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The ground beneath his body was warm, far warmer than what seemed natural given the circumstances and for a moment Harry wondered what could cause such a thing.

Then he felt the large hand laid gently (but still unmistakably there) on his lower back through the fabric of his borrowed makeshift blanket, the touch ever so so light as if the man giving it was afraid to initiate it.

The dark haired man froze for a moment, mentally calculating the worth of knowing what it was that Hidan wanted against his desire to forget that this entire situation existed even if it would only be for the few scant hours of sleep he could manage. The slight heat of a nearby body encompassed most of his back and a soft, damp breathe brushed his ear – thoroughly destroying any chances Harry had of simply ignoring it as his mental alarms screamed 'TOO CLOSE, TOO CLOSE, TOO FUCKING CLOSE' in a voice that sounded far too similar to Sirius' wailing screams after the twins had cursed the man to look like Snape for a week. He withheld all temptation to shudder and scooted his body just far enough forward that the other man was no longer touching him before peeking over his shoulder.

Sure enough, there lay Hidan – his pale pale skin and flaxen hair almost luminescent in the light of the half full moon that peeked here and there through the thick treetops. Green eyes considered him curiously for half a moment, nothing more than a fleeting second, before Harry fixed the hardest look he could manage on his face, half hoping that the look in combination with the other man's 'god' worship would push the other back.

It did not.

Although, Hidan did sit up on his elbows before chattering off something in the language Harry couldn't even begin to decipher. Harry rolled over to lessen the strain on his neck and fixed his eyes steadfastly on the other man's, mentally pinching himself for the flickered look to the pale man's scared chest.

'Why isn't he wearing a shirt?' was his first thought, followed shortly by 'Why does he have some many scars?' Indeed, the other man's admittedly nice torso (crazy though he was, he at least wasn't hard on the eyes. Crazy ugly people, were in Harry's opinion, the worst sort and he was half glad that his obsessed stalker-esc companion was good looking, at least this way his pride wasn't entirely shot by having someone hideous behaving so) was littered in scars. The deepest of the them all reminded him of the very symbol tattooed onto his own chest, the deathly hollows symbol. Harry held his own fingertips back from tracing the symbol, goose-pimples raising on his arms.

That particular scar was self-inflected.

Hidan tittered a bit again, obviously asking him something although Harry would probably never know what, and Harry's eyes were drawn up to meet the almost desperate loving look in the purple irises of his companion. Often times Harry had wondered how, exactly, eyes could convey emotion. He'd been told vehemently and often that his eyes always told what he was thinking (most often during his failed attempts at lying) and the comments had always left him wondering. He'd never noticed another person's eyes conveying anything unless they were red which was of course a tell tale sign that the owner was a) sad, b) tired, c) Voldemort, or d) high.

Hidan's eyes, however, were for lack of a less cliched phrase windows into his very soul. Or perhaps his very mind as Harry was beginning to suspect that the silver haired man had neither heart nor soul. Although considering that the taller man had in fact set his own flesh aflame without even noticing earlier that very day, mind was a bit of a stretch as well.

Regardless, the other man's very violet eyes always showed his exact emotions so clearly that even a complete strange such as himself could easily read them. It was due to this very open look of Hidan's eyes that Harry currently felt that perhaps running far, far away was the best decision at the moment. Hidan's eyes at that very moment, held the same look as that crazed girl back at Hogwarts had as she gave him a box of love potion-laced chocolates (Romilia? Ronda? Vain?). The expression was that of desperation, worship, and an almost twisted love all of which were magnified by the vibrant color of the man's eyes and the silvery light of the moon.

Or perhaps these feeling were simply that much stronger in Hidan. Harry made a quick mental note to pay very close attention to any food or drink he received on the off chance that this particular world had its own variant of a love potion as such a thing would surly find it's way into his system by way of the man before him.

Fingertips, cold and insistent, pressed lightly against Harry's shoulder through the black and red cloak lent to him by the very person touching him now and Harry felt a moment of regret at accepting it as Hidan surely read far too into himself swathed in the thing before he snapped green eyes back to Hidan's face rather than just the man's eyes. He swallowed, tracing the line of Hidan's jaw to avoid the man's eyes and nodded quickly to show he was paying attention, not the it would do much good.

Hidan's jaw moved slowly as he spoke, words slow and steady as if a slower pace would somehow translate the words into a language Harry understood. He caught one word he understood, taught to him during a quick lesson given by the monstrously large man Kakazu while Hidan had been enthusiastically searching out a source of water to refill Harry's canteen. Happy - the word sprang to mind attached to the strangely hilarious image of Kakazu smiling, looking for all the world more alike Freddy Kroger than a happy individual. This word, paired with the purposefully exaggerated questioning sound of Hidan's speech, allowed for a leap of logic leading Harry to believe that Hidan was asking him if he was happy.

Was he happy?

