I was being sent to Forks. My mother finally couldn't take it anymore, and decided to dump her psychic daughter off on her ex-husband. She loved me, I knew, but at the same time she didn't. She was polite, not loving, and thought that I was a freak. She'd even locked me up in a mental institution from the time that I was six until I was nine, when she came and got me again.

I was beautiful, and still so strange. Pale skin, from being kept inside all the time and being part albino. Long auburn hair that fell in soft waves to my waist. Large dark blue eyes with bags underneath. Slender, tiny body with noticeable curves. And the face of a dark angel. I was considered a freak at my old school, and they didn't even know about the visions.

When Charlie took me home, I could feel the tensions in the air. He was happy to have me, just a little anxious. I went up the stairs to see my room. I'd decorated it on my stay when I was fourteen, and he kept it the same. Dark gray walls, hot pink sheets, black comforter, bed pushed against the wall with colorful throw pillows and bed pillows. And the lovely 1920's era dressing table with a gorgeous mirror and tiny silk lined drawers. My clothes were in a black dresser, and a few books and notebooks were strewn carelessly across it.

I slept well, and woke up at 6:45 to get dressed. I pulled a dark purple silk dress over my head that fell to the tops of my knees, a pair of ripped black skinny jeans, and a pair of soft gray suede ankle boots that were flat to the ground. The dress was tight to the bodice, and loose as it fell around her legs and ended in ripples. I grabbed my black leather jacket and my Wayfarer sunglasses before going outside to my car. I'd brought it with me from Phoenix. I got it from my mother. Renee rarely said no to me, just gave me money and sent me out.

My car was an Audi TT Coupe, and it was probably the most delicious car I'd ever seen. I knew how to fix cars, and I'd zapped my engine and added power to it. Now I could drive faster than a racecar. I sped to the school, and pulled smoothly in the parking lot. I got out of my car when suddenly the school and everything around me disappeared.

"I love you." A blonde boy whispered into my ear, holding me close. "I love you so much I can barely stand it."

"As I love you." I murmured, twisting my fingers into his hair. Then we kissed. As we kissed, I saw that we were on a tree branch. The boy's arms were wound around me, and we were leaning against the trunk of the tree.

"Even though I'm different? A freak?" I asked, nervous.

"Bella, darlin', I'm the freak." He drawled with a Southern accent, then dipped me low to the ground and held me up as he kissed me once moret.

And then it was over. I took a deep breath, and bit my lip softly. It might not happen. But I wanted it to. Inexplicably, I was already half in love with this stranger. I made my way into the school, and sat down in first class with my bag. I got several stares on account of my sunglasses and unusual looks.

I didn't speak during my classes, just looked at things. And then I got to the cafeteria. I saw a group of people that almost took my breath away. They were perfect, so pale and beautiful. The smallest one, a tiny black haired girl, was talking when suddenly she froze, her eyes glazing over. She was having a vision. I was walking through the cafeteria when again the images in front of me shimmered away.

"I know what you are." I whispered to the golden haired boy. We stood in the middle of a forest, facing each other.

"Say it." He murmured, a bit of steel in his southern drawl. "Let me here you say the word."

"Vampire." I breathed, my eyes closed and a peaceful expression on my face, as if the word was caressing me. And then he stepped forward, pressing his lips to my neck and trailing kisses up my jaw before pausing, right next to my lips.

"I know what you are." His voice was mocking and still loving.

"Say it. Let me here you say it." I smirked.


"I love you, vampire." I teased.

"I love you, fortune-teller."

When I was able to see again, I noticed the tallest of the perfect boys at the table. His hair was the color of sunlight, and his face was possibly the most perfect thing I had ever seen. I concentrated on his future, placing both our faces in my mind. And then I whirled into a vision.

I sat on the boy's lap, and he was seated on a long couch. His feet were propped up, and he played with my hair. The tiny black haired girl sat with her hands intertwined with a bronze haired boy's.

"Alice, I'm bored." The blonde haired boy whined.

"Jasper, I don't care." The girl, Alice, giggled.

"Jazzy, I have an idea. Do you want to play baseball?" I said, and my voice was melodic, like music. I was infinitely more beautiful, like the other perfect vampires. I was a vampire.

"Sure. You guys in? Edward?" Jasper asked.

"Whatever." Edward said languidly.

"Sure!" Alice chimed.

"Jasper." I murmured, my mouth savoring the word. The perfect angel's name was Jasper. I was suddenly aware of eyes on me. I stood in the middle of the cafeteria, after all. I sat down in the closest seat, and began to draw with my black calligraphy pen on a sketch book, my hand flying as I scrambled to draw the forest scene. I closed my eyes, and watched the scene over again behind my eyelids. I opened them again, and frantically drew the scene. I never wanted to forget it. I knew three things at that point. First, Jasper and his family were vampires. Second, I would be one in the near future. And third: sometime in the next few weeks I would fall in love with him. Correction, he would fall in love with me. I was already hopelessly in love with him.

After suffering through Biology, I went to Gym class joyous. I loved Gym. I was very graceful and strong, and I loved to run. The Coach made us run laps, and I did so ahead of everyone else. Except two. The largest of the perfect, and my Jasper. I strained to catch them, and looked down. The muscles in my legs were visibly flexing. I wore a pair of black cheer shorts and a Dropkick Murphys tee shirt. My long hair was pulled up into a ponytail that swished down my back.

"Hello." I said. They looked at me incredulously. I smiled, and pushed myself further. I had to run as fast as I could. I needed the adrenaline in my veins, and I wanted the endorphins. My feet were soundless, barely skimming across the concrete in my speed. And then, like an explosion, I couldn't see the concrete in front of me. Why was I having so many visions today?

"Alice! Jasper!" I was screaming, while a black cloaked figure was pulling me back towards an alley. I was writhing and struggling, but they were standing in the shadows across the street. Trapped. And then I felt it: two rows of teeth sank into my neck.

My eyes suddenly came back into focus, and I saw the blue sky above me. I was on the ground, my hair loose and wild around me. The muscular man and Jasper knelt beside me, concerned looks on their angelic faces. I snapped up into a sitting position, my eyes darting between Jasper and the open space ahead of me. And then I leapt to my feet, instantly on edge. The creature was released inside of me. I turned around, cocking my head and lazily regarding the two angelic vampires.

"Are you alright?" Jasper asked. His voice was laced with concern.

"Perfect. I must have…drifted off." I drawled, my voice velvety and seductive. I regarded them for a moment, my eyes drifting over Jasper and the other. I turned to the Coach.

"Sir, I'm not feeling very well. Do you think I could go home?" I said, batting my eyelashes. He nodded, dazed. I loped off to my car, and then, before I could leave, Jasper was beside my window. I rolled it down.

"Isabella?" He said hesitantly.

"Bella." I corrected.

"I just wanted to make sure you were…okay." He said awkwardly. I smiled sweetly at him.

"I'll be alright. Just took a little fall Jasper." I murmured, and then grinned at him. "Tell your sister Alice that I said hello." He was confused, but I backed up before he could say anything.