, and if you wish to get through, then have a drink from the bottle on the left. And don't forget the key," It replied. A silver key appeared on the table. Sen did as the door said, first putting the key on the ground and then taking a drink from the bottle on the left. She shrunk and was now big enough to fit through the door.

She had read a story like this before, she shrugged it off and took the key to the door, shoving it in its 'mouth' and turning, causing it to open. She walked through into a forest and the door closed behind her, disappearing.

Sen walked down the path and came to a fork in the road. There was a strange, eerie laugh. She looked up, into the tree in between the two roads she hadn't been down yet. There were two, red eyes staring at her.

"Who's there?" she asked the eyes. A mouth appeared underneath.

"I... am the Cheshire cat," it replied. More of the 'Cheshire Cat' appeared. It looked like Kratos with Kats ears and a big fluffy Katz tail, both striped purple and pink. His clothes were colored the same. He was laid down in the tree on his stomach like a cat, his head resting on his hands. The Kratos Kat was about the size of a regular fat cat.

"Really Kratos?" Sen asked sarcastically, getting a confused look from the man, "Can you tell me how to get out of this weird sewer?"

"I don't understand what you're talking about," he replied, "but, you can always visit the Mad Hatter who is that way." He pointed down the left path. "Or perhaps you would prefer to visit the March Hare." He pointed down the right path.

"Who is the Mad Hatter, Kratos?" she asked him.

"Once more, I am the Cheshire Cat," Kratos replied, "and the Mad Hatter is the Mad Hatter, just like I am I and you are you."

"That makes no sense!" Sen said to him. All he did was disappear laughing like he appeared, first his body disappeared, then his mouth, and then his eyes. She realized that she was probably "in" a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland.

She walked down the right path, it was probably better that she didn't see someone who was mad; otherwise she would probably go insane.

As she approached a gate, she heard singing and music. When she got there and looked into the garden, she saw Zelos and Seles dancing around a table with a bunch of teapots. Zelos was dressed as the Mad Hatter and Seles as the March Hare. She then saw a mouse-sized Dormouse Presea sat on the table. She went into the garden and all of their attention went to her.

"Why hello, what a pretty little lady we have here," Zelos said, he and Seles going over to her and pulling her over and sitting her down in a chair, "You simply must have tea with us!"

"Yes! You must," Seles said, pouring her some tea in a teacup as the miniature Presea came over.

"We're celebrating our unbirthday today!" Zelos exclaimed cheerfully, "Is it your unbirthday today, too?"

"What's an unbirthday?" Sen asked.

"Unbirthday," Presea said monotonously, "any day that is not your birthday."

"Then it is," Sen said.

"Then you must celebrate with us," Seles said, her and Zelos pulling her up and started dancing and singing again, dragging her along with them.

"A very merry unbirthday to you," both sang.

"To me?" Sen asked.

"To you" Zelos replied.

"A very merry unbirthday," both sang.

"For me?" Sen asked as Seles held out a cake with a candle on top to her.

"For you," she replied singing it and Sen took it.

"No blow the candle out my dear and make your wish come true," Zelos sang.

"No thanks," Sen said, setting the cake down.

"Well why not dear?" they asked as she sat down in a chair.

"Because I only came to see if I could find a way out of a sewer," Sen replied.

"A sewer?" Zelos asked.

"A sewer," Presea started, "an underground waterway that carries waste and water."

"There aren't any sewers like that around her," Seles said.

"Well I fell down into one but ended up in this world instead," Sen started, "I was following a rabbit that looked like my friend who was yelling something about being late. Then I lost him and found another friend dressed up as something called a Cheshire C-A-T," Sen made sure not to upset the Presea Dormouse by spelling out cat, "Then he told me to visit either of you two. You guys look like my friends dressed up too."

"Very interesting indeed," Zelos said.

"It's very amazing that you know, around the Dormouse, not to say cat," Seles said and Presea was startled.

"Cat?! Where?!" Presea started to shoot around the table with Seles and Zelos after her. Sen decided to leave while she still had a chance.

She wandered around the forest and soon found a house and Genis running inside. She ran to the house and went inside.

"Genis? Are you here?" Sen called. She went up some steps and found a box on a table. She opened it to find cookies that said 'eat me' on them. She knew that they would make her humongous and definitely didn't want to catch on fire. She saw a bottle of milk next to it and made sure that there was no label that said drink me. When she didn't find a label, she took a little sip and put it back on the table. She heard footsteps running outside and followed after.

When Sen got outside, she found that she was shrinking millimeter a second and ran after Genis as quickly as she could. She was in a field of flowers when she had fully shrunk. She looked around and wondered who the flowers would be.

"Why, what an ugly flower," a flower said. Sen recognized Sheena and Colette.

"Why I think she's quite pretty," Colette the flower said.

"Colette and Sheena, I would say it's good to see you, but you don't seem yourselves today," Sen said.

"Why we've always been flowers, but at least you've gotten our names right," Sheena the flower said, "But what kind of flower are you?"

"I'm not a flower, I'm a person," Sen said.

"If you're not a flower then you're a walking weed," Sheena said to her.

