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For their first stop the two teams decided to get to a weapons shop to get new kunai and shuriken for the mission. "Uh I'm not allowed in a lot of these shop's so would you guy's mind if we went to one of my clans weapon stores," asked Rakkih. "Would your clan allow us to buy from this shop," inquired Shino.

"Of course and we make some of the finest weapons in Konoha," replied Rakkih. "Alright as long as I can finally get some sharp kunai I'm in," said Naruto happily. "W-why can't y-y-you get weapons in good condition N-n-n-naruto-kun," asked Hinata. "Well I don't have a good history with many store owners either," he answered. "Well I guess it's settled then, so where is this shop," asked Sasuke.

"It's on the outskirts of Konoha," said Rakkih. "Why is it so far," asked Sakura. "Well my clans not very well liked," he said. "Oh I'm sorry," said Sakura. "It's ok, let's just get going," said Rakkih. "This better be some top quality merchandise if we have to go so far for it," said Kiba.

"Rakkih wouldn't say it was if it wasn't," defended Naruto. "I promise you we'll be the best equipped genin in Konoha," assured Rakkih. "Fine then let's get going," said Kiba. With that they headed off to the weapon shop at a medium pace as they leapt through the tree's they were fairly silent even the usually loud Naruto was quiet.

As they was making their journey to the shop both Hinata and Naruto would steal a look at each other when the other wasn't looking. This did not go unnoticed by the others and then Naruto and Hinata looked at eachother at the same time. After a few seconds both looked away with a blush adorning their face's.

"Honestly just admit it already Naruto," said Rakkih. Naruto was surprised by the comment and simply blushed even more once the meaning caught him. There followed an awkward silence Naruto to caught up in his thought's to come up with a reply. The silence was broken by a loud thwack which came from the front of the group where Rakkih was or rather where he wasn't. "Hey were did Rakkih go," said Shino. Everyone stopped and looked around to find him however it was unnecessary as Rakkih popped up behind everyone. "Sorry about that got hit by a branch," he said. "How was I beat by him," thought Kiba. "I don't know how either," said Shino.

"What the hell how did you know what I was thinking," asked Kiba stunned. "What are you talking about I was simply replying to Sakura's question," responded Shino. "Oh ok," said Kiba. Everyone was looking at him as though he lost his marble's. "What," said Kiba.

"I think we should get back on track," said Rakkih. Both Naruto and Hinata were both happy to have the spot light off of them even for the brief period of time. "Yeah let's go," said Sasuke. Their mind's averted from the situation the team's continued all the way to the shop in silence. They finally arrived to the shop which seemed to be closed for the day.

"Uh you sure it's open," said Sakura. "Yeah hold on," said Rakkih as he went up to the door. He then knocked and the owner appeared at the front door with the same gas mask and helmet on which Rakkih had. "Oh Rakkih it's good to see you, How's the machete holding up," said the man. "Just fine still as good as it was when you used it Ojii-san, I have some friend's with me we need some equipment," said Rakkih.

"You know the rule's about selling to those outside of the clan," he said

"Yeah but these people are my teammates, and very trustworthy, and besides no one outside of the clan can copy our weapons," said Rakkih. "Oh alright but just because your my grandson," he said. "Okay guy's we can go in, Oh and this is my grandfather Chokichi," said Rakkih as he opened the shop door.

The rest of team 7 and team 8 followed Rakkih into the store which looked no different from the rest in the village. "So what's so special about these weapon's," said Kiba examining a kunai. "Well all of them are made the same way as my machete, so they'll never get dull and can cut through almost anything as if it was butter," replied Rakkih.

"That's awesome, so I don't have to keep replacing my old one's," said Naruto. "Well my machete has been in my clan since it's formation about the same time Konoha was founded, so you shouldn't need new kunai unless you lose them," said Rakkih. "Oh and I do recommend that you buy an actual knife while your all here, they're much more effective than kunai at close range," said Rakkih.

"Do you sell any wire," asked Sasuke. "The finest wire in Konoha," said Chokichi. "Really," said Sasuke in a smug tone. "Why of course so what is your preference," he asked. "As long as it's strong and thin," said Sasuke. "Alright hold on," said the grandfather as he went down an isle and to a shelf. He came back and with a roll of wire and then pulled it out.

