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It was a sunny day in Konoha and more importantly the day which the genin were assigned to their teams. It was the day that Naruto Uzumaki was the most excited about he jumped up from his bed and got dressed as quickly as possible then sped out his apartment door.

" I wonder who I'll get paired with hopefully not Sauske," thought naruto as he ran along the roof tops to the academy.

When he got there the room was filled with those who graduated he decided to sit in a middle row since he did'nt feel like trying to sit next to sakura.

" Alright everyone settle down," yelled Iruka. " I have an announcement before we assign teams," He said.

" There is an extra student this year which means that one team will have four people on it instead of the usual three," announced Iruka.

As if to accentuate his point there was a loud smacking sound and everyone in the class turned to see the extra genin in question crash through the door.

"Great another idiot," thought sakura.

at this point all were laughing at the unfortunate genin. " This is Rakkih Fukuto he was trained at home due to the nature of his clan," said Iruka suppressing a chuckle.

Rakkih got up and dusted off his clouths. He was wearing a military gas mask, a combat helmet, a green jacket with many pockets , and generic genin pants and sandals. One odd thing was that instead of a kunai pouch he had a survival machete sheathed and strapped to his right leg.

With his head held high he walked up the stairs only to trip. " This guy's even more uncoordinated than Naruto," Thought sauske. The class again erupted with laughter.

Rakkih picked himself up and sat next to Naruto who looked at him with a questioning look. "Hi I'm Rakkih pleased to meet you," said Rakkih. " I'm Naruto Uzumaki ," Naruto replied back.

" Alright on with the teams," said Iruka. Interrupting the two boy's starting conversation.

three minutes later...

" Team 7 Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Harruno, Sauske Uchiha, and Rakkih Fukuto," said Iruka.

Both Naruto and sakura were having mixed feelings, Sauske was impassive, Rakkih did'nt know what to think.

However as Rakkih was looking around he noticed a girl with bluish black hair and lavender eyes staring at Naruto with a sad look on her face.

Rakkih had no time to ponder on this matter at the moment as the next team was called.

one minute later...

" Okay now that that's over it's time for you to meet your Jonin sensei's now you all have your teams and go to your assigned rooms to meet your sensei," said Iruka.

Team 7 assigned room...

" So why do you wear that helmet and mask Rakkih?" asked Sakura trying to break the silence which persisted for the first hour which they sat waiting for their sensei.

" Well it has to do with my clans Kekkei Genkai," replid Rakkih. " So what is your kekkei genkai," asked Sauske very intrigued though he would never show it.

" Well my clans chakra constantly surrounds our bodies and when our adrenaline is pumping we put out positive chakra which gives us good luck, But when our adrenaline is not pumping our chakra is negative which results in us having bad luck, that's why I had to train at home so I could learn to control my adrenaline flow so that I can perform well as a shinobi, As for the helmet and mask they're for protection," said Rakkih

" That does'nt sound very useful," stated Sauske. "Sauske-kun's right that sounds pretty lame for a kekkei genkai," thought Sakura.

Rakkih frowned at this but then his head picked up as he remembered another fact about his kekkei genkai. " It also allows everyone in my clan to go completely invisible since we can make our chakra blend into the environment," he exclaimed.

"That's a slight step up I guess," said Sauske with a bit of arrogance.

" Hey are you guy's done yapping if you hadn't noticed our sensei is late," yelled Naruto.

He then proceeded to take an eraser and put it on top of the doorway so that when it opened it would drop on their sensei.

" Naruto you really shouldn't do that you baka," yelled Sakura as she tried to choke him." Dobe a Jonin would never fall for that," thought Sauske

"Um please don't do that," pleaded Rakkih. "Why it won't hurt anyone," said Naruto. At that moment the door opened and the eraser fell on Kakashi's head then just as quickly he threw a hail of kunai and shuriken which pinned Rakkih to the wall.

" Oh sorry about that this eraser startled me, So once you get your teammate off the wall all of you should come meet me on the roof," said Kakashi. He then walked down the hallway and to the roof.

After they spent about a minute recovering from their shock and getting Rakkih off the wall team 7 finally went to the roof where they were to meet their sensei.

"So you're all finally here," said Kakashi. "Alright how about you all tell me your names, likes, dislikes, and dreams," He said. At this point Sakura raised her hand. "Yes," asked Kakashi.

"How about you go first to show us how it's done," asked Sakura. "Alright my name is Kakashi Hatake, I don't have any particular likes or dislikes, and my dreams are none of your business," he replied. "Hey all we learned was your name," yelled out Naruto.

