One moment ago

You pulled me in

And you engulfed me with

Your lyrical voice

And you made me yours

Quiet in the grasp of all that is


And there you go again

With your vanishing acts

Please stop

I don't want you here

I need you here

Please stop

Can you hear me?
I'm screaming on top of the

Soaring evergreen trees of the silent forest

And nobody hears my desperate cry for help

And you don't even turn your beautiful head

Please stop

I do not think I can cry

I do not think I can scream

Weeping, yelling

They both mean that you still have

Something left to lose

So I sit in the lonely dusk

And I lay on the forest floor

Somewhere, in another world

It starts to drizzle

And the lazy raindrops caress my face

There are goose bumps sprouting on my skin

Like wildflowers

And the worst thing is

They have nothing to do with the bitterly frozen air

Please stop

I whisper to the dormant forest

But your silhouette keeps retreating

Closer and closer to the horizon

Closer and closer to the twilight