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Chapter 1: Graduation

It was my graduation day and I was so nervous but excited. We had worked so hard for this for 13 years and it had finally come. I wasn't the smartest in my class but my best friend Angela and her boyfriend Eric was next. I was a few more people after them. I, Isabella Swan was a plain and average girl who had only had a few boyfriends.

I moved to Forks from Phoenix after my mom, Renee, had married Phil. He was nice and all but he wanted to move to Florida to pursue his minor league baseball career. I knew that if I went with them I would probably do a lot of traveling and I didn't want that. Besides they were getting to lovey dovey for me, so here I am in Forks, Washington.

My dad, Charlie, was so happy when I moved back. I hadn't been in Forks for 5 years. Of course I saw my dad month each summer but we didn't go to Forks, so we went on vacation somewhere else each year. I also saw him for Christmas but at my aunts in Nevada.I hated Forks for the longest time because it was always raining or snowing or something else. But I made friends and started to like Forks. I still hated the weather but i dealt with it.

I dated a few people in my two years in Forks. There was Jacob who I loved but he was more like a little brother so now he's just a really good friend. Then there was Mike, we dated for a few months, but it just didn't work out. And lastly there was Tyler, he was a really sweet guy but he fell in love with Lauren. So I just remained single and decided that school and friends were to important than guys.

Now back to graduation, Angela had given her speech and Eric had finished his speech shortly after her. Finally it was time to get our diplomas, or the paper that was wrapped in ribbon while our actual diplomas were mailed to us a couple days later. The principal called Jessica Stanley, one of my other best friends. I knew I was next but I wasn't sure if I was ready. But it was to late, the principal called my name to get my diploma. "Isabella Marie Swan" he said. I preferred Bella but they said that they would say my whole name.

While I walked up the stairs, of course knowing my clumsy self, i would probably fall or something. And guess what, I had tripped over the stairs. There were some gasps in the audiences and I'm pretty sure I heard some people laugh. But thats my luck.

Luckily Mrs. Cope helped me up. I grabbed my diploma and smiled and quickly got off that stage. Thank god that was over. The time had come, all 326 of us threw our caps in the air. I couldn't believe I had finally graduated. I walked up to Angela and said " Your speech was amazing". "Thanks I can't believe we're finally done with high school" She said.

I was about to say I couldn't either but then Jessica came up to us. She was teary-eyed "I can't believe we are all going to college" She struglled to say. "Let's not lose touch" Angela said getting teary eyed herself. Great now I was gonna cry. "I'll call you as soon as I hit Jacksonville." I said while wiping tears out of my eyes. I had all my stuff packed and ready I was leaving Forks tomorrow night to visit my mom in Florida. Angela had asked if we wanted to go to Port Angeles for the last time but I had to cancel because I had promised Charlie he could take me to a resturant for dinner after graduation was over. So we all hugged and said our goodbyes and promised each other to keep in touch.

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