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Chapter 1

(Bella)"MOMMY!" I squealed rushing over to the lady that I loved with all my heart.

"Bella, sweetie run, don't stay here! Don't come back! I love you, sweetheart," she rushed sounding choked. NO! I had seen this kind of thing in this movie daddy let me watch. I couldn't sleep in my bed for a week. Mommy wasn't happy with Daddy. She kissed my forehead quickly and whispered, "Run like the wind Bella!"

And that's just what I did. I ran faster than I ever had before into the woods. My tears were flooding my cheeks. "Mommy!" I whimpered as I ran.

I ran for I don't know how long, but soon my little legs died out. I sat down and cried scared. I heard a rustle in the bushes I looked up frightened. I saw the bushes move then a man stepped out.

He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. He had blondish, red hair, kind of like those wires daddy used for the TV. Copper I recalled him calling the pretty color. His eyes were gold and liquidy. I whimpered quietly. Not knowing what else to do. Mommy and Daddy were gone. They went to that place the priest always talked about in church. The place that Jesus and God waited for us it was supposed to be a better place, heaven I remembered him calling it.

The man stepped forward like he was anticipating something almost like he thought I'd run if he'd move faster. I gulped as I noticed his eyes were now a dark pitch black, but his face was calm. I felt safe staring at the beautiful man. This man wouldn't hurt me I didn't think so anyway. I looked up at him scared while shuffling my feet.

(Edward)The beautiful little girl standing in front of me had tears streaming down her cheeks she looked scared, nervous, but then the wind blew and her hair moved a little. Her scent hit me like an 800 pound freight train. Not that it would hurt me, not as much as this little girl. This evil abomination sent from my own personal hell. I wanted her blood more than I had ever wanted any other human. I wanted her more than anything I had ever wanted. Then she whimpered and her eyes met mine.

Her eyes were a deep creamy brown, so innocent, so angelic. "Mommy," she whimpered. The monster died down immediately. I couldn't hurt this innocent child no matter how much I wanted too, no matter what it cost me. I knew I would deeply regret it if I did. Carlisle would never look at me the same, and Rose and Esme would be so disappointed. Emmett and Jasper would understand, but would still be disappointed. Alice simply would never talk to me again for hurting her chance at a shopping buddy.

I took a deep breath then didn't breathe. I didn't need the air why make this harder than it had to be. I walked forward slowly not wanting to scare her. "Sweetie…." I said calmly.

She looked up her deep brown orbs meeting mine. I continued, "What is your name?" I asked her gently.

She stared at me for a moment frightened. I was a monster after all, why did it hurt me to see this small child frightened of the monster I was. "Isabella Swan, but Mommy and Daddy call me Bella," she said shivering wrapping her small arms around her.

"Bella, my name is Edward, where is your Mommy and Daddy?" I asked.

She then started to cry once more before she ran up to me shocking me. Scaring me, of what could happen at the close contact. She grabbed hold of my leg hugging it feebly. I could feel her warmth burn my skin, but it wasn't intolerable it felt almost pleasant. I gently picked her up off my leg and held her on my hip. She buried her face in my shoulder as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Don't breathe Edward, Don't breathe. I told myself.

"A man with red eyes came; Mommy screamed and ran toward my room. She pulled me outside and hid me in a bush telling me to stay there. The man came out and bit Mommy lots of blood. I was scared, Edward. The man ran off then I ran to Mommy she said to run and not come back," she cried.

I hugged her gently against my chest. She was shivering and I knew my cold skin wasn't helping. "I'm going to bring you to my house alright?" I asked her.

She looked at me with her tear streaked face and nodded. I wrapped my arms around her tightly and said, "I can run very fast, so don't be scared of the speed," I said. She was a small child she wouldn't think much of it, and even if she told someone they wouldn't believe her anyways.

"Like Bobby Brown? He beat all the boys and girls at Recess," she asked.

"Probably a bit faster," I laughed like a small child could actually beat me.

"I don't know? He was really fast," she said curiously.

"We'll see shall we?" I asked.

I could feel her nodding against me, so I took off running. She squealed at the speed tightening her hold against me and digging her head deeper into my chest. I stopped in front of my house. It had taken all of three minutes. "Bella sweetie we're here," I said accidently taking a breath.

The burning in my throat was back in a matter of seconds. "Why are your eyes black? They were gold a second ago?" she asked puzzled looking at me.

The monster was gone in seconds at the sound of the angel's voice. She was really perceptive, I noticed, "My eyes tend to do that," I lied.

"Oh! You are fast, you put Bobby Brown to shame!" she giggled.

