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Just Like the Movies


As Good As it Gets

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me," I muttered to myself… mostly.

"Yep! That's right we've gotten approval. We'll be flying out to Chicago next week!" Alice said, not willing to ignore my musings.

I was so tired of this bullshit. They had changed the location of our filming site three times already. And why Alice felt the need to come over and tell me in person, I'll never know. She busied herself in the kitchen, getting something to drink, and I settled myself on the couch.

"And you're sure that they've made up their minds?"

"Positive, they won't mess with us anymore so chill out, Edward, okay?" I glared at her.

Alice, she had been there for me since my big break. She had been a confidante and the sister I never had. But at times like these, I found I'd rather talk to a 12-year-old about politics than listen to her tell me, yet again, to "chill out."

She and I didn't hang out often, but we spoke on the phone quite a bit. Hard to believe it's been almost five years since I'd first met her. We had actually had been paired together to audition for a romantic comedy. She practically bounced into the audition with her bright smile and spiky black hair. Not to mention the look of knowing that was always glimmering in her hazel eyes. She was a natural. Unfortunately, neither of us got the roles, but we did each gain a friend. Something I was seriously lacking since I'd left home.

I was extremely grateful to her for her friendship so, I brought her to my home back in Phoenix for Thanksgiving as a thank you one year. Her family was on vacation in Europe at the time and I didn't want her to have to spend the holiday alone. I introduced her to my parents, Carlisle and Esme… and my younger brother, Jasper.

To say it was love at first sight would be an understatement. Before the end of the evening Alice was calling my mother "Mom" and had snuck outside with Jasper to make out… twice. They started dating two days later. Jasper even had the audacity to ask me if it was okay. I assured him that I didn't see Alice that way, and now those two saps couldn't be happier together.

"Come on Edward! Aren't you even a little bit excited? Well, I mean its old hat for you now I suppose, but this is my first BIG movie role! I will be sad to leave Hollywood though; I wonder what shopping is like…." She rambled on as I let my thoughts wander to "leaving Hollywood."

Ah, Hollywood. A useless hub of human existence. There was not a pure soul within the city limits… I wasn't sure a pure soul existed anymore. Alice was great and all, but she, too, had become obsessed with designer clothes and labels and such. The fact that she was still chatting away proved it. She wouldn't wear the same article of clothing twice if she could help it.

It was extremely easy to get caught up with the glitz and glamour lifestyle in this city. Especially if you were making the kind of money Alice and I were making. I, myself, was not immune to the wonders of Hollywood. Every night there was a new club to go out to, a new drink to try. And I would be lying to myself if I said that I always felt the way I do about Hollywood. I used to love it here. It was my escape from a normal life. All the new people to meet, not to mention the attention I got. I used to eat that shit up. People screaming your name, asking for your autograph, it was great. Although, recently that attention had been getting out of hand. I yearned for the time when I could walk out my front door and not have to dodge cameras. I didn't exactly help matters however. I had been on the cover of at least 6 magazines this month. I could say no, but the studios were counting on me to make money, not for me, but for them. And because I was as selfish and greedy as everyone else on the planet, I did it. I soaked up all the limelight I could. Luckily, my girlfriend didn't seem to mind. In fact she loved being my arm candy. She took care of me. And….I…. love her. So here I am, Hollywood's new golden boy. I have steady work and a hefty paycheck. My family is caring and involved with my life. I have a good friend in Alice. And I have a girlfriend.

I have every reason in the world to be happy.

But, I'm not.

My life, to everyone seemed perfect. For anyone else this life would be perfect. Why did I insist on making things so difficult for myself? Why couldn't I just be happy? Even Alice couldn't make me smile anymore. As much as I liked her, as much as she had done for me, she was still just like them. Consumed with the desire to fit in, to be accepted, to get ahead.

"EDWARD!" Alice shouted when she realized I wasn't paying attention to her anymore.

"WHAT!?" I shouted right back at her

"Ugh, never mind, I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?" She sighed as she made her way to the door.

"Yeah, fine. See you, Alice."

Everything had just turned into this jumbled mess. Nothing made sense anymore. I did my best to put on a happy face... and smile for the camera. But, nothing helped. I argued with everyone. Every little thing irritated me. And on top of my already confused mind was the constant stream of screaming girls trying to get in my pants. I couldn't go anywhere anymore without being recognized. It was extremely frustrating. At least Alice was still fairly unrecognizable. But not me. Whenever we'd go out together we would be relentlessly mobbed by paparazzi. If we could get by them, someone else would realize who I was, and we would be badgered with completely unnecessary and overly personal questions… usually along the lines of, "Will you marry me?"

I made my way back to my bedroom, eager for sleep. Alice and I had been cast in the newest superhero flick. It was her first big break, and I was really happy for her. Unfortunately, the film required a suburban setting, and apparently they had found the perfect site in Chicago. I, of course, was to play the high flying hero. Alice was playing my quirky sidekick. Ah, the irony. Funny how sometimes life can be just like the movies. I chuckled darkly, sometimes is stretching it. Life was so rarely like a movie, especially my life. Very few people get their happily –ever-afters. And quite frankly, very few people deserved one.

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