The immediate answer was a resounding no, but Harry withheld the urge to shake his head no until he was dizzy, considering the question for a moment instead. Was he happy? He was stranded in a strange world without magic, without a way to protect himself, without friends, and without even an understanding of the language of the world he was now in. Again, his mind begged him to say no no no no. Yet~ yet he had immediately found himself attached to Hidan and Kakazu, and Harry was entirely sure that it would be a cold day in hell before Hidan allowed anyone to so much as touch him, let alone harm him. So, he supposed, he wasn't entirely without friends (even if they were, as previously established, batshite insane) and with said friends came a sort of safety, at least from outside sources. Harry was entirely dependent on Kakazu when it came to protecting him from Hidan however.

Even with Hidan's numerous and unwanted advances and Kakazu's often times disturbingly calculating gaze (what was that man thinking of when he had such a look? Harry wasn't entirely sure he really wanted to know.), the two men were leading him to what he hoped was a chance to learn the language and possibly gain a form of protection independent of Hidan's obsessive tendencies, which if Harry understood Kakazu's awkwardly mimed messages was quite close by.

So, really, was that bad off? Couldn't things be so much worse?

Harry nodded slowly, hesitant. Hidan's returning smile was almost worth what would surely be a disturbing increase in his 'love' for Harry, even if said smile was overly toothy and something homicidal looking. Harry sighed, abandoning all hope of a few more hours of rest from what was the single longest day of his life as he sat up.

The cloak poled in his lap in a pile of warm fabric and Harry considered it before grasping the still warm garment and offering it back to Hidan. The man hesitantly received it, looking on the brink of a pout as Harry pulled his own cloak from where if had been serving as a pillow to place it back on his shoulders.

His button up was wrinkled beyond description, his hair mussy, and he was beginning to gain a light stench of sweat but Harry felt passable for the time being, especially considering that there was no way in hell he would strip to bathe with Hidan within a mile's radius which of course severally limited his grooming options.

He glanced around the small clearing the three of them had claimed as the sun set the day before, seeing that despite the fact that there was surely another two or three hours until the sun rose again Kakazu was already up and resting lazily against the thick trunk of a tree far older than any Harry had ever seen before while perusing a scroll of some sort, the site mostly cleaned up. The third member of their party looked up from his reading to meet Harry's gaze, judging the smaller man for a moment before jerking his head in the direction they were heading in question.

Harry paused, half hoping he could rest his overly tired body just a tiny bit more although he realistically knew he wouldn't be able to get back to sleep now that he was awake. Unhappily, he nodded and Kakazu nodded in response as he rolled his scroll and rose in with almost military precision.

Kakazu was not, Harry found, one for superfluous action. Everything he did was done with the sort of precision meant solely to spend only the most absolute amount of time and energy needed. It was admirable in a way and reminded Harry sharply of a half Mad Eye half Shacklebolt hybrid, both of whom Harry had admired in his own way. It was a similarity to the precious people he had long since lost and helped to make Harry just that tiny bit more comfortable.

He spared the obscenely tall man a half smile as he stumbled awkwardly to his feet. Behind him Hidan huffed, standing as well all the while glaring so sharply that Harry needn't turn to know that if looks could kill Kakazu's flesh would be curling off in strips as his muscles ripped themselves apart and his blood boiled.

Harry was half tempted to face-palm.

He turned to give Hidan a reproachful look, scanning his mind for the few words Kakazu had taught him the day before so he may explain as best he could why he had dared to smile at Kakazu. More like why Kakazu had dared to cause Harry to smile at him if Hidan's glare was anything to go by. He sighed to himself before settling on one word. Aniki. If he understood Kakazu's badly drawn figures (which had frankly made him want to laugh, although he had refrained as best as he could. Kakazu's annoyed glances begged that the other man still knew his thoughts.) it meant big brother. While not entirely right, it was the closest Harry could scrounge up.

"He reminds me," Harry started slowly, knowing all the words spoken in English were entirely useless yet still feeling the need to speak them. "He reminds me of my aniki."

Hidan's gaze snapped to him and Harry caught what he thought was half a smirk pass fleetingly over Kakazu's mostly covered face before it was gone.

Without speaking on it they all began to head in the direction of Orochimaru's camp, Harry trailing behind the two others - both of whom bore packs that Hidan had quite obviously forbidden him from helping with.

Hidan continuously flicked his eyes between Kakazu and Harry as they walked at a steady pace. After what felt like an eternity but was in fact no more than a minute or so, Hidan snapped out something that was both questioning and somewhat almost jealous sounding. Again Harry only understood a single word, this time aniki. Kakazu, who apparently had glimpsed what Harry had been attempting to say, nodded to confirm something while he snapped back at Hidan what was obviously an insult.

Harry felt lost.

Choosing not to focus on it, Harry pulled ahead of the other two to leave them to their insult match heading in what he hope was the right direction.