"This was made just yesterday, I found a way to make the wire so fine that it's undetectable by the naked eye, it's also strong enough to hold three ton's of force," said the old man proudly. "That's great and all but how much are these thing's anyway," said Naruto. "Well since your my grandsons teammates, I'll give you all your purchases today for free, but just for today so you should hurry and get em while their hot," he said.

"Really," said Naruto. "Of course it's the least I can do for my grandson's friend's," said Chokichi. The group of Genin were very surprised at Chokichi's offer and wondered why he had such kindness. They did not question him about it however as they started to shop. Hinata, Naruto, and Rakkih stayed behind for a moment. "I don't know how to say thank you enough, I mean no one in the rest of the village would let me buy quality equipment," said Naruto.

"Well your always welcome in my store, say what's your name," asked Chokichi. "Naruto Uzumaki," replied Naruto. Chokichi nodded understanding completely now why this boy was refused by the other shop keepers. "Well I tell you what, since your in this predicament I'll give you a 50 percent discount on any and all of your future purchases here," replied Chokichi.

"Really you would do that for me," asked Naruto. "Well once one Fukuto befriends you your considered a friend to the entire clan, if you want we have many other fine establishments near bye that will be more than happy to sell to you, just say your a friend of my grandson and they should let you in," said Chokichi.

Naruto gave one of his fox like grin's to Chokichi and then to Rakkih. "I really lucked out when I got you as a teammate Rakkih I can't thank you enough," said Naruto. "Well you don't have to thank me, after all your the first friend I made outside of my clan," replied Rakkih. "Well I'm sorry to interrupt but you should get going the free offer is only for today after all," said Chokichi.

With that Naruto and Rakkih were off to get their shopping done but Hinata stayed behind and stared at Naruto as he walked off. "T-thank you Chokichi-san for the free equipment," said Hinata. "Think nothing of it, oh and by the way I would tell him if I were you, but it's none of my business," said Chokichi with wisdom in his voice. Hinata blushed at his statement and walked toward the others twiddling her finger's along the way.

"So Naruto are ya gonna ask Hinata out anytime soon," asked Rakkih as he was looking over some trap scrolls. Naruto stumbled a bit before he answered. "I'll do that at some point," he said. "Ah so you do admit that you like her," said Rakkih. "Well she is cute, and besides you and a few others Hinata's been very nice to me," said Naruto. "But are you sure she like's me," asked Naruto.

Rakkih sighed at his friend's thick headedness. "Naruto she blushes, faints, and stutters only around you, she absolutely head over heel's for you," said Rakkih. "I always thought she was sick, but now that you mention that it does make a lot of sense," said Naruto. "Good now all you have to do is ask her out," said Rakkih. "I think I'll wait until after the mission," replied Naruto.

"That's good, well now that that's out of the way do you want to get something really good," said Rakkih. "Sure what do you have in mind," asked Naruto. "Well sometimes I help my grandfather in making the weapon's and trap's, and anyway about a week ago I made a special knife I stored it for a customer but he never came so now it's just sitting there unused, the reason I'm giving it to you is because I think it would fit your fighting style very well," said Rakkih.

"Well since you put it that way how can I refuse," said Naruto. "Great wait here I'll be right back," said Rakkih. He then went back to the front counter and behind it into the storage room he came out with a box. He opened the box to reveal a one foot long knife which had a broad one foot blade and a curved handle made to allow extra grip. The handle itself was very ornate and had many intricate engravings on it.

"What do those symbols mean," asked Naruto. "They are to give the user of this blade good luck and prosperity in life, it's an old clan seal it actually works to an extent," said Rakkih. "what do you mean to an extent," asked Naruto. "Well it can help you out in small ways like maybe you'll find some money on the ground or it would allow you to hit tough target, but it's limited to those small kind of thing's it's not going to make you rich or anything that extreme," said Rakkih.

