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Temperance Brennan waited tiredly at her coach, feeling oddly numb and out of her always alert state of mind. She watched her clock again, wondering how much longer Booth would take to arrive. He've called about fifteen minues ago, telling brightly and full of energy that they had a new case. Those few words usually sent a thrill of excitement over her body, for she always longed for action and mistery. More than that, she loved the feeling that her work could help someone, could identify and give some rest for some person. She would wait in her lobby unpatiently for her partner to pick her up, and once he did, start bickering about why he've take so long.

But not today. Temperance looked again at her window, the rain that lasted for over a week now, irritating her once more. It was partially because of it that she felt that way right now. In the first day of that stupid rain, she and Booth were at the field, and were caught by surprise. By the time they've reached the familiar SUV, they were both soaked and actually shaking with cold. Of course that Booth, being Booth, had insisted on dropping her at her place first, in order to keep her dry and safe, and just then think about himself. If only it have worked, she thought bitterly. For the past couple of days, Temperance felt an unusual weakness and tiredness over her body, but she stubbornly kept relationing to the her always enormous amount of work and stress. All she really needed was a good night of sleep, and then, everything would be fine. Until today. Until the way her head thundered over her temples and forehead made it real her current state. Brennnan actually groaned when her cell phone ringed, wincing in pain just by moving in her bed. Her body ached, her muscles screaming in protest by getting out of her cozy nest. And that was the moment that she admitted to herself that yes, she was sick. She had at least a very hard case of cold. Not that she was going to let anyone else know it. She was strong enough to make through the day without letting anybody realize how bad she actually felt. Brennan repeated that again and again while seated on her living room, her eyes fighting to remain open and her chest heavy.

A slight knock was heard by her door, and she dragged herself to open to a smiling and familiar face. There was special agent Seeley Booth, charm smile in place and a cup of coffee just the way she liked in hand. Temperance forced a grin over her lips, carefully accepting his offer and avoiding his gaze, for she knew that no one could read her better than Seeley Booth.

" So, Bones. How excited are you in this morning, huh? Just the way you like it, with a dead body in the alley and all…" Booth spoke jokingly, already expecting a rough retort by his always indignated partner by his comments about her passion for death. He was met with full surprise by the image that greeted him and suddenly moved away, avoiding a better examination and remaining in silence.

His Bones looked so… worned up. Her usually bright and inquisitive blue eyes seemed dull and injected, her facial expression showing a hidden pain, her cheeks flushed and her forehead with a slight shade of sweat. Booth felt his protective instincts immediately taking over, as he strode to catch with her- She's walking oddly slow for her normal pace- placing one strong hand by her shoulder and making her stop.

" Whoa, Bones. You don't look nice." He blurted out without thinking, as his eyes had the opportunity to a better looking. Her nose was red as well as her eyes, and she looked ready to faint with some kind of exhaustion. Bones actually swayed by his touch, surprised by the wave of dizziness that took over when he made her stop walking all of a sudden. His hands moved immediately for her waist, steadying her up. " Jeez. What the hell is wrong with you, Temperance?" The fact that he was using her first name showed ecxatly how worried he already felt.

For a crazy moment, all that Temperance wanted was to give in for her body's obvious cry of protest to any activitie and rest her head on her partner's large chest, tell him that she was feeling like garbage and ask him to just take her home again. Ask him to let her stay in the warmt of her bed, feeling maybe his cold fingers resting against her forehead as he helped her to lie down. But she was just too proud to do so. Dr. Temperance Brennan just didn't got sick and stopped working. Never.

" It's nothing, Booth. Just a cold." She managed to sound very secure of that, but let his hands take over her weight for a little longer, to make sure that she wasn't going to weaken again. Danm, he smells good. At least for what I can smell with all this nose congestion. And his hands are so…strong. I wonder how it would be like if he held me just for a while. And clearly, I'm sicker than I thought. I'm fantasizing with my partner. Could this be more unapropriated? And that was one of the million reasons of why she just hated being sick. She lacked a great amount of discernment and tended to let her instincts talk louder. Her mind would stay blurred and fuzzy, and she couldn't think clearly. She would loose some of her inihibitions and do and say things that would cause regret later. She stayed vulnerable. It was like this since she was a child, and temperance hated it. She couldn't stand being out of control.

" It doesn't look like just a cold." Booth let one of his hands securetly at her waist, for his Bones still looked like she could pass out at any moment, moving the other at her forehead. Booth could feel his eyes popping out. " Holy Jesus, Bones. You are burning." It was true. His palm could absorb the heat getting out of her skin, and he wondered what in hell she was doing up like one should be up with that temperature. " I'm calling Cam and tell her to send Clark to the crime scene. There's no way in hell you can go anywhere like this" His hand was already moving to pick his phone when it was stopped by a smaller and unusually hot one.

" Don't you dare, Booth. That's ridiculous. I'm perfectly capable of processing the scene and doing my job. I'm adequately medicated and will be fine in less than thirty minutes. That would be time of our car trip to the place any way." For the first time on that day, she felt strong enough to react. No way she would let Seeley Booth call her work place and ask Cam to free her out of her obligations.

" Bones. You're freaking sick. Didn't you take a look at your own face today? You look like crap. YOU almost passed out just a minute ago. And don't even try to deny it, I was right here. I'm not driving you anywhere than back inside. And in top of all, it's raining. Which could worse a cold much more. You,being a squint, should know." Booth tried to reason with that infuriating woman, never ceasing to be amazed with her. How could she risk her own health just by stuborness? Only his Bones, that was for sure. But apparently, his choice of words weren't the right one, for she gave him an icy stare and immediately moved away down to the elevator.

" I don't need you to drive me anywhere, Booth. I have my own car and drive license. I have the location of the crime scene and my credentials to get in. And I'm not a four year old child to be told what to do." As if to betray her own actions and words, she sneezed. And sneezed again. Her own body was against her! Pretending that nothing of this had happened, she immediately entered the elevator as soon as it doors opened. She hoped that Booth wasn't fast enough to catch it still open, but it was a feeble ATTEMPT. His sniper's senses were too accurated, and in a blink of eyes he was there with her, moving to her side and placing his hand on her back, as the elevator started to move down the floors to the lobby.

" Temperance. C'mmon. Just for once, will you listen to me and do what I ask? It's for your own good, you know?" He was carefull with his speech this time, but the expression of her eyes showed that it wasn't working. He sighed and rolled his eyes at her full of resolution face. " Fine. But don't even think about asking to drive. And there will be rules. No further phisicall effort than very slow walking and breathing. Talking only strictly when necessary. No supper independent feminist attitude with me, cause I'll follow you with an umbrella and a box of tissues, Tylenol, aspirin, tea, blankets, wathever I fell like. Hell, If I want an ambulance in the place, there will be . There will be a freaking Medical team there If I want it. I'll call the cards on this one. If I decide that it's time to stop, you'll stop and get back to the car. If I feel the slight hint of you feeling worst, if you cough, sneeze, even breath in a way that I think it's not good, I'll drag you away. Booth pinned her against the wall, his face mere inches from hers, his brown eyes piercing and angry. Angrier than hers, and that alone was a statement. And that's my unique and final offer, Bones. It's that or nothing, and I mean it. No matter how skilled at fighting you are, I would still manage to restrain you. So, DO NOT try to argue. Or I'll carry you directly upstairs right now. Are we clear?

Blue met brown, and for a moment all that existed there was sparks of anger. And then, she slowly nodded her agreement, to his utter amazement. But she was honestly too tires to fight against Booth, at least for once in her life.