"Ok since your so eager how about you go first," said Kakashi. " Fine my name is Naruto Uzumaki, My likes are ramen and training, My dislikes are the 3 minutes it takes for ramen to cook, and my dream is to become Hokage," he said with great enthusiasm.

"Alright you next," said Kakashi pointing at Sakura. " Well my name is Sakura Harruno, my likes are (looks at Sauske), my dislikes are (glares at Naruto), and my dream is (looks at Sauske with a blush)," she said. " Okaaaay how about you," Kakshi says as he points at Sauske.

" My name is Sauske Uchiha, I have few likes, and many dislikes, and my dream is more of a goal, I am going to kill a certain someone," He replied darkly. " Okay that leaves one left," said Kakshi as he pointed toward nothing. " Hey you see where your other teammate went," asked a baffled Kakashi.

" Over here I could use a little help," yelled Rakkih from over the edge of the roof. "Hold on," said Kakashi as he went over and pulled him up.

"How did you end up over there," asked Naruto. "The dam birds," replied Rakkih.

"Your kidding," questioned Sakura. "How about you just ansewer my question if you will," interrupted Kakashi.

" Oh sorry, My name is Rakkih Fukuto, My likes are training, and fighting, My dislike is the negative effect that my kekkei genkai has on my life, and my goal is to be the best hunter nin in all of konoha," he said.

At this point everyone around him was staring toward him as though he grew an extra arm. " what," asked Rakkih. Naruto then pointed to a flock of birds that was behind Rakkih all seeming as though they were staring at him. "Not again," he said. He then bolted in the opposite direction and jumped of the roof as the birds took off after him.

"this is going to be an interesting team," thought Kakashi. "Listen up all of you meet me at the training ground 7 tomorrow at 6:00 oh and don't eat breakfast or you'll throw up, and will someone please go tell that to Rakkih," said Kakashi. "I'll do it," said Naruto as he bolted after his unlucky teammate.

10 minutes later with Naruto and Rakkih...

They were walking on the street in gratitude Rakkih offered to treat Naruto to ramen. "So you like Sakura huh," stated Rakkih casually. "Yeah how did you know," Questioned Naruto. "I noticed how you looked at her while we were in the waiting room," he replied

"I don't think she is right for you, you know while I was in the classroom I noticed this Huyga girl giving you the same look you give to Sakura," Rakkih said

"Who Hinata?" asked Naruto. " Yeah that was her name and she also had a sad look when she was'nt called to be on your team," said Rakkih. "Really are you sure I mean me and Hinata hardly talked in the academy?," said Naruto

"Being unlucky really heightens your senses and ability to read people's faces so I'm positive she likes you," he said. Just then he stopped in his tracks. "Whats up," asked Naruto

" That cat that just passed in front of us was black," said Rakkih. " So," said Naruto "SO, SO that is major bad luck," stated Rakkih. Just then to punctuate his point a street sign comes crashing down on his foot. Rakkih screams in pain and pulls his foot from under the heavy metal sign and starts to rub his toes.

Meanwhile Naruto is standing in shock at what just happened. "And I thought I had problems and this guy had to deal with things like this for most of his life," thought Naruto . Then he brightened with excitement as he spotted ichirakus "Look we're almost there can you walk?" asked Naruto. His need for ramen overpowering him. "Yeah lets just hurry there," said Rakkih.

They practically sprinted to Ichiraku's Ramen with Naruto almost draging Rakkih there. Once they arrived at the'yre destination Naruto ordered 10 bowls of miso ramen while Rakkih cursed his kekkei genkai.

Ten minutes later...

" Here's your tenth bowl Naruto," said Ichiraku as he put down the bowl. Naruto then quickly devoured the ramen as if it was nothing when he was finished he gave Rakkih an appreciative smile. " Thanks for the ramen usually people don't want anything to do with me," said Naruto

" No problem I could say the same usually people don't spend time with me because of my luck that's why my clan lives on the outskirts of konoha," said Rakkih. " WATCH OUT," yelled Ichiraku as a giant pot of boiling ramen came out of nowhere and hit Rakkih.