"Some weeds look like flowers and are pretty," Colette said.

"I'm not a weed!" Sen replied, "And I'm not a flower!"

"Be gone!" Sheena said pushing her away. Sen continued on to find a giant mushroom. She took a piece from one side and one from another and took a bite out of both. She grew to normal size instantly. Good thing she remembered the story. She continued on and came to a forest again.

"Ok Kratos Kat! Where are you," Sen called, "can't you tell me how to get out of this weird world?"

"My name is the Cheshire Cat," the Kratos Kat replied, appearing in a tree, "Maybe the Queen can help you. Just follow this path." He disappeared again and a yellow path appeared.

Sen walked down it and came to a castle. It was ancient and white. It also had hearts on it.

'I wonder who the queen is,' Sen thought sarcastically. She walked into a court yard and Genis ran past.

"Genis! Wait!" Sen called and ran after him again.

"No! I'm late!" He called back.

Sen was close enough to catch him now, so she jumped and caught him, making them both roll.

"Oh no! Now I'm really late!" Genis started to go again, but Sen grabbed his tail.

"What are you late for?" Sen asked him.

"For my job at the Queen's castle! And if I don't get there soon, then she'll have my head!" He replied.

"She must be evil. Why doesn't anyone overthrow her?" Sen asked.

"She's too scary!" Genis replied. Sen let go and he ran off.

Sen walked through the courtyard and up to the castle. For the first time, she realized that she had been in a light blue dress and had a light blue ribbon in her hair since she had landed in this new world. Oh well.

When she got to the front of the castle, she saw Raine come out wearing a red and black dress with hearts on it. Genis was following Raine and talking to her, probably about something to do with the kingdom or why he was late. Apparently Raine had noticed.

"Excuse me," Raine said, coming over, "Can you tell me how my kingdom is doing?"

"It's doing very well," Sen replied, "Though I'm not used to the way some of them act."

"You aren't? Are you new to my kingdom?" Raine asked.

"She's been chasing me and she grabbed my tail," Genis said.

"Really?" Raine asked, "And why was that?"

"He looks like someone I know," Sen replied, "So I was trying to catch up and was calling out to him. He didn't stop so I tried to catch him."

"I see," Raine said, "What is your name?"

"Sen," she replied.

"I am Queen Raine, the Queen of Hearts," Raine introduced herself, "And also the Queen of all Ruins."

"Queen Raine, can I ask a favor of you?" Sen asked.

"What might that be?" Raine asked.

"I fell down a hole chasing..." Sen didn't know what to call the rabbit version of Genis.

"I'm Genis," he said.

"Chasing Genis, and ended up in another world," Sen started, "He fell on my bed in my world and I chased him, trying to find out why and fell into this world through the hole. I've been wandering around this world since, trying to find a way back. I've met the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the Dormouse, and a couple flowers, but they haven't helped me!"

"The Cheshire Cat?" Raine asked, "That cat has been causing trouble everywhere! Don't listen to him or you could never get home." There was a laugh and Sen knew that it was the Cheshire Cat.

"Why would I harm this lost young lady," he asked appearing behind them. Raine noticed him, too.

"Why hello Cheshire Cat. How nice of you to drop by," Raine said, "Genis go get that for me."

"I'm not here to cause trouble, but simply here to help this girl," he said, "Would you like to go home? I can take you back to the place that you fell through."

"Really?" Sen asked him.

"I doubt it," Raine said.

"Don't listen to her, dear girl, the Queen will trick you and make you stay in her castle forever," the Kratos Kat said, "but I can help you get home."

"Please, I want to go home," Sen said to the Kratos Kat.

"Genis," Raine said, "I want you to go with them and make sure that cat doesn't do anything."

"Yes your Majesty," Genis said.

They traveled a ways before they came to the door that Sen had come through.

"This is it! Thank you Kra- I mean- Cheshire Cat," Sen corrected herself.

"Any time," he replied.

Sen went back through and climbed up the table. She drank from the bottle on the right. She became normal size and headed up and came to where the sewer cap was. She pushed up and woke up from her strange dream instead of getting out of the sewer. It was light out now, so it must have been morning.

She was still in her pajamas and it was like she had never left. She went downstairs and found Zelos and Seles. She told them about her dream and the parts that everyone played.

"It really does sound like Alice in Wonderland," Seles said when she had finished telling them about her dream, "I bet Raine is a really scary Queen, though you didn't see her much."

"I'm not like the Mad Hatter, am I?" Zelos asked.

"Not really," Sen said, "If you were, the girls would be too scared to talk to you." Seles laughed.

"You two can be so mean," Zelos said.

Some More Author's Notes: I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a while! I just didn't have any motivation to add anything for a while, but I did for a short moment and I finished. And I'm sorry if the ending sucks, my motivation started to run out again.

Here's a list of who's who:

Sen: Alice

Genis: the White Rabbit

Talking Door: Talking Door

Kratos: Cheshire Cat

Zelos: Mad Hatter

Seles: March Hare

Presea: Dormouse

Colette: Flower One

Sheena: Flower Two

Raine: the 'Queen of Hearts'