I smiled at her walking easily to the house. She gasped when we were close enough for her to see the house. "THIS IS WHERE YOU LIVE!" she shouted surprised.

I laughed, "Yes, Bella!"

"Are you a prince? Because this looks just like the castle in that fairytale book Mommy read to me about a Prince Charming and this girl Cinderella. She went to the ball in a pumpkin carriage and it was led by MICE! How did they do that? Cinderella and the carriage must have been heavy!" she asked.

I laughed at her bluntness. "No Bella, I am not a Prince, and I'm not sure how the mice carried her to the ball."

"Oh, well then how did the mice make the dress?" she asked.

"Magic," I said touching her nose with my finger making her giggle.

I walked into the door and said, "Alice, Jazz, Rose, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, come here!"

They were there in seconds. Alice squealed happily as she noticed Bella in my arms. "Oh my gosh, Edward. I saw this happening. She's going to stay here! She's soooo adorable!" she shrieked jumping up and down as she started ranting about a shopping trip she was going to have to make dragging Bella along with her.

Bella stared at my family wide-eyed. Then grasped my shirt in her little hands and buried her nose in my neck shyly. "She's so cute Edward, what's her name?" Esme asked calmly, but her thoughts were almost as crazy as Alice. "Oh can we keep her. She is so cute. Almost reminds me of my child. My poor dear! Oh Edward, what happened? Do you think Carlisle will let us keep her?"

I smiled at her. Rose was the most excited though. She walked up calmly and stroked Bella's hair, "Hello sweetie, my name's Rosalie, what your name? You're such a pretty girl."

Bella looked up shyly at Rosalie. I felt extra warmth creep up her skin, and I could feel her heart beating a little faster. "Thank you, my name's Bella. Are you a princess because you sure look like one because you are so pretty! And you also live in a castle, Edward said he wasn't a Prince, so you must be the princess!" she said politely.

Rosalie smiled and said calmly, "Thank you angel, but no I am not a princess." She seemed so calm on the outside though her insides were glowing. I could tell from her thoughts, "Oh how wonderful, a child such a pretty child. She has Emmett's hair and eyes, but her face looks a little like mine did when I was a child. She could be our daughter. Oh how wonderful it would be to have a daughter! Do you think she will be able to stay? Oh I know I'm so selfish, to want such a beautiful girl to stay in a houseful of vampires. I am wretched. EDWARD! YOU'RE LISTENING AREN'T YOU! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"

She gave me a look that could kill. I heard a whimper from Bella as she hid her face in my neck. I listened for her thoughts thinking why I hadn't thought of it before. Silence. I thought harder on Bella. Silence. Why couldn't I hear her thoughts? I could hear everyone else's. Maybe she is just not thinking anything. No, that's impossible she is definitely thinking something, I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I was surprised when Bella was whisked from my arms.

"HOW YOU DOING SQUIRT!" I heard Emmet shout as he tossed her up in the air.

Bella screamed apparently frightened and probably scarred for life. "EDWARD!" she screamed, tears now streaming from her face.

"EMMETT! PUT HER DOWN NOW! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? OH I KNOW YOU WEREN'T!" Rosalie screamed grabbing Bella from him stroking her hair as she cried.

"Edward, Edward, I want Edward," I heard her whimper.

I was there in a second taking Bella from Rose. She held onto me for dear life. "Look what you did Emmett, you made her cry! Don't you ever think before you act?" I scolded him.

He looked down ashamed and his thoughts were not far from them. "I'm sorry Edward, I didn't think. I was just excited you know how I get. Do you think she'll forgive me? I was so looking forward to a playmate!"

"Shush, Bella, it's alright, he's so sorry, he wasn't thinking. That's Emmett, he was so excited you were here, he overreacted," I whispered in her ear stroking her hair.

She sniffled and looked at me making sure I was telling the truth. She then looked over to Emmett who was under the stare of an angry Rose. I felt sorry for him because I didn't think he'd have much action tonight. "I'm so sorry Squirt! I wasn't thinking! Will you forgive me squirt?" he begged.

I smiled and Bella looked on evilly. "Sure Emmy, but only under one condition you stop calling me squirt!" she giggled nervously.

"Tough bargain sq….Bella, but it's a deal," he said formally holding out his huge hand taking her tiny one and shaking it.

She giggled and then hid herself in my neck once more. "Okay Bella, so you've met, Rose and Emmett, they are married, that right there the small girl that's jumping up and down that's Alice," I said pointing to Alice.

