Hey peoples, just posting a quick AN even though no one reads them. I'm starting this in hopes of somehow writing again, (and knowing me, hopefully more frequently). So I'm giving this a whirl, hope it doesn't suck too bad.

It has been several years since the end of Breaking Dawn, enough time for Bella and Edward to become closer than ever, enough time for the Cullen family to finally return to normalcy, enough time for Renesme and Jacob to be married and off on a 'second' honey moon.

Enough time has past for another vampire to have joined the Cullen family. Malkior.

Malkior could hardly be called part of the family when he first stumbled across the Cullens after having killed yet another human being, having caused another accident, screwing up again. His gift of seeing a person's past made him suspicious, but made Malkior all the more respectful of the Cullens and their unique lifestyle.

And time has allowed a relationship. While he may not be too close to anyone of them, he knows it is his place, his home, and understands what he must do remain a part of the family.

For Malkior will not allow himself to slip up, not again, not once more. No matter how angry how disturbed how furious and no matter how murderous he becomes, he will never allow himself to be a disappointment ever again.