Rakkih fell to the ground covered in ramen noodles. "Why are'nt you screaming that ramen has to be really hot," asked Naruto with shock at his new teammates luck. "My clouths are heat resistant," he said. " But the smell won't be washed out for days, So I guess I'll see you tomorrow," he said

" Yeah see ya tomorrow, Oh wait Kakashi-sensei said to meet him at the training ground 7 tomorrow at 6:00 and not to eat breakfast," He said. " Okay but do yourself a favor and eat breakfast," said Rakkih. " why?" asked Naruto. " Just trust me," assured Rakkih confidently. " O.K. sure wanna meet here," asked Naruto

" Sure meet ya here in the morning at 5:30," replied Rakkih as he walked off toward home.

The next day training ground 7

Naruto and Rakkih had arrived an hour late due to complications involving Rakkih and a fruit merchant. When they arrived at training ground 7 Sakura and Sauske were there but no Kakashi.

"Hey where's Kakashi-sensei,?" asked Naruto. "He's late the same as you two baka's," yelled Sakura as she punched both Naruto and Rakkih 10ft back into a tree. "She's got some right hook," said Rakkih as he re-adjusted his gas mask. "You know Rakkih I think you were right yesterday," said Naruto

"Ah I knew you would agree about the black cat," he said. "No not that I mean about Sakura not being right for me," exclaimed Naruto. "Oh that well then maybe you should go for that Hinata girl then," said Rakkih while elbowing Naruto in the side.

"N-n-n-no I'm fine the way I am," said Naruto blushing slightly. "Really it sounds to me like your scared," exclaimed Rakkih. "No I'm not," stated Naruto confidently. "Fine then ask her out the next time you see her," said Rakkih. "Fine," said Naruto boldly.

"Hey what are you two bickering about over there," asked Sakura. "Nothing," both Naruto and Rakkih said. "Well then get over here Kakashi-sensei is gonna be here any minute," she said

They waited for another hour when finally Kakashi came walking up. "You're late what took you so long," screamed Sakura. "Well you see while I was walking a black cat crossed my path so I had to take the long way around," said Kakashi. "Perfectly understandable," said Rakkih.

At that moment Sauske and Sakura looked at him with questioning looks but then Naruto interrupted. "He's right if you spend just five minutes with him you'll know what I mean," he said. "Okay then enough about my journey here how about we get started on the test.

Naruto ,Rakkih ,Sakura ,and even Sauske gave Kakashi the same questioning look asking what test? "I can tell by your face's that your all thinking the same thing, well to answer your question you have not all truly become genin," said Kakashi.

"However this test is designed to see which of you will become genin, it's simple I have two bells you have to get them by noon or you'll be tied to these posts and not allowed to eat lunch," he said. "Wait you said there are only two bells," said Sakura

"That is correct and only two of you will become genin the other two will be sent back to the academy," said Kakashi. They all looked at him determination set on their face's well except for Rakkih because of the gas mask. "Oh and come at me as if your trying to kill me or you have no hope of winning," he said.

"Ready and start," said Kakashi. Sauske and Sakura jumped out of site into the bushes while Naruto and Rakkih stood their ground. "So you gonna help me take him Rakkih," asked Naruto.

"I'll help you when the time comes and don't worry I'll have your back the whole time just say when," said Rakkih. Then he made a concentration hand sign and suddenly disappeared. "Okay then it looks like it's me and you sensei," said Naruto.

Naruto made a hand sign and yelled out "Kage-bunshin no jutsu,"

Kakashi looked around then he took out an orange book and promptly started reading. "It shouldn't take long for me to beat you," Kakashi said calmly. Then Naruto's clones charged at the man.

With practiced ease Kakashi dispatched 10 clones with a series of kicks. "If that's all you can do then you'll never beat me," he said. He then appeared directly behind Naruto and began making hand signs. "Rakkih I could use some help," yelled Naruto.

Then out of nowhere Kakashi seemed to stumble as if he was hit. "Dam I forgot about him," thought Kakashi. He then turned to where he sensed chakra and swung with a backhand to hit nothing. "Woo barely dodged that one sensei," said Rakkih form nowhere to be seen. Then Kakashi was tackled by 20 Naruto clones and held down just as Naruto was about to get the bells Kakashi was replaced by a log.

In nearby bush…

"Just as I thought Kakashi's no push over but those two should provide a distraction," thought Sasuske. He waited then he finally spotted Kakashi up in a nearby tree. "His guards down," thought Sauske. He then launched a series of kunai and shuriken controlled by wire at Kakashi. Kakashi was surprised by the sudden attack and dodged only to have the kunai and shuriken follow him. "Wire," he thought.

