You'll Always Be My Cure

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Chapter 1:

~Sweeter Than the Cake~

It was Misaki's birthday, and all through school, nobody has made a fuss. But.. when he met up with Usagi-san, well, that was a different story.


Misaki's POV.

"Sumi-senpai!" I yelled. He turned around as he heard his name.

"Oh, hey Misaki! Wasn't your birthday today?" he asked.

"Y-yeah.. how'd you know?" I thought back. 'I never mentioned my birthday.. did I?'

"I heard Kamijou the Devil talking about it with Usami-san."

'Damn it! Usagi-san knows?!' I screamed in my head.

Soon, I saw a bright red sports car arrive at the school. To be specific, Usagi-san's car. Odd thing was, he didn't wait for me to avoid him, he got out, walked up to me, and pulled me to the car, pushing me in. Then he got in, and drove.

"H-Hey, where are we going?" I asked, although I was somewhat afraid to know.

He glared, and that made me wish that either he had put me in the backseat, or that I wasn't afraid to know what that glare meant.

"Not sure.. It's your birthday, isn't it?" I nodded, scared he would scold me for not telling him. But we didn't stop, and I didn't know what to feel anymore.

'What should I feel? Love; he cares about me enough to take me out. No, no. It's not that he normally doesn't want to.. it's just he's normally to busy 'harassing' me and when he deadline is near, trying not to miss it. Maybe.. Anger; he made me come here.. Where-ever 'here' is... Kidnapped; but.. I'm not really a kid, although if you ask him I am, and I don't mind if he takes me out. Worry; where's he taking me and why?' As my thoughts jumbled and I became frustrated at them, the car stopped.

He got out and waited. Then he leaned in and said "Aren't you coming?"

I slowly got out, wondering if I should regret this action, and walked toward him. I followed as he grabbed a bag, that I was afraid I didn't want to know what was in it, and then my hand and we walked.

"A hotel?" Now, I was truly scared, and trying very hard to hide it. I knew I liked him, but I can't control myself when I'm around him, and sometimes I say something that always comes back to haunt me.

He laughed. Then he led me to a room and put his hand over my eyes. I heard the door creak open and he pulled me in, uncovering my eyes. "Surprise!"

I probably looked shocked. Not because of the surprise, but because of the party, itself. Normally, he would throw it for just the two of us. He was plotting something. I knew it.


Hours later; 11:00 PM.

Usagi's POV

Everyone left about an hour ago. They wanterd to let us be alone. We were trying the second cake, the one I had saved for just the two of us.

"Mmmm," he paused, "this cake is sweet!" I snickered, and he looked around puzzled.

"You know," I said putting down the cake, "There's something in this room that is, in all ways, sweeter than this cake." He put his cake down too.

"Hmm?" he said. I loved that adorable side of him.

"It's name," I said, "is Misaki Takahashi." He froze. His face went all red.

"Baka-Usagi." He said, but his face only turned redder, and showed a little smile.

I walked over to him and picked him up, then I carried him to the bed and put him down there. "Let's make memories, my sweet little Misaki."


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