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I was so nervous about everything I couldn't get my fingers to type right on my phone. But I finally managed to send out a message to Alice.

Edward and I will be talking with everyone tonight. Meet at your house at 6P.m.


I'm doing dual enrollment so I have a few classes at the college with Edward and we can hopefully plan how we are going to tell everyone our big secret. I was getting ready to text Edward when I saw him get out of his car next to me. Well it's time to plan. He walked over to my door and opened it.

"We should get to class, we are going to be late" he said with a somewhat worried look on his face

Knowing exactly why he was nervous I said "It's ok Eddie we can get through this" I said reassuringly

"Yeah, about our situation… what are we going to do?"

"Well I told Alice we would talk to everyone at your house tonight"

"Oh ok" He said with a now horrified look on his face

"What's wrong Edward?"

"Well Maybe we should talk with our families separate and then get together. They just might not understand"

"Ok….." Now I was really worried
"How about we tell them by ourselves, and then together, and then we can get everyone together?"

"That sounds like a very good plan!" I was starting to feel more confident now.

I mean really when you think about it, this isn't that big of a deal right? Yeah. I mean it could be a lot worse. But if we want to be together we have to talk with everyone, and even tell them the decisions we have made.

We reached the class room and sat through a boring hour lecture on amebas and then it was time for me to get to the high school. I packed my things and without even saying anything Edward grabbed it all and walked with me to my truck.

"I'll meet you at 6 P.m. at your house and we can talk with your parents." He said still looking distant

"No that won't work. I told Alice we would talk with everyone at your house at 6" I was now begging to really worry.

"Well I don't get off work until 5:30, so move the timing with Alice."

"She's not going to like this!" I said now really worried of what she might do.

I was dreading having to tell her about the time change in our lunch period, but it all has to be done. I drove to the school just reminding myself that it is for us.

2 classes until lunch "It's for our relationship"

1 class until lunch "it's not that bad"

Walking into lunch "It's for Edward…the man of your dreams. Suck it up"

"I'm super excited for tonight!" Alice screamed in my ear as I sat at the table

"Um Alice, about that….."

"NO! You are NOT cancelling on me Bella!" She shouted with a mad look on her face

"No I just…um… need to move the time"



"Why? It better be good!"

"It is trust me. Can you just please tell everyone about the time change?"

"I'm not happy about it, but ok" she said reluctantly

*a few hours later*

It was the end of the school day and I was almost home. I had to admit with all the worrying about how upset Alice would be with me moving the time I hadn't even thought about my parents… but I was now. I saw my mom's car in the driveway and knew this couldn't go well. I walked in the door trying to plan how this would go in my head.

"Mom, is it ok if Edward comes over when he gets off work?"

"NO it is NOT. Charlie told me his parents called and what you two have been doing"

"MOM! NO! It was Alice pranking me because she was mad at me"

"I still don't want him in my house!" I could see in her face her mind would not be changed

"Mom this is really important. I will only be for like 5 minutes."

She glared at me for a minute and picked up the phone.
"Charlie, no she's fine. Yeah it's just that she wants that boy to come over."

She looked at me

"What time Bella?"

"um about 6?" I said now so worried I just wanted to disappear

"Be home at 5:30 Charlie" she said hanging up the phone.

*1 hour later*

My dad had been home for about 20 minutes and was sitting with my mom talking about what a bad guy Edward is, how they don't approve, and how they were going to let him know this. I was sitting staring out the window waiting for Edward to show up. I started thinking about how my parents would react to our news when out of the corner of my eye I saw him arrive. He gave me the go ahead nod and it was time.

"Mom, Dad, we have to talk about Edward and I….."