Me: Well, here is that Jasper and Bella I said I would put up here!

Jasper: Don't knock it people. I've seen over 1000 reviews on a story that was Jasper and Bella.

Me: Pah. I could never get that high. Onward!

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, or Jasper, or anything that will go into this fanfic except my original writing of course! Fo sho! *coughs* Uhm...moving on...

Jasper's POV

I remember my first love so clearly. Our first kiss, our first and only love making, and my first trip to war. These memories I kept buried deep within. Of course, Isabella Swan had been dead for more than a century, but I still remembered her touches. She was the only who had has touched my heart so deep.

I was ready to make her Isabella Marie Whitlock when I came home from the war. Three agonizing years passed before I saw hope. The war was to end soon. That night, I happened upon three young ladies. I was ever so polite to them, and I was turned into the monster I am now.

If vampires didn't exist, then I could've gone back home to my sweet Bella.

"I have to go now, darlin'," I whispered softly.

Her chocolate tresses were spread out among the pillow and she smiled at me.

"Do you have too?" She asked.

I chuckled and climbed out of the bed, looking for my clothes.

"It is my duty," I simply said, pulling on my trousers and shirt.

She slipped into a nightgown and helped me adjust my shirt.

"You're not yet twenty, Jasper. Not old enough to be going to war. We're seventeen. Please stay." She begged of me, pouting.

Her chocolate brown eyes widened as she looked at me. I knew this face all too well. This was the face she did when she always got her way, but I was immune to it.

"I'll miss you, darlin'," I whispered kissing her temple. "Write me?"

Bella grinned at me.

"Everyday," she replied.

I put my coat on and stepped out of the front door. It was painfully hot in Houston, but there was a slight breeze. It whipped at my face as I turned back to look at Bella. Tears had began trailing down her face as she waved at me and closed the door.

I shook my head. I was miles away from the Cullen house, but I still didn't want them to know I was reminiscing. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a ring. It was just a simple gold band, but I was planning to give it to Bella when I was back from the war.

I sighed and placed it back in my pocket. I reached for my cell phone, but it began vibrating before I had even touched it. I opened it. There was a text from Alice.

Enjoy Texas. Love you.

I chuckled and stood up. Of course Alice would know.

I called the airport and booked the next flight to Houston, Texas. I was going home to see what had happened to my Bella. Maybe I would see if she had any descendents lurking around.

Me: And that was it.

Jasper: That's it? That was short…

Me: Well, EXCUSE ME! Also, does anyone at all know what Jasper's eye color was before he was changed? I found this awesome song that would go with it if his eye color were the certain color…

Jasper: Which means she'd love to hear from you!

Me: Duh! Bella's POV goes next!