She nodded and looked at Alice and said, "Are you a fairy?" she asked.

Alice laughed, "No Bella, but I can work out outfits like magic kind of like the fairy godmother in Cinderella!" she said excitedly.

Bella frowned and murmured something about hating shopping. "Would you like to go shopping Bella, we could get you the cutest wardrobe! OH! We could get toys for you too! How old are you by the way?" she asked her eagerly.

Bella looked up nervously, "Four, and please don't get me anything!" she begged.

Alice smiled and said, "No worries Bella, I absolutely love to shop! It wouldn't be a bother at all. Hmmm, I think a size 4 should do…." she trailed off.

Bella looked up at me to save her. Wow, she was already looking at me as her protector; which is exactly what I wanted to be. Besides it was understandable, I was the only one not crazy in this family. "Don't worry about it Bella, I'll think of a way to get you out of it," I whispered in her ear.

She giggled and nodded. "Okay, that is Jasper, he is Alice's husband."

She nodded and said, "Hello Jasper."

"Hello," he said stiffly.

That was another reason we couldn't keep her. Jasper's self control wasn't exactly what it should be. She smiled at him and I felt a calm wave wash over us. She rested her head on my shoulder tired. "Right over there is Esme and Carlisle they are our parents in every way," I said pointing to each of them.

Esme walked over to Bella and smoothed her hair gently, "Hello darling, are you hungry?" she asked.

Bella nodded just as her stomach growled. She blushed a shade of pink. I smiled warmly at her, and then frowned as I remember we didn't have any food. "Mom, do you have anything for her to eat?" I asked.

"Alice told us to run to the store to get some stuff saying we'd need it. She should sleep in your room until further notice," Esme thought

I smiled as she said, "Yes, Edward, Bella what would you like?"

Bella smiled hungrily and said, "COOKIES!"

I laughed as did everyone, "Bella, we meant for dinner, you can have cookies for your dessert."

She sighed and muttered, "It was worth a try….." I don't think she meant for us to hear that.

She looked up at Esme and said, "Do you have Chicken Noodle Soup?"

She smiled and nodded as she walked toward the kitchen. I nearly dropped Bella when I saw from her mind how much food they had gotten. I turned to Emmett and growled to low for Bella to hear, "Emmett, why did you buy the whole store?"

"I didn't know what she'd want, plus all the cereal had funny creatures on them! ONE EVEN HAD A VAMPIRE!" He thought as he laughed at his own joke.

"THE FOODS READY!" Esme shouted just for Bella since the rest of us could have heard her if she whispered it.

I smiled and situated Bella on my hip once more as I walked to the kitchen seeing all the bags put away. I smiled you just had to love Esme.

I smiled at her and sat down with Bella in my lap at the bar table knowing she wouldn't be able to reach otherwise. Esme sat a bowl of yellowish liquid and floating stuff in it down in front of her with a spoon. Bella eyed it eagerly. How that could even look tasty was beyond me.

Bella slurped the soup down hungrily and cleaned it dry. She then took the little cup of juice in her hand and drank that also. "COOKIES NOW!" she squealed jumping up and down in my lap.

I kept my hands firmly around her waist for she wouldn't fall. Esme dug in the pantry and got out two what I supposed to be cookies. I really wasn't sure, but they sure didn't look edible, well at least to me, Bella looked at them excitedly.

She took them from Esme and ate one hungrily. She was about to eat the next one when she remembered something and looked at me, "Do you want a cookie?" she asked.

AWWWW! She didn't want me to feel left out. What a selfless girl! Most 6 year olds wouldn't even think of such a thing. "No, angel, you eat it, I already had my dinner and dessert," I said, and well to be truthful I had.

She ate it happily and smiled. Esme got a napkin for her and handed to her, which she took and wiped her mouth then laid it on the table. She leaned back where her head rested on my chest and her eyelids drooped I looked at my watch. 10:00 was I crazy? A six year old does not need to be up at no 10:00.

I lifted her gently off my lap as I stood up. She laid her head on my shoulder and she wrapped her legs around my torso showing she was already half asleep. I brought her upstairs to my room quickly for she could actually be comfortable. I laid her on the couch since I didn't need a bed. Really, what's the use of a bed if you don't sleep? I grabbed a blanket and pillow for her that I found beside the couch figuring that one of my siblings had put them there.

I placed the blanket over her and the pillow under her head tucking her in. "Edward?" she whispered.

I looked at her and kneeled down on my knees for I would be level with her. "Yes, Bella?"

"Don't leave, red eyed man will come back," she whispered taking my hand.