"Oh well that's cool, thank you Rakkih," said Naruto. Rakkih then handed him the box which contained the valuable blade. "Now what do you normally buy at the other shops," asked Rakkih. "Well usually I just get some kunai and a few storage scrolls," said Naruto. "Alright well unless my grandfather moved anything the kunai and other weapons are in the forth isle and the scrolls are in the back, so you can get your kunai and I'll get you some scrolls," said Rakkih as he walked away.

Naruto walked down to the forth isle to find Hinata examining a kunai with her Byakugan. "So they as good as Rakkih claims," said Naruto. Hinata jumped she saw Naruto coming but didn't expect him to talk to her especially after what happened earlier. "Oh N-n-naruto-kun you scared me a l-l-little," said Hinata a blush adorning her face. "Oh I'm sorry I guess I shouldn't have snuck up on you, so are the kunai any good," asked Naruto.

"Y-y-y-yes I c-can't f-f-find any imperfections e-e-even w-with my Byakugan," replied Hinata. "S-s-so I g-g-guess that you and Rakkih are very good friends," said Hinata. "Yeah defiantly, in fact he's helping me see things differently lately, in a good way," said Naruto as he moved closer to Hinata. "Can I see if it's good with my own eye's please," said Naruto as he gently took the kunai from Hinata's hands and held it up to the light. Both Hinata and Naruto were now very close and Hinata just froze up with a big blush on her face.

Naruto stopped his examination of the kunai and turned his attention to Hinata who had a blank cherry red face. Naruto looked at her for a moment and at her pale pearl like eye's and then he and Hinata were lost staring into each others eye's then the sound of foot step's reached their ear's. "Hey Naruto I got your scrolls here, Oh I'm sorry to interrupt," said Rakkih. Both Naruto and Hinata blushed or in Hinata's case blush even more if it was possible.

"Wow you really know how to ruin the moment," said Sasuke as he walked by with his purchases. "You know I'll be at the register and put these scrolls aside for you," said Rakkih as he walked away from the two. Naruto turned back to Hinata with a small but sincere smile on his face. "Well that was embarrassing huh Hinata-chan," said Naruto. Hinata was snapped out of her trance and looked toward Naruto with a cute look on her face which made Naruto smile even more.

"Yeah defiantly a good friend," said Naruto as he looked at Hinata in a new light thinking about how the past couple of weeks had change his perception so greatly. "Hinata you have the kunai yet me and Shino got the scrolls and camping supplies," said Kiba. Hinata was a little angry at how her moment with Naruto had been interrupted again but just answered Kiba calmly. "Y-yes I just finished," she said as she picked up a few kunai enough for her team.

She then handed Naruto some kunai. "H-h-here you go N-n-naruto-kun I p-picked these o-o-out before you c-c-came, their in very fine condition," said Hinata as she walked past him with a blush as she went to the counter to help her teammates with the purchases. Naruto stood there and watched her walk of with a grace he hadn't noticed in her before, then he looked at the kunai that she gave him.

Naruto decided to see how his teammates were doing so he went toward Sakura who was looking at the camping supplies. "Hey Sakura how's it going, almost done," said Naruto. "Yeah I got our tents, did you get the storage scrolls," asked Sakura. "Yeah Rakkih is holding them at the counter, and Sasuke seems to be done with his shopping along with Hinata-chan and her team," said Naruto.

"Hinata-chan huh, so you finally figured it out," said Sakura. "Uh that she like's me, yeah well actually Rakkih helped me to figure that out," said Naruto with a slight blush. "Well it's about time someone told you, no offense but your pretty dense, after all it was painfully obvious that Hinata liked you back in the academy," said Sakura. "Was it really that clear," asked Naruto. "Well yeah, oh and that was one of the reason's why I kept rejecting you, well that and the fact that I love Sasuke-kun," said Sakura.

"Well since our team is done and team 8 is done we should get going," said Sakura before Naruto could make a come back. Naruto nodded and followed her to the front counter where Rakkih was scanning both teams purchases. "Why scan them if there free," asked Kiba. "Well we need to get these supplies out of the stores system so we have the proper supply count," replied Rakkih. "Oh that make sense," said Kiba.

