The citizens of Konoha had learned to dread the sounding of the bell. Whenever it was sounded, the city tensed, expecting the worst. It wasn't helped by the fact that every different circumstance had different tones and patterns. The city, ever since the sound invasion, had small pamphlets about what means what. One low tone means returning Leaf villagers, two for shinobi. Three means that leaf ninja are returning with casualties. Then you get the high pitches, one means unidentified persons approaching, two means hostile. But the one everyone knows is the sparratic clanging of both bells, signifying invasion.

For the fourth time of the day, a bell had rung, it's tone resonating throughout the city. The high pitch signifying that someone unknown to the city was coming. The few people that lived near the gate stood on balconies and anything else they could use to get a good view. If you were one of the lucky ones, all you would see was a lone, unintimidating figure approaching. Most mistook him for a lone traveller, and the lack of a headband or any weapons seemed to back this up. But his torn green vest seemed to resemble those worn by the leaf shinobi.

The figure pulled out a small cluster of papers, and presented them to the guards. The sentries seemed to be satisfied by the papers, but there was one problem. One of the gurads motioned to the shack nearby. When the man came back, he handed the stranger a Konoha headband. Apparently he 'lost' his. The headband was tucked into his bag, he didn't seem to care much about it. His dirty and mussed up brown hair soon covered his face as he continued on his way.

The gates opened, and the lone figure proceeded inside. He walked down the street, and he definately knew where he was going. Unbeknown to him, he was being closely watched, many of the High ups were intrigued by his return to the village. A small resturant turned out to be the destination. As he entered, all eyes fell upon him. He took a seat at the bar, and looked at the bartender.

The barkeep apprehensively shuffled towards the stranger. "What can I get you?"

"The usual"

"I'm sorry sir, but i don't think you've been here before."

He sighed. "How quickly we forget..." He loked at the barkeep. "You don't remember me?"

"Nope, sorry." He shook his head. "What do you want? Or you can tell me how to make your usual."

"Whenever i came here, i would always get the same thing, a..." He turned around. "What are you looking at?" He shooed all the on-lookers away, at once, no one was ever looking in his general direction. One of those who was merely 'curious' was Kiba Inuzuka, eating lunch with his teammates. But he could still listen in.

"It's not polite to eavesdrop, Kiba."

"Shut it Shino! I'm trying to eavesdrop!" Shino sighed and resumed eating.

Kiba sat there, listening intently to the conversation. He leaned in to get into a better position, but he accidentally squished Akamaru.

Akamaru yelped. Quickly gaining the attention of the man at the bar. "Hey! I didn't know pets were allowed in!"

"Of course!"

"Back in the day, you would never let a dog in!" He jumped off of the stool, and ran outside. He let out a long, loud whistle. "Come on boy!" He yelled into the open. Almost immediately, a large thump was heard outside.

"Where the hell did he go?" Kiba was looking around for the stranger, he hadn't noticed that he had left. He was answered when the man strolled back in, followed by a large, actually a very large... dog? "Holy mother of god! That's a... a fucking wolf!" Kiba's mouth was wide open and his jaw hit the floor.

A large grey wolf, at least a foot taller than anything the Inuzukas had, padded in behind it's owner. The proud mammal looked ready to rip everyone inside to shreds. "Hey man, remember me now? Toshiro wasn't as tall back then, but he still looks the same!" He smiled.

The barkeep did a double take. "Wait... oh my god! Nas-"

He was interuppted. "Please, i don't go by that name anymore, i'm Kiroushi now."

"Still! I haven't seen you in eight years!" He leaped over the bar and gave Kiroushi a bear hug. "You have to tell me everything!"

"First let me go, then i'll tell you the story." He was soon released. He took his seat again. "Actually just get me a flaming , and THEN i'll spill the details."

"Sure thing! Man, eight years, and you still act the same! It's almost like it never happened!"

"Yeah..." He twiddled his thumbs. "But it did..."

The barkeep gave him his drink, he bent down and whispered, just loud enough for Kiba to pick up. "Does anyone know?"

"Do you think i'm careless? Of course not! They won't know untill i want them too!" He leaned back. "Now do you want to hear about my travels or not?"

"Fine, fine, continue!"

"Gladly." He leaned in, and that's when he noticed Kiba.

Kiroushi turned and looked, wide-eyed, at Kiba. Kiba looked around. Had he done something wrong? The look on the man's face creeped Kiba out, it was suprise, anger and hate all in one. But he had never met this guy before!

"Sorry, mistook you for someone else." Kiroushi turned and faced the barkeep. He muttered threateningly. "Why didn't you tell me that HE was here?"

"Hey! I haven't seen you in eight years, it didn't cross my mind."

"Well next time, make sure it does!" He stood up, reached out and grabbed his collar. "How much does he know? Have you told him anything?"

"Nothing! I swear! Now just calm down!"

Kiroushi sighed and sat back down. He was so frustrated, how had he not noticed the Inuzuka right there? And especially that one! God, if it was any of the other Dogs, he would have slaughtered them then and there. But he was better than that, he would wait, and play the game on his own terms. Best to just play it cool. "Yeah..." He took a sip of his drink. He thought about how he was going to break the news. It wouldn't be pretty.

Kiba was staring at the new guy. Why did he act so weird when he saw him? He turned to Shino. "Hey, did you see that guy?"


"Did you see the look he was giving me?"


"What is with him?"

"I don't know. I think i would give you a weird look if i knew you were eavesdropping."

"No, that look, it looked like he wanted to kill me!"

"I feel like that too, it's not uncommon when someones around you. A lot of people don't like you."

"Oh, so bug boy made a funny! Whatever, you're no help."

Shino sighed, Kiba could get really annoying sometimes. The Aburame proceeded to ignore the stream of insults originating from dog-boy. The two team mates sat there, one cussing his ass off and talking about how useless Shino is. Then he fell silent, not because he felt better, he still had a few minutes to go, but because of the sound of breaking glass. The mirror behind the bar had shattered, the source was a half drunk Flaming had been embedded in the wall, without shattering.

Once again, all eyes were on Kiroushi. He was standing, his fists clenched. He growled. "She did!?"

The bartender cowered in fear. "Yeah! Right after you left, she said that it was a bad reminder of the past."

"How fucking convenient! Wait untill i'm not around, and then she fucking decides to get rid of the one thing that i could've used to get her out! Man, she's gunna hate seeing me!" Kiroushi motioned to his large wolf, they both exited.

The bar was silent, nobody understood what had just happened. Nobody wanted to. Slowly, everyone left, the day's events proving too much to handle, and before anything else happened, they exited.

Kiba and Shino were walking down the street. Kiba was a little bit shaken by what had happened, Shino, not so much. He turned to bug-boy. "Man, i wouldn't want to meet that guy in a dark alley!"

Shino chuckled. "Kiba, the chances of that happenig right now are insignificantly small."

Kiba frowned. "No, it's an expression, it basically means i don't want to get into a rumble with that guy."

"Oh.... Well, either way, it's not like that's gunna happen anytime soon."

"Yeah! It's not like he has anything agianst me!"