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" Ange! Stop screaming! Booth will think that there´s something wrong and will come in here." Brennan felt the sudden adolescent urge to place her hands over her best friend´s mouth as she watched Angela juggling with her feet and making funny noises. She was almost feeling sorry for her confession about Booth being probably her person. But Angela just gave her a large smile,while Cam behaved a little more matured and just kept her mouth shut.

" Nevermind about Booth, sweetey. Hodgie will take care of him.Oh boy, this is too good to be true!" Again, the shrieking started, and Temperance took a deep, calming breathe, feeling the heat spreading all over her body. It was like having thirteen again, with girlfriends on your room talking about your crush. Except they were all fully grown, respectful women. Supposedly, at least.

" Ange, I hate to be your joy crusher, but dr. Brennan is right. If you keep shrieking like this, I´m pretty sure Booth will run inside here to make sure that dr. Brennan is well and breathing. And as for having Hodgins to detain Booth, honestly, who do you think would win in a body combat if necessary to get into this room? We all know Booth and his overprotective instincts, people." Temperance felt she strange urge to hug Camille Saroyan for being the voice of reason, for at those facts Angela immediately stopped any sound and went back sitting on the bed.

" Ok, I see your point. On behalf of my man, I´ll low the level of my excited voice from now on." Angela seat across her best friend, a smile in her face matching the one of a kid that had just received a present from santa." Bren, this is great . I mean, I always knew that you and Booth were meant for each other, but to have you saying it…boy,its juts like a dream becoming true. You´ve finally admitted that you love Seeley Booth! I´m so proud of you, sweetey!" She truly was. Angela knew Temperance Brennan for long enough to know exactly how hard it must be for her to pronounce those simple words: Booth is my person. She knew Brennan came from a long way of loss and disbelief in the world and humanity. She knew far too well that underneath the façade of the ultra rational tough scientist, there was still the scared fifteen years old teenager girl wating for the ones she loved to come back home and fetch her. More than anyone, Angela understood her best friend´s need for love, and at the same time, her fear for such feeling. But she felt, from the very first time, that if there was someone that could break those walls and be sure that Brennan felt secured and cherished, this one was Booth. And now, she couldn´t just believe that it was finally happening.

But temperance Brennan was a hard one to crack. She stared at the two women for a long minute, trying to measure her words and not compromise herself,because that conversation was honestly starting to freak her out.Love.

" What? I never used the word love. I´ve merely stated that Booth is my person, meaning that he is the one I can trust the most, even that I care the most. But I´ve never said I love Booth, Ange. Those are completely different things."

But the true is, she really doesn´t know. When it comes about love, romantic love, she is just a beginner. She was a woman who would probably say a while ago that she had never fell in love or loved another man in her life with proud. Love was an illusion made of hormones and sensations created by our brain. She spent years believing on that theory. And then, Seeley Booth had came to mess her world and heart. Sure, she loved Booth. As a friend, she was sure of that. She loved a lot of people. Her father, her brother, her friends. But what about man and woman love? What did she really know about that? And the thing was: Nothing. Nada. Zero. She only knew that there was something different and wonderful about Booth, about the way they were with each other, about how much she enjoyed his company in every single way. The way she felt her body shiver every time he touched her, every time he smiled at her. How secured she felt when he hugged her. She thought about how things had changed since her illness, the feelings that they both had been bottling for a long time surfacing. And, despite it was scary like hell, it also fulfilled her with something that she couldn´t quite explain, but made her feel as she was flying. Was this what love meant? She couldn´t tell.

" I´m sorry,dr. Brennan, but I´ll have to disagree with you. The same rule that I used by saying that Booth loves you applies here. You are each other´s person. That sounds like love to me. And I believe that to the rest of the world too, for that matter." Cam spoke carefully, between amused and serious, knowing that things like feelings were hard for Brennan to understand. She didn´t have the knowledge about Brennan´s psyche like Angela did, but she knew a thing or two. The brunnete knew that Brennan honestly was telling what she believed. It was just who she was. But it was time for her to face the fears and learn that something marvelous could come from that. Angela eyed Cam and nodded to her in approval, at the same time holding her best friend´s hand and asking carefully, despite she already knew the answer.

" Bren, why are you so adamant in telling that you don´t love Booth? Would that be so terrible if you did?" Temperance just shook her head slowly, her eyes wide open as she spoke.

" I don´t know. I wouldn´t know. Because I have no a idea how love feels. How love is." She whispered between ashamed and sad, and that was all Angela Montenegro needed to hear. She smiled largely again, propping herself better in the bed and adopting a Dalai lama position.