I smiled at her getting up and sitting on the edge of my couch. "Don't worry sweet Bella I won't," I said gently brushing her hair off of her face.

She smiled and closed her eyes. Her eyes then popped open and said, "Oh I almost forgot, Love you Edward," she said reaching up and kissing my cheek.

I was shocked. This tiny perfect little angel just said she loved ME! A monster that has killed people. I sighed slightly as she lay back down. I leaned over not breathing and kissed her forehead, "Love you too, my sweet Bella."

She smiled and then her breathing became even so when she said, "Edward…" it surprised me.

I looked at her surprised thinking she was awake. She smiled and turned toward me and curled up in a tiny ball. "Edward…." She said again. Bella talked in her sleep that must be it, hmmm, this would be interesting. Maybe I could read her thoughts if I listened.

I brushed her cheek gently and she smiled squeezing my other hand feebly. I smiled; this little child was a true angel. I wished we could keep her, but it would be too dangerous. Much too dangerous! A human in a houseful of vampires? Not a good idea, but it was dangerous for her also if we didn't keep her. The vampire must have heard me nearby and must have ran off at the knowledge, but he was fully aware of Bella I was sure of it.

He would come after her when he had the chance. I knew I could never leave her even though she had only been here for this short period of time. I sighed and stroked her cheek, "Bella, what am I going to do with you?"

Her lips turned into a frown, and she started squirming. "EDWARD DON'T LEAVE!" she screamed the panic apparent in her voice.

"I won't Bella, I promise I won't!" I said worried about what was going on.

"Don't hurt MOMMY! Edward, don't let him hurt Mommy! MOMMY!" she screamed shaking and screaming.

"Shh, Bella, shush, he's not coming your safe, I will protect you," I said wishing she could hear me.

"EDWARD! PLEASE STAY!" she screamed tears streaming down her face.

I couldn't take seeing the angel cry. I picked her up gently rocking her in my arms ignoring the burning in my throat. It was painful, but bearable. "Shush, Bella, I'm here, I won't let him hurt you," I whispered into her ear.

She whimpered slightly, while she held onto me for dear life. I smoothed her hair hoping to calm her. I knew from the thoughts of my family that they were in a panic attack themselves wondering what was going on.

I planned to go downstairs and tell them. Alice immediately got the vision and told them. Now that was done. "Bella, shh, you're safe," I cooed.

She sniffled once more then nodded. I stroked her back then started to set her back down on the couch, but she grabbed my shirt with tenacious fingers, "NO EDWARD! STAY!" she cried.

What was I going to do? Well, what I wanted to do was obvious. Just let her have her way and just stay here all night holding her. She made me feel whole like she was the thing missing all this time. "I won't Bella, I'll stay right here," I said.

She nodded and said, "Promise?" she asked.

"Promise," I said.

She nodded and I was about to set her down on the couch, but Rose came in and said, "Edward, you and Bella, can use Emmett and mines bed, the couch is not very comfortable," she said. Wow, that was actually nice, that was a first for Rosalie.

"But where will you and Emmy sleep?" she asked. Emmy? I hope Emmett heard that.

"We have an extra room, we thought you'd be more comfortable in here, are we would have allowed you to sleep there," she said quickly.

Bella nodded and got up grabbing my hand and pulling me across my room. "C'mon Edward, its bed time!"

It was so cute, I wanted to laugh, but she probably wouldn't be too happy about that. I whispered, "Thanks," to Rosalie, as we passed.

She nodded. Her thoughts saying, "It was ridiculous in the first place for you not to have a bed in there! I think this should teach you a lesson. Awww, Bella is so cute!"

I nodded showing her I understood and led Bella to Rose and Emmett's room. "HEY SQUIRT!" Emmett shouted.

She folded her arms across her chest and gave him an evil look. I think she might just have Rosalie beat. "I mean Bella!" he said quickly. She nodded her head showing she approved.

It took all my control not to laugh at how Bella just out sassed a vampire. Bella climbed up on the bed tripping twice luckily I was there to catch her each time. "So Edward, do I need to give you the talk?" Emmett teased.


"ALRIGHT!" he said quickly in a great huff. Blackmail always worked the best, "No need to be so touchy," he huffed.

I glared daggers at him sending him with his tail between his legs out of the room. I looked over to Bella, but she was already fast asleep curled up into my side with a smile on her face.

I gently lifted the covers and tucked her in not getting under the covers because I didn't want her to be cold. She snuggled up closer into my side and whispered, "Night, Edward, Love you!"

"Love you too, Bella," I whispered back kissing her cheek gently.