(A Song by Florence and the Machine)

I sat up to the semi-darkness of a neutral-colored bedroom. I looked around- everything was as clear as if I was looking through a magnifying glass at an HD TV. I could feel everything around me; I was hyper-aware of my surroundings. And then I detected another being in the room. Quicker than could be seen, I was pressed up against the wall and glowering at the intruder.

And then I straightened back up- a beautiful blonde male stood before me, his eyes scarlet red and his body covered in bites. My instincts screamed 'danger' but I spoke, instead. My voice did not surprise me- I'd heard it dozens of times in my visions, after all. "Jasper," He was an immoveable stone statue of Ares and I made my way over to him, reaching out both hands to run my fingertips down his chest. His tee shirt was tight and I could see the outline of every muscle through it.

As I watched, fascinated, his eyes darkened. "Bella," He said in a low, slightly hoarse Southern drawl that made me shiver. My throat burned- I was obviously hungry, but this was more important. I could remember cherry juice on vanilla ice cream- blood on a countertop, blood in a small room, screaming.

I could remember everything. And suddenly I was in a vice grip, my back to the wall and my legs around a stone pillar while my mouth was ravaged by smooth, warm silk. I fought back for dominance, my ankles hooking together behind Jasper's back. I was aware that I was half dressed in a thin black nightgown.

Alice's work, no doubt. I could smell peonies and sunshine under the heady scent of Jasper. Jasper, pacing back and forth in a library, wearing militant black clothing and combat boots. His expression steely- sexy and fuming. A brunette -I recognized myself- with bare feet and a curious expression walked up behind him, wrapping her arms around his chest to press a kiss between his shoulder blades and place her hands over his non-beating heart.

"My war god," She whispered.

I was aware that I was no longer being kissed deliciously, or at all. Jasper was looking at me, I was still up against the wall. "Nice dream?" He smirked. I growled softly. "I'm hungry. I'm gonna go drain two deer, three rabbits, and four coyotes of their blood. I know that you'll be coming along and we'll probably end up making out by the end of it, in some state of blood-covered-ness."

And then we were running.