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"I did not have sex with Edward dad quit over reacting"

"I am not over reacting what if you get pregnant or get an STD"

"dad I did not have sex with Edward ok"

"well how am I supposed to believe you. You skipped school and we in a house alone with him all day. And his parents called and said you did have sex"

"dad please that was Alice and Emmet. They did it because I wouldn't tell her if i got back together with Edward. All we did was talk and fall asleep"

"your still grounded for a month for skipping school and if you have an STD or are pregnant don't come crying to me I gave you your chance to admit what you've done"

"really dad nothing happened ok"

(the next day )


I was driving to school thinking about all that had happened yesterday and I was nervous to meet up with Edward. I was so focused on my thoughts I forgot to watch the road until an oncoming car honked at me and I realized I was over the line and almost at the school.

I turned into the parking lot and found a parking spot I sat there thinking about what Alice would say when she heard what really happened yesterday. Then I got a text message from Edward

I'm right next 2 u..r u ready 2 tell Alice what happened


I began to panic and almost passed out. Alice would be surprised by our news.


Alice had been giving me dirty looks all morning because I wouldn't tell her what happened last night. She tried to get it out of me last night but then Esme came to my rescue and made her go to her room for the rest of the night. I managed to sneak out of the house with out anyone noticing and drove toward the school. I couldn't help but think what Alice would think when she hears what happened. As I was thinking about what Alice would say and looking for a parking spot I saw Bella in her truck sitting there with a spot open next to her so I parked and took out my phone. After I sent Bella my message she read it and the worry on her face grew I knew this was going to be big.

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