Kakashi was then tangled in the wire a second later then Sauske jumped out from the bushes with an arrogant smirk. "Katon no jutsu," said Sauske as he peformed the hand signs. "No way that takes too much chakra," thought Kakashi.

He was then engulfed in a huge fireball which came from Sauskes mouth. When the fire and dust cleared Kakashi was nowhere to be seen. "Where is he," said Sauske. He looked around then he felt a rough grip around his ankles as he was pulled into the earth. Kakashi then appeared from under the earth in front of him. "Just because your skilled doesn't mean your better than your team," said Kakashi. Sauske simply stared at him angry with himself for being caught he watched as Kakashi disappeared.

Nearby in the bushes Sakura watched as Kakashi beat Sauske then she saw him disappear. "Where did he g-go," said Sakura out loud. "Where did who go," asked Kakashi from right behind her. Sakura shrieked as Kakashi put two fingers on her fore head and put her in a gen-jutsu.

"Two down two to go," He thought as he laid Sakura down on the grass.

With Naruto and Rakkih…

"Thanks Rakkih I thought I was a gonner," said Naruto. "No problem Naruto I think I figured out how to pass this test," he said. "Kakashi-sensei said we have to get the bells," said Naruto.

"Yeah but we can't take him one on one Naruto we all need to work together," replied Rakkih. "Alright then aren't we gonna need Sauske and Sakura," asked Naruto. "Yeah luckily I happened to catch where they went," said Rakkih.

With Sauske and Sakura…

"I can't believe he got me and Sakura, Naruto and Rakkih don't stand a chance," thought Sauske. "Hey Sauske we're here to get you and Sakura," said Naruto as he started to dig Sauske out.

"Where's Rakkih," asked Sauske. "Right here," said Rakkih Sakura behind him. Once Sauske was free Rakkih told him and Sakura of His and Naruto's plan.

"We can't beat him alone," said Rakkih. "So we must act like hunters and work together as wolfs do," he continued

Sauske grudgingly had to admit that he and Naruto where right. "Alright but what about the bells," asked Sakura. "Rakkih told me that he didn't think the bells mattered, he thinks that as long as we work together that sensei will pass us plus who ever heard of a two man ninja cell," said Naruto.

"Yeah but then again who ever heard of a four man cell," asked Sakura. "Still it's a risk we need to take," said Rakkih. "Fine whats your plan," asked Sauske. "Well I've set up a hidden clan seal which should trap our sensei we just have to lead him to it, with Sauskes wires and Naruto clones it should be easy," said Rakkih

"What about me and you," asked Sakura. "Me and you are gonna get the bells and if I'm right then we should say that we will give them up to Naruto and Sauske and then we should all pass," concluded Rakkih.

"What if your wrong," asked Sauske. "If I'm wrong then at least you and Naruto will pass," said Rakkih. "That works for me lets do it," replied Sauske. "Alright let's go," yelled Naruto.

With Kakashi…

"I wonder where they could be they were here when I left," thought Kakashi. Then in a moment he was surrounded by Narutos clones. "Well there you are," said Kakashi. "Me too," said Sauske as his kick was dodged by Kakashi.

Sauske landed and then threw kunai attached to wire at Kakashi. At that moment Naruto had his clones block either side of Kakashi Sauske continued manipulating the wire trying to hit Kakashi as he dodged side to side not wanting to be stabbed by the Naruto clones all holding kunai.

"This isn't good they have me bottle necked it's like their herding me, WAIT A MINUTE," thought Kakashi in surprise. But it was to late as he stepped on Rakkih seal trap which bound him up in an unseen force. "Got ya sensei," said Naruto triumphantly.

Then Rakkih and Sakura walk out from behind Kakashi with the bells. Rakkih then undid the seal and set Kakashi free. "Impressive trap Rakkih, and good teamwork now which of you will become ninja," asked Kakashi.

"Me and Sakura would like to give the bells to Naruto and Sauske," said Rakkih as he threw them the bells. As Naruto caught his he got a sour look on his face and then threw his bell in the dirt. "If only two of us then none of us pass after all were a team right Sauske," said Naruto as he walked over to Rakkih and Sakura.

Sauske looked at the bell for a minute then threw it to the ground and nodded he then walked over to his team.

"Well then congratulations you all pass," said Kakashi with a smile. "Alright," yelled Naruto joyfully as he punched the air. "Well now that this is over we can begin our first mission tomorrow," said Kakashi.

With that they were dismissed and officially ninja and they would need their rest for they would soon be tested.

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