Author: geeks_girl_tm
Summary: Helplessness is the worst of all emotions and sometimes the people we least expect see us through the most difficult obstacles we can face. Season Three, response to Challenge 349 of Bloodshedverse. Challenge guidelines at end of fic. This is my first challenge so bear with me.
Rating: NC-17 (This chapter for definite)
Warnings: Violence, language, sexual content
Disclaimer: Joss is our God, who brought us seven happy years of televised gold. It is our honour to carry on out of love, not profit. All the characters are entirely his.


6 Months Later:

It had been a hell of a year. And now summer was setting in, along with the boredom of no demons to slay. The few months of relative peace until the next Big Bad reared it's head. Buffy couldn't help but wonder what would happen this time round.

College was an exciting prospect. A dorm room, her own life to lead, not mention, no mom moaning about a certain peroxide vampire staying over all the more keeping the door open. She'd managed to get a single room, so she didn't have to worry about a room-mate questioning her boyfriend's odd habits. Which would have been awkward.

It was amazing how things had changed since that night. The Mayor, other crazy slayers, Angel leaving. It was a strange year to say the least. She'd gone from one perspective to the other but hadn't looked back. Spike had stood by her through everything, changed for just the simple thought of holding her at night. The night she'd finally told him, the night she'd confessed she was as crazy about him as he was about her, she'd never seen a man so happy. He spoilt her rotten aswell, buying her things and taking her out, trying to give her the normal she sometimes missed. But she didn't want normal. Not now.

Normal would leave her without him. Without her watcher. Without her best friends, and she couldn't go without any of them. She wouldn't carry on. It didn't matter what the Hellmouth threw at her, she wouldn't relent. Not with them by her side. Spike had shown her the value of everything, life and the universe as they knew it. They would always find a way.

With a sigh, she staked the fledgling struggling out of its grave and then yawned, coughing when she accidentally inhaled some vampire dust. She found it odd that Spike hadn't trailed her tonight, even if it was her "alone time patrol night". He insisted she took those, to be by herself for a while, yet she knew he followed her. He'd always be there, waiting in the darkness for when she needed him. It was cute, albeit slightly creepy.

But it was late, and she didn't think she'd be finding any more creatures out there tonight, so she turned on her heel and headed Revello Drive. The lights were off when she got home and it didn't worry her. Her mom was out of town and Spike was probably lurking around somewhere, more than likely at Willy's gambling again. Not a habit of hers she loved but she vowed long ago not to try and change his ways. He'd not killed in months, she was amazed by that fact alone so she wasn't going to begrudge him a little gambling action now and then.

She was shocked when she opened the front and stepped inside.


The first thing she saw was the rose petals on the floor and the soft path of candles leading up the stairs. Then she saw the sweets. The cherry lips you get in Haribo, spread amongst the petals and she smiled softly, following the path up to the landing. There, a single rose and a small box lay, and she picked them up, opening the box to find a beautiful silver bracelet inside. Buffy smiled again and slipped the bracelet on, looking down to find the path of candles continued to the bedroom. She opened the door slowly, revealing her room, lit by the soft glow of at least a hundred candles and the bed, with satin sheets. She gasped and looked around, searching for the culprit.

He couldn't sneak up on her, and she knew he was behind her by the tingles in her neck. She turned into his embrace and smiled up at him, as he looked down at her. He hadn't bothered slicking his hair back today and was displaying what she affectionately called his "bed hair". He brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes and smirked.

'What's the occasion?' She asked, indicating the bracelet on her wrist.

'You, pet. Just you.' He smiled and leant in for a kiss, his fingers rubbing small patterns on her back. She pulled away and smiled, as he looked down at her, his eyes crystal blue pools of expression. 'I love you.' He said and she smiled again.

'Can I ask you something?' She said, and he nodded. She motioned to the candy kisses on the ground. 'What's with the candy? I know I like those but...'

'Cos I kiss the ground you bloody walk on, Goldilocks.' He smiled and swept her off her feet, carrying her towards the bed. If she had been a 15th century maiden, she would have swooned at the line but she opted for the modern Californian girl approach instead.