It wasn't long before Harry felt something tickling at the edges of his senses. He came to an abrupt stop, Kakazu following suit behind him. Harry snapped out with razor sharp reflexes, grabbing the oblivious Hidan by the back of his half open cloak and jerking him back with strength neither of the larger men would have expected from him just before Hidan would've passed through the invisible barrier of something.

Harry stared down at the forest floor, seeing nothing out of place and yet still knowing, still feeling that, there was something.

"Are we close?" the green eyes man asked.

Kakazu made a noise in the back of his throat, a sort of huh'ing sound and did not answer otherwise.

Frowning, Harry turned sideways so he could look at Kakazu from the corner of his eye while keeping his focus mainly on the invisible wall he knew was there. He held his hands about a foot apart and slowly closed the distance while saying, "Are we close?"

"Chikai," Hidan supplied, apparently catching his meaning.

Kakazu shifted slightly, nodding and turning his attention on the space Harry was watching intently. His eyes, also far more expressive than Harry remembered anyone from home's being.

"There's a..." Harry turned back to face the space, putting both his hands out in front of him, palm out. He moved them upwards, trying to indict a solid underneath them.

"Kabe?" Hidan suggested, moving to stand closer to Harry's side under the pretense of more closely observing the area, although considering the something was entirely invisible, Harry had his doubts about the man's actual motives.

Kakazu shook his head slowly, stepping up to be just behind Harry – also to 'observe'. Hidan bristled and shifted ever so slightly closer, Kakazu's eyes held a brief look of satisfaction before blanking again, and Harry again felt the need to face-palm. Really?

"Shoogai." Kakazu murmured. "Wana-" he continued and Hidan's eyes grew hard as he snapped his eyes to glare at the space.

Harry took a slow step forward, then another to come right at the edge of the force. He raised a hand, brushing fingertips ever so lightly over the cold surface he couldn't see. It sent shivers up and down his spine.

"It'll alert him, he'll be watching us." Harry murmured, more to himself then his un-understanding companions.

He was uncomfortably reminded of Voldemort. The barrier of sorts wouldn't stop them from getting in, it would just alert this Orochimaru person as their presence. He would be watching them make their way through whatever trap and ward he'd set, like a snake watching trapped mice.

More than anything, Harry wanted to turn around and leave.

Hidan touched his shoulder briefly, squeezing it slightly in a motion that was far more comforting that it should have been considering just what sort of person the silver haired man was and forged his was through the invisible barrier. Harry could feel it ripple, could feel the signal if sent out and it made his goose pimples return tenfold.

He took a breath, squaring his shoulders, before stepping through as well with Kakazu close behind. The feeling of the ward flowing over his skin was cold enough to leave Harry shivering.

He could feel the eyes, staring down at him with a strangely intent feeling. If he had to describe the feeling, the... almost intent of the gaze, he'd say it was hungry. Incredibly, insatiably hungry and if he was at all honest at least with himself Harry had to admit it was this feeling and not the cold of the ward sweeping over him that continued his slight shivers, even after Hidan had slung his own black and red cloak about Harry's shoulders with a vaguely possessive look about his eyes.


Kakazu considered the dark haired almost-man that had fallen from the sky with steady eyes.

Somewhat small for a man, about 170 centimeters maybe, and quite slim. 60,000 ryou.

Black hair, not quite what he'd refer to a long, but possibly long enough that he wouldn't be surprised if the boy-man was the head of whatever clan he was a part of, and curly. Curly was good. 100,000 ryou.

Pale skin, although he had both a scar and a large tattoo. 110,000 ryou.

The boy had a pretty, feline face. Pairing that with the curly mane of hair and the image of a cat – a lion – was nearly unavoidable. Worked properly, with the proper clothes this image could be played up quite a bit. Good, good, very good. 210,000 ryou.

Green eyes. Big, almond shaped eyes surrounded by somewhat thick lashes, for a man at least. And green. So very, very green. 650,000 ryou, easy. Maybe over a million with the right crowd.

This boy could easily fetch a hefty sum on the slave trade market, despite being obviously unbroken – some would like that better. Kakazu's true concern was not, in fact, how much he could put the boy up for, but rather if it was truly cost effective to put the effort into fighting the idiot Hidan (who already had strange stars in his most often homicidal eyes) for the right to put the boy up and stopping said idiot from slaying all the bidders in a bloodbath of what would surely be epic proportions.

For a moment, Kakazu thought, yes – it would be. Then Hidan dropped to his knees, bowing lower to the lion boy the he'd ever seen the damnable idiot bow ever before, quickly muttering the very same chant the silver haired man did during every single one of his sacrifices to his god.

Well fuck- no.

There wasn't a damn thing on the planet worth opposing Hidan now, not even this pretty little lion. How unfortunate, Kakazu thought as he watched the lion boy fumble slightly now that his short fight was over, obviously out of his element, the lion would have made such a nice profit too~

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