"Your weapons and supplies are very impressive, I can guarantee that we'll be back," said Shino. "Whoa you got Shino to speak an entire sentence, and you've only known him for a day," said Kiba. Shino gave Kiba a slightly peeved look as he finished that sentence. "Well I like to think of myself as a people person," said Rakkih jokingly. "Alright I finished with the scanning," said Rakkih as he hand both teams their supplies.

"So anyone have any suggestions for the rest of the day," said Sauske. "Well it's close to dinner time how about we go to Ichiraku's," said Naruto. "Sure I'll go for some Ramen," said Kiba. "M-m-me too," said Hinata. "What about you Shino," asked Kiba. Shino nodded as did Sasuke and Sakura. "I guess it's settled then, on to Ichiraku's," said Rakkih.

Ichiraku's Ramen…

When the team's finally arrived to Ichiraku's the sun had just begun to set. Thanks to the storage scroll's they didn't have to drop of their equipment until they got back to their respective homes. The mood in the small food stand was a warm cozy feeling the day had really helped the teams to become closer. Naruto and Hinata in particular had both felt that the events of the day were life changing. Especially Naruto who had been completely pulled out of his shell which had kept him oblivious to Hinata's feeling's for him.

Even Sasuke who had always been distant felt himself being drawn closer to his comrades if only a little. "Well I think that this day couldn't have gone better," said Shino. "You know Shino do you always have to come out of left field like that," asked Kiba. "I think he made a valid statement, I mean look at us this day really helped us with our teamwork, and we even took witness to a blooming relationship," said Rakkih pointing toward Naruto and Hinata who were sitting next to each other eating.

At that moment both Naruto and Hinata choked on their ramen when thay recovered a blush was on both their face's. Everyone including Sasuke gave them an amused look as Naruto gave Rakkih a distasteful glare but it quickly subsided and the atmosphere quickly returened to the way it was before.

As the team's finished their impromptu dinner's of noodle's and broth they started to part way's so as to get a good sleep for the beginning of their long mission the next mourning. Naruto gave his teammate's a wave as they walked off he then turned to see Hinata doing the same. "So Hinata-chan I'll walk you home if you want," said Naruto as he rubbed the back of his head.

"O-o-ok N-n-n-naruto-kun I would like that v-v-v-very m-m-much," said Hinata as she played with her fingers a slight blush on her face.

"Alright then let's go, you lead the way," said Naruto. They walked away from the ramen stand after Naruto paid for both his and Hinata's meal's at first they just walked side by side but after a while Naruto took hold of Hinata's hand gently. Hinata jumped a little at the sudden contact but after a bit she started to lean against Naruto as she looked up at the night sky. It was a beautiful night the star's and moon shown brightly, Naruto looked down at Hinata and admired how the moonlight made her pale skin seem flawless and accentuated her beauty.

"W-w-what's w-wrong N-n-n-naruto-kun," asked Hinata as she blushed under his dream like stare. Naruto was snapped out of his bliss as he heard Hinata's soft dove like voice reach his ear's. "Oh nothing, it's just you look really cute in this light," said Naruto before he could catch himself. Hinata blushed intensely as she took in the compliment she would have fainted if it hadn't been for her will power not to at any cost. "T-t-t-thank y-you N-n-n-naruto-kun," stuttered out Hinata.

Hinata leaned her head on Naruto's shoulder as they continued on their path the Hyuga compound now in sight. Hinata and Naruto let out a sigh as they saw the compound, they had both been enjoying the walk with each other. "So I guess I'll see you tomorrow," said Naruto a little disappointment evident in his voice. "I g-g-guess so," said Hinata as the pair came to the Hyuga compound entrance.

Naruto then did something unexpected, he gave Hinata a quick kiss on the cheek. "Well goodnight," said Naruto as he started to walk off a spring in his step. Hinata was to shocked to faint as she watched Naruto walk away she put her hand to her cheek. "Lady Hinata you have a mission tomorrow, you should get your rest," said one of the guard's at the gate.

Hinata was snapped out of her stupor and simply nodded and walk through the gate with a dreamy look in her eye's. To her this was truly a life changing day and the future looked much, much brighter.

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