'That is so cheesy.' He laid her on the bed, the trademark smirk firmly in place as he took the spot beside her. 'And yet extremely sweet.'

He kissed her then, a bone melting kiss that left her breathless. His hand wandered and divested her of her shirt, but her hands were as impatient as his, her body desperate for unhindered contact with his skin. He smiled into the kiss and then let go, pulling his shirt over his head. Her pants went next and his fingers teased against the soft hair on her mound, and she gasped as they connected with her clit. His jeans disappeared as quickly as hers did and he growled as her hot little hand wrapped around his cock, massaging the soft flesh. For moments they lay like that, his mouth on her breasts, making her emit small cries of pleasure as his fingers worked to bring her to a crest. She moaned as she came and he flipped them, his cock nudging at the entrance to her body. She looked up at him as he slowly pushed into her, agonisingly smooth movements making her whimper with need until he was fully sheathed inside her.

They moved together over the satin sheets, her hands moving over his back and his hand creeping between them to bring her to the edge once more. The rhythm continued, a fine sheen of sweat covering her skin as his cool body collided with the furnace of her. He growled as he got closer to his peak and felt her tighten around him, her hands becoming sharper against his skin. She knew what he wanted...what he needed and she bared her neck to him as his lips parted to reveal sharp canines. He sank his teeth into her neck, taking a few mouthfuls of her powerful blood as they both fell into the abyss.

Moments later, sated and relaxed, the vampire and slayer lay together, a sheet wrapped around them, nothing but their breathing to be heard in the silent house. Buffy rolled so she was facing Spike and smiled up at him.

'Almost as good as the first time.' She whispered, tracing the planes of his face with her fingertips.

'Whenever you're ready for the second round pet, you let me know.' He smirked and she responded by grinding her hips against him, eliciting a hiss from the vampire. He growled and devoured her in a kiss, starting at her mouth and moving down to her neck, to the fresh marks on her. He would never claim her, he had never been a big believer of the whole legend. But he had marked her as his. To give her the extra protection he knew the mark carried. She had been dubious about it at first, until she had felt the pleasure associated with the bite. And boy had it caused some issues with the super friends.

But it was all in the past. They were together. She loved him and he loved her. He would keep her alive as long as he could and after that, he would honour her. Even if he had never seen this coming, someone had. He was her Champion.

And she would always be his Slayer.

T-H-E === E-N-D

****Well, I do hope you enjoyed this. I didn't think I'd end it this soon, and this chapter got written twice due to my lovely laptop and it's favourite pastime, blue screen of deathing me every hour. But nevermind. I'm glad I got this one done. Now to move on to my other fics. Please let me know what you think. I love opinions, good or bad and any help is greatly appreciated. I don't have a Beta so this is done totally on my own. The challenge guidelines are posted below. Many thanks for reading!****

Challenge 349 of Bloodshedverse:

During Helpless, before Buffy's mother is kidnapped, feeling sick and weak, Buffy is cornered in an alley by a lone human male and visciously raped. Spike discovers the rape either in progress or afterwards and kills the rapist (not knowing who the victim is.) After he is finished with the rapist, he realizes who the victim is and decides to help her. This turns into friendship and later love.

Must haves:
Spike talking to himself about not believing in rape and Buffy overhearing him.

Buffy being afraid/not wanting to have anything to do with Xander or Angel due to the hyena incident and Angelus' threats to her and his past.

Spike knowing or figuring out what Giles has done and confronting him with the knowledge.

Buffy not wanting to help humans anymore because of what one did to her and Spike trying to convince her to keep going.

A happy, Spuffy ending with a romantic/sexy love scene (NC-17.)

Can have:
Buffy confusion over a soulless demon helping her fight the good fight and trying to convince her to keep fighting.

Spike/Joyce friendship.

Joyce/Giles relationship.

Angel bashing.

Buffy finding out what Giles has done.

Cannot have:
Buffy and Spike immediatly falling into bed. I want to see Buffy have time to heal.


Spike bashing (at least by Buffy.)