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Jasper's POV

I stared at her, surprised. All this time, the one whom I had called a companion, had been the death of my children and of my Bella.

"What about…?" I asked. I couldn't even say their names. It was just…too painful.

She averted her eyes and bowed her head.

"Yes. Them." She answered just as softly.

"What do you mean?" Emmett asked butting in.

I stared at him, before looking over at Isabella.

"That's another story to tell, but first, let me tell you how my vampire life was," she whispered.

Bella's POV

I really didn't know how to begin, but once I found the right words, it just connected.

"I see how you live your life here. You go out in public, daytime even, since the sun does not shine much here. I assume you interact with others of your kind and even humans who dare to speak. My life wasn't like that much at all. I had died and there was no going back.

"I visited my own funeral. My mother was weeping, my sister's all crying in a circle over my empty casket. It took all my power not to go and comfort them. It was daytime and they would notice. I could not have a normal life. Granted, I was a vampire, but I could not do what you do now. My sisters had descendents. Extended family with pictures of me. Even on those rare, rare days in Texas where it would not be sunny all day, I was holed up in the house that held so many nightmares.

"I was a true modern day vampire. I was recluse as well I might add. I wouldn't hunt unless the need was too great, and I endangered my town. I was a protector. Late at night, I would roam the streets, getting rid of other vampires who came to feast. I considered Houston my property. I would protect all the humans there because no one had protected me."

I paused and stayed silent for a bit, letting that sink in. I felt courage with Jasper sitting next to me. Courage I hadn't felt for a long time.

"I am sure you can tell that I feed on animals. I made a promise to…two very special people and to myself that I would never feed on a human. No human blood has ever passed through my lips." I explained.

Surprise was evident on everyone's faces.

"To stay in a town and resist the urge for all that time…that's remarkable," Carlisle mused.

I nodded my head in thanks.

"Eventually, I grew better at feeding on the animals. I wouldn't wait so long because I knew I would put people at risk despite my limitless control. There were many vampires who came along. Some were looking for mates, others were looking for a way to go. And some, were just looking for a midnight snack. I turned vampires down, pointed out good places to others, and took down the ones who tried to threaten my city.

"My power is not something to be reckoned with. I will make myself invisible to all eyes by accessing my skill. Nothing can get through my mind block and anyone who tries to look for me in anyway will only see split seconds or it will be blurry. I am still trying to modify my shield so it will work the way I want it too."

"That is a very gifted power," Esme pointed out.

I smiled at her.

"Yes. I am grateful to have it." I answered.

Looking up at Jasper, I sent out a feeling of sadness and regret. He seemed to know my emotions, so maybe that was his power. He nodded his head in understanding.

"January seemed to be the big month for Jasper and myself. A lot of things happened in January. The biggest thing of them all was finding out that I was pregnant." I began.

I saw shock on most of their faces, and sadness on Esme's. Maybe she had kids who died?

"I was born on September thirteenth. Six days after I turned eighteen, my kids were born. I named them Colby Marie Swan and Tristan Austin Swan. Truth be told, Colby took after my middle name and Tristan took the middle name of one of Texas' great cities. I didn't know Jasper's middle name."

A few chuckles passed through, and I continued.

"I called her my little Colby-Angel. She had Jasper's blonde hair and my brown eyes. She was always thinking of her brother since she was the older one. I called him my Tristan-Soldier. He took after his father with blue eyes, and me with brown hair. He respected his sister to the day they died.

"I remember it so clearly. It was a cold night on November third of 1864. I had put the kids to bed and ran out so I could deliver something to one of my friends. I wasn't gone more than ten minutes. It was so dark, and I wanted to get home quickly. There were people dying in our town and everyone advised the others not to go out at night. Maybe I was crazy or stupid…maybe both, but I didn't listen to anyone."

I paused. It hurt to have it happen to me, and it hurt even more to say it out loud.

"Go on," Rosalie urged me, smiling softly.

Jasper squeezed my hand tighter.

"I noticed that my whole house was dark. I was sure that I turned on the lamps in the living room, and Colby and Tristan's room. I brushed it off, telling myself they went out. I went to unlock my door, but I noticed that it was already open a bit. I pushed it open silently and dropped my bag on the chair. I snuck up the stairs and looked in my room. No one was there. Colby and Tristan's door was closed, and I know that I left it open.

"My body was itching to run, but my mind and heart told it no. There was something wrong, and I had to do anything I could to save my kids. I eased their door a bit and then flung it open all the way. Even in the darkness I could tell there were three people in the room. I flipped on the lamp and…muffled my screams."