" fear nothing, sweetey. That´s what friends are made for. So, be prepared, because from now on, you are going to enter into the field of love. I´ll prove to you, with the help of our great friend cam here, that you are indeed in love, and most importantly, that you love Booth. And all of that using kind of scientific ways. We´ll ask, you´ll answer. You can call this little lesson " Love for dummies."." Cam had to suppress a snort, because honestly, only Angela to lighten up such a serious moment with this and still go to the objective. And hell, she was dying to see how and where this little game would end up.

" Angela, I´m not a dummy! I´m quite intellgent, and you know it." Now, that was just offending. One could defy anything about her, but not her brains. But Angela juts shook her head and laughed.

" I´m sorry sweetey, but you so are a dummy. You are a genius and all, but when it comes about love you are kind of borderline. You practically said it yourself."

" Wow, Ange. Harsh." Cam blinked to the woman seated by her side, actually feeling sorry for Brennan. Angela was in her full force tonight. But Ange just dismissed her comment blinking with grace,and ignoring the deathly glare she was receiving from temperance.

" It´s best friend´s prerogative to say the true even when you don´t want to hear. But enough with the chit chat. Let´s get this train moving." Angela clasped her hands together,linking her fingers and adopting a concentrated expression. " Ok, Bren. The rules are simple. We´ll ask, you´ll answer honestly. No big deal, not much thought. Just say the first thing that comes to your head. Ready?" Brennan just sighed deeply and braced herself, looking at the two women in front of her.

" Do I even have a choice?" All she could think of was how grateful she was about the fact her slippery tongue seemed to be cured. One less thing to worry about. But she had the distinct feeling that it wouldn´t matter at all. She would still be busted somehow. Angela was quite sneaky when she wanted to be.

"Nope. here we go. Tell me: When something big happens in your life, who is the first person you think about calling and telling it?" And with that one single question, Temperance Brennan realized that she was busted. But she had agreed to answer the true.

" Booth." Her voice was a mere whisper, and she wondered if Angela´s lips could reach her ears, so large was the smile she w as presenting. And so did Cam, for that matter.

" When you are upset about something, or worried, or anything at all that makes you feel unhappy, who is the one you know will cheer you up just by his or her sight?" Temperance felt as if she was playing a very intimated truth or dare, but the thing is,it really didn´t matter; All that mattered was that she realized that all her answers seemed the same.

" Booth." She was feeling absurdly awkward by now, but Angela was not one to just stop shooting.

" When something funny happens to you, or you see something interesting or just silly but that you know it will be fun, who is the person you know you will tell about it?That you will want to share with?"

" Fine, Booth. But Ange, I don´t see…" She was interrupted by Angela´s raised hand.

" Just play along, sweetey. You´ve agreed with it. I promise I have a point. Ok, Cam. Your turn. Shoot." All eyes set on the brunette, and Cam found herself fumbling with her fingers, thinking about what would be the best thing to ask.

" Huh…fine. Well, let´s assume that someone comes to you to tell that she is interested in Booth,dr. Brennan. How would you feel about that?" Cam knew it was a low blow to go with a question of this level, but the temptation was too big to be ignored. And man, they were rewarded.

" Why are you asking me this, cam? Is there someone interested in Booth? Oh My God. Are you interested in him again? Because I thougtht that the two of you had decided to remain just friends long ago. I had no a idea that…" She was interrupted by a soothing hand by her arm, and looked to cam, who smiled gently.

" You are being literal, dr. brennan. It was an hypothetical situation. But I`ve got my answer, though." Never in her life camile Saroyan thought she would testify Dr. temperance Brennan jealous about a man.Wow, Angela is really good. Actually , so Am I. Angela gave Cam a hundred megawatts smile, bowing her head in recognizion.

" Good one, boss. Which leads me to another pertinent question, Bren." Angela gazed deeply at her friend´s eyes. " You never had a problem with polygamy. You´ve dated more than one man at time. But suppose that you are with Booth. Would you consider dating another guy?" Temperance could actually see Ange and Cam bending near her to listen to her answer. She felt her heart drumming with the answer that she knew it was already carved in her mind, and closed her eyes while telling the true.

"No. Booth is the kind of man that can fulfill a woman both physically and mentally. There would be no need for another person." It scared her and at the same time made her happy to realize the importance that Booth had on her life. The feeling that only him was enough. Like she could stop searching whatever she was before. It was right in front of her. Angela and Cam exchanged satisfied looks, and Brennan realized that her pulse was fast as her brain started to place the puzzle that those questions were.

" That´s nice to hear,sweetey. Ok , last question and we´ll go to the conclusions. Who is the person that you couldn´t ever afford to even think of losing? The one you know that, without he or she you would feel completely lost?" It felt like all of them were holding their breathes after this final question.

Temperance just closed her eyes and remembered the hell her life had been the time she thought she had lost Booth for good. How hard it was for her to get out of bed every day and pretended that she was compartimentalizing when all she really wanted to do was to crawl somewhere and cry. And her voice came slow and soft, her eyes opening as if she was seeing the world under a different view.

