Eewww boys

(Bella just turned 8, and Edward is 12)


"Bella Edwards out in the back yard will you go check on him while I get Alice dressed please he hasn't been in all day and I'm worried" Esme yelled down the stairs at me

"ok Esme I'll go check on him" I giggled and then ran outside into the yard I knew Alice was giving Esme a hard time ever since she broke her arm and needed help she'd been eager to go outside and play and made Esme 'go faster' with whatever she was helping Alice when I reached Edward he was sitting in the grass at the edge of the forest behind their house so that he couldn't be seen so I went and sat by him

"hey Eddie, whatcha doin'?"

"well I'm sitting here I've been sitting here since Esme told me to go out and play"

"oh, why"

"well I've been thinking"

"about what"

"Bella do you like boys yet" I laughed because this kid Mike in my class had asked to be my boyfriend and I turned him down because even though most of the girls in my class got over the whole ' ewww boys are gross' stage and I hadn't

"I don't know Eddie why"

"well I really like you and I want you to be my girlfriend" then he leaned over and kissed me when he pulled away I sat there for a minute thinking about how it wasn't that bad and then how the movies made it look

"Eddie I think we did something wrong I mean in the movies there's fireworks and everything and I didn't see anything did you?"

"no but I guess you don't always have to see them, so will you be my girlfriend Bella please"

But by that time my stupid immaturity and kicked in

"no Eddie that's gross" I giggled

"well I can't be your friend anymore you either be my girlfriend or I'm never talking to you again" he said looking up at me with rage

"no I'm not going to be you girlfriend that's gross I hate you for doing this to me Edward Cullen, Alice was right you are gross Eddie"

He stood up and ran into the house and I thought I saw as tear but then Alice came running out and we went off and played I was still mad at Edward for doing what he did to day I mean a boyfriend ewww I got into bed to go to sleep for the night but that night I had a dream about Edward I dreamed that I was marring Edward and Alice was my maid of honor I sat straight up in bed when I woke up thinking of how bad that dream was I mean I didn't like boys why was I dreaming about getting married and then suddenly it hit me 'ew I like Edward Cullen' I shouted at myself then it was 'oh, I like Edward' more thinking later I was jumping out of my bed and running toward the Cullens hosue to tell Edward I liked him to try and make him feel better and to well maybe get a boyfriend eeww what am I saying do I really want a boyfriend I rang the doorbell pondering this question and then Alice flung open the door

"hey Bella, why are you not dressed we have to get ready to go to the park"

"yeah I know Alice, can I talk to Eddie please"

"oh, when I see you I'm supposed to tell you that he hates you and never wants to talk to you again"

"what" I yelled running up the stairs to his room I opened the door and saw him laying on the bed looking up at the ceiling so I jumped on the bed next to him but he didn't move

"Eddie are you sleeping or something come on I need to talk to you" I said shaking him after about 5 minutes of this I started crying and he looked over at me

"what do you want I told Alice to tell you not to talk to me anymore"

"I know but I have to tell you something I had a dream last night that we got married and then Alice was like my maid of honor or something it was just like my mom wedding to Phil but it was us and then when I woke up I realized I like you"

He looked over at me with a shocked expression on his face then he started crying

"just leave Bella you don't even mean what you're saying" this comment had maid be very mad but I looked over at him crying and started to cry harder

"but Eddie I want to be your girlfriend" then he sat up and looked into my eyes

"do you, do you really Bella cause I don't think you do you have to prove it and I'll believe you"

"how Eddie"

"kiss me"


"if you really do like me you'll kiss me"

"I just started liking boys when I woke up this morning I can't kiss you right now Eddie I don't want to"

"well you just proved something to me"


"that you're a liar Bella Swan you don't like me and you don't want to be my girlfriend so get out of my room and don't talk to me ever again"

"but Eddie"

"don't call me Eddie ever again either I hate you Bella you hear me I hate you and I never want to talk to you or see you again" I couldn't hold it back anymore I broke down and ran out of the house when I reached my house I stayed locked up in my room for days Alice called and came by but my mom told her 'I had went of to visit my dad Charlie for the weekend and I didn't tell her I was going cause I didn't know because it was a surprise' I did want Alice to know what I was really doing no one knew why I was really crying except Edward the one who had made me cry and it would stay that way…….