I noticed that Esme and Rosalie looked like they were about to cry. I covered my face with my hands and tried to steady my erratic breathing.

Talking about the most painful thing to ever happen to me wasn't easy at all. It was absolute torture, and it drained me mentally.

"You don't have to talk anymore if you don't want to," Jasper whispered.

I shook my head.

"I want to…it's just…so hard," I whispered.

I took a deep calming breath and tried to begin again.

"Tristan was lying on the floor, in a puddle of his blood. His body was twisted at an awkward angle so I could only assume that he had a few broken bones. His skin was pale and he was not breathing. I knew right away that he was dead. Tears sprang to my eyes as I thoroughly remembered that Colby's bed was closer. The only assumption I could make was that my little soldier had threw himself in front of Colby to protect his sister.

"Movement caught my eyes as I noticed that Colby was struggling for her life, kicking as this…whatever it was that was attacking her. Red eyes glanced at me before dropping my daughter and smiling at me.

"'Hello there,' she said grinning at me. Blood was dripping down her chin, and I immediately felt like throwing up. 'Mamma! Help Mamma help!' Colby screamed at me, obviously afraid for me even in her death-like state. 'Shush little child. You'll be dead soon, but you…' She looked at me and grinned. 'You have a certain aura about you.' 'Who are you?' I had asked, my blood running cold.

"'My name is Maria, dear human, and I am going to change you,' She smiled at me, and I could see her getting ready to spring at me. It wasn't but a few seconds later that I found myself down on the ground, fire exploding through my veins. The fire was the worst on my right shoulder blade, and I willed myself not to scream in front of my daughter. She gazed over at me. Her blood red eyes looking me over, as if appreciating her masterpiece. 'You, dear human, are going to be a vampire. If you have any problems, I will be creating an army. You will know where to find me.' She said softly before jumping out the second story window.

"Despite the pain in my shoulder, I stood up, gritting my teeth angrily. My tears were still running down my face as I made my way over to Colby and Tristan. Colby was hugging Tristan to her, crying as much as her breath intake would allow. I knew she was seconds from death, having lost too much blood to be turned. 'He protected me, but Mamma…she was…so pretty…sparkly…will I see you…in heaven?' She had asked me.

"Colby always believed in heaven and God. I always knew she would make a good angel. I didn't think she would be one so young though. I held her hand and grasped Tristan's cold hand until her breathing stopped. When it did, I fought to get out of my house. If anyone had come to visit, they would see Colby and Tristan, and me fighting against the fire in my veins.

"Questions would have been asked and things would have been discovered. Things the human world should not know about. I managed to get out of my house, and I hid in my cellar. It was dark, dusty, and cold, but it became my home during the daytime. No one came to visit, surprisingly, for the next days. My transformation went undisturbed, and I had not uttered a sound once. No scream; no sounds.

"I crept out of the cellar when it was all said and done. I went back in my house and put on my best blue dress, the one I am currently wearing. I closed Tristan and Colby's bedroom door. I don't much like being a vampire. I wish I wasn't changed. The only answer that I can give about my transformation is that Maria thought I would follow her to try and get some answers.

"Because of my vampire state, I could not properly mourn my children. I watched them be buried. They had just turned three a couple months prior, and I was devastated. I wanted revenge. I wanted it so bad, but I couldn't do it."

"You have always been a kind soul," Jasper muttered.

"Well, she said she had an army. I would have been beat easily if she controlled them well." I answered.

"What I don't understand is why you didn't write me. I didn't receive not one letter." Jasper said quietly.

I laughed softly.

"I wrote to you…everyday, but I could not…send them. It was like I was communicating with you…it was the last thing I had, besides our children, that proved you were real and you were coming back." I said.

"They are in your bag, aren't they? The letters?" Alice asked.

"The letters…and the pictures."

"May we see your children?" Esme asked quietly.

I reached in my purse and pulled out a few pictures.

"They are in black and white, of course, but you see the features of Jasper and myself in them," I whispered, handing her the photos.

Esme smiled at me, her eyes bright with unshed tears.

"They were beautiful," She answered.

The photos were circled around, and I looked up at Jasper.

"Everyday, I had the chance to kill her. And everyday, I couldn't do it." He said, clenching his jaw.

"I believe you are the one with the kind soul, soldier," I said.

He grinned.

"Possibly so. Possibly so."

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