I finally wrote a Godchild fanfic. I really like this even though it's pretty short. It's between Cain and Riff and it is a gift fanfic for Pennatus. So yeah, here ya go Pennatus. You rock my socks. Hope you all like it. Don't own Godchild.

NEW NOTE AS OF 12/11/14: This fic has been censored. Not all of the uncensored fics have been transferred over to my A03 but you are more than welcome to check. The username is the same there as it is here.

Cain slowly opened his eyes, trying to see beyond his poison filled haze as he tugged on his binds. Hand-cuffed to a bench; now that was new. He twisted his head in an attempt to move a piece of hair out of his face, finally letting himself be still; the more he moved, the faster the poison would spread.

His eyes slipped shut again only to be jolted open when the door clicked open. His slightly blurry vision focused in on the intruding figure, eyes widening when he realized that the person was Riff.

"I thought you were off to kill Mary Weather?" Cain asked quietly.

"I have only gained control for a short period of time, Lord Cain. You must save her before then," Riff replied, crossing the length of the room quickly.

Cain glared up at Riff, wary of whether or not to trust him. The last time that had happened he had ended up poisoned and hand-cuffed to the bench he now lay on.

"How do I know you can trust you?" Cain demanded, locking his jaw defiantly.

"Please Lord Cain. There isn't time. I have the antidote here as well as the keys. It's all I can do now," Riff begged.

Cain stared up at him, looking past the silver locks of hair that swayed in blue eyes, looking straight into his soul. The clear devotion that shined within them was all he needed to see. This was his Riff.

He twisted his head to display his neck and Riff quickly pulled out the antidote, the needle, though he was expecting it, made him flinch. This was partly because his trust for the man had been shattered and no matter how much devotion he could see in Riff's eyes, it couldn't fully repair what had happened.

As the antidote worked through him, his vision cleared and he found his limbs were easier to move. As Riff drew away, he spoke.

"Do you have the key?" he asked, twisting his arms awkwardly, the chain rattling against the metal of the bench.

"Yes, hold on," Riff said, digging into his pockets and withdrawing the key, hurrying to free Cain from his binds.

Once free, Cain sat up, ignoring the slight dizziness he felt; the antidote hadn't fully worked through him yet. As he tugged his shirt sleeves up so he could properly assess how much he had chafed the skin, his arm was suddenly cradled in Riff's soft hands.

"I apologize, Lord Cain, for the damage you have suffered. It is entirely my fault," Riff murmured, slipping a hand into his jacket and pulling out a small bottle. After opening it and putting a bit of the white cream on his fingers, he spread it over the red and irritated skin.

Cain couldn't help but relax, letting his forehead rest against Riff's as a soothing sting crawled over his wrists.

"I forgive you Riff. This you. Whether this you or the other is the real Riff, I trust this you," Cain said quietly. "I always will."

"Thank you, Lord Cain," Riff muttered, finishing the other wrist. "You should leave now."

"Not yet. There are things I need to tell you first, while you are still…like this," Cain told him, getting to his feet and tugging Riff up to do the same.

"Lord Cain…?" There was a hesitant and questioning tone in his voice.

"Just listen," Cain ordered, looking him in the eye and refusing to let him look away. "You have always been here, you've always found me when Alexis…"

"My lord?" Riff said, indicating for him to continue.

"I love you Riff, with all my black and unworthy heart," Cain muttered.

"Cain…" Riff murmured.

"I have already committed so many sins, what's one more?" he whispered, his gaze falling to the ground.

"I love you too, Cain," Riff said quietly.

"Then let us both commit one more sin then, before we part?" Cain asked, only surprised for a moment.

Riff leaned down and captured Cain's lips, something he had spent years denying himself. The taste was so sweet, so sinful, so perfect, it was everything he had imagined and so much more. It only took seconds for the kiss to become heated by passion, passion that had been held back for far too long, passion that had been held behind a damn of all that was good and proper. Now that dam fell, overtaken by the love the two men felt for each other. It was a love that could no longer be denied, now that they were in such a dangerous position.

Cain pressed close, hands fisting in the collar of Riff's shirt and tugging him down so he was practically sitting on Cain's lap, their lips still not parting. This was what he had yearned for, for so many years. How many nights had he lain awake after Riff had left his room dreaming about the other man, dreaming about being able to touch the other man comfortably. And now just in the way he was now. He wanted to be able to embrace the other man in public, hold him close and just breathe him, assure himself that the other was still there.