" Booth." She was finally getting it. Booth was the one that she wanted to share her life with, that she thought about evey moment and every thing that happened in her life. He was the one she wanted to share the big and the small things. Booth was the person who made her heart beat in a different way. Angela came closer and passed an arm around her shoulders,a completely happy smile all over her face.

" You see what this means, sweetey? Do you understand now? All of your answers have to do with Booth. The good and bad moments, the funny ones, the fact that you do not want to be with anybody else, the fact that you can´t even think of living without him. The fact that you fretted about the slightest possibility of someone else interested in Booth. This, Bren, this is love. This feeling you get when seeing him, when thinking about him, about how much you would like to have him around no matter for what, since crying by his shoulder to buying a chocolate in the market. Love is not made of magic,huge acts like the movies keep showing. It´s built day by day, with the little things, with the complicity, with the care for each other. You just have to be brave enough to face it. I know that it´s scary, but it´s also marvelous. You love this man. And he loves you. I´m not saying that it will be easy to start a relationship and then maintain it, it never is. But the road is great to follow. And sweetey, you won´t be sorry to give it a shot. Believe me, love may hurt sometimes, but even the scars that you get are worth of it."

A long silence was followed after Angela´s words, as Temperance digested the ultimate true. She loved Booth. Deeply. With everything in her. And she had no a idea about what to do or how to act about this, because it was a first in her life. But like Angela said, it was a road worthy to go. And she had always been an interested traveler. She loved Seeley Booth. And despite she had no clue about what to do with this realization, she knew she would figure it out. She was a genius, after all.

Booth closed the door slowly, waving as his friends disappeared down the hall way, feeling slightly odd about the awkward looks he was getting, not only the meaningful one from Hodgins, but secretive ones from Cam and Angela who were seriously freaking him out a little. Something big had to have happened inside the room, and he could tell simply by the way that Bones had looked at him when the girls had finally emerged from the inside, joining them on the living room and chatting as if nothing was wrong or strange in the world.

But Seeley Booth was no fool. He knew Temperance Brennan like a well readen book, and he could tell for sure that something had changed in her, as if she had suddenly seen a new light. It kind of looked like as the look she got when she discovered something new about a case, except that this time it seemed something deeper, more intimate. And regarding him. Because that was the only explanation he could get for the looks he kept receiving from his Bones, as if she was trying t o figure something out about him, as if she was ready to touch him anytime soon and smile.

And now, they were finally alone. And despite the sudden cold he was starting to feel, the wave of fear and anxiety that kept rising down his chest, he was glad that there were just the two of them. Because tonight, he was going to kiss Temperance Brennan. Without hesitation, without further over thinking. Just his heart. Hodgins was right. There was no right, perfect time for doing it, as now or anytime. It wasn´t like God was going t o whisper in his ear " Hey, dude, now would be nice.". Booth just knew that it was the right thing to do, because his feelings were finally in the right place. He knew what he wanted. All he had to do now was to show it to Bones and convince her that they could work out as more than great friends.

He locked the door and looked at her, standing hesitantly at the beginning of the corridor, leaning against the wall, as if she didn´t know what to do. He walked slowly, taking his time to watch her, her blue eyes that had charmed him since day one, her body hidden inside his much larger clothes, her bare legs and small feet touching the floor. And then, he was standing in front of her, and without thinking, without talking, without warning, he leaned and pressed his lips gently against hers, the sweetest touch he could master in order not to scare Bones. It was gentle, tender and innocent, but yet there was an erothism that he could not exactly place why. He supposed that it had to do about the years of yearning for her. Booth never knew for how long they stayed like this, their lips glued to each other, feeling each other´s heat and skin, until he finally decided it was time to retrieve for a moment to look at her. And that was when he realized he was trapped, for Bones moved her lips slowly,the innocence slowly going away as she sucked his lower lip making him groan slightly, his own lips immediately remembering how to move and responding, his hands placing on her waist to give both of them balance, her fingers roaming around his hair until finally settling in the back of his neck pulling him closer. She opened her mouth inviting him in, and oh, who was he to deny it, his tongue making slow moves against hers, his nostrils filling with her scent, driving him crazy, especially when he felt one of her small hands slide from his neck to inside his shirt, stroking his back, and all he could do in response was to squeeze her waist with more force, his fingers playing with the velvet skin, his shirt already a little up to give them more space to touch each other.

It was only when he felt her body completely pressed against him, between his legs and the wall, that he remembered he should be thinking with his brain, and not with his lower parts right now. There was too much at stake. So, he made the most difficult thing he could ever think by that moment. He broke the kiss and cupped her face between his fingers, staring at her surprised eyes.


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