Jasper's POV

I sighed. Today had been nice.

Okay, who was I kidding? It was totally boring.

Edward, Rosalie, and I had all hung out today at Edward's house. We had gone swimming, and Rosalie had complained once again because she had no one to shop with. Now we were all relaxing on the side of the pool. Silence.

I looked up at the sky. It was the middle of June, and summer vacation had begun only a few weeks before. It had been hot and muggy the whole time, which was unusual for Forks, Washington. The cloudless sky was a nice blue.

As I lay in the grass I felt a small breeze blow through. I sat up, to see if anyone else noticed it, but by then it had gone on its way. I glanced at Rosalie who had steadily been getting restless for the past ten minutes.

"Well, it's been fun boys, but I'm going to go work on my designs some more. See you tomorrow, Edward." Rosalie then stood up, and walked inside.

Rosalie was my twin sister. Now, don't get me wrong, that could be fun. Usually. However, she was a girl, and that left a larger space than there would have been if we were the same gender.

"Come on, Jasper. Let's go to the skate park or something. What do you say?" Edward looked at me hopefully.

"Okay. Go grab our gear and I'll be down in a minute."

I stood up and went through the sliding glass door and into the massive white house. Edward's dad was an amazing doctor, and also very rich from an inheritance. That meant larger house, nice cars, and lots of spending money.

I took the steps two at a time as I headed to Edward's room. I always left some of my clothes at his house, just in case. I changed out of my swim trunks and threw on a black t-shirt with a "Bite Me" sweatshirt over it. I added a pair of black Tripp pants, then headed out to the garage.

Edward had already grabbed our helmets and boards. (A/N Pictures on website. Click the homepage link on my profile.)

As we got to the skate park, I did a 360 Heel flip and then headed down the side of the bowl to the ramp. As I got there, I stopped and turned around to wait for Edward.

As he came into view, he suddenly froze. Shading his eyes, he started staring in one direction.

I turned to see what he was staring at and saw one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. She was extremely short, with cropped, dark, spiky hair and blue eyes. She was riding a bright pink skateboard, and was headed my way. I stepped back as she landed next to me and hopped off her board. She turned to me, winked, and smiled the most amazing smile I had ever seen.

"Hey, I'm Alice. What's your name?" Her voice sounded like bells chiming.

"I'm Jasper. Nice to meet you, Alice. I don't believe I've seen you before, are you new here?" I was happy that my voice actually worked.

"Yeah, well, my family just moved here. Hey, Emmett!" she called, waving her arms over her head. "He's my brother," she added, just as my heart had begun to sink.

I soon saw a huge guy with a goofy grin on his face come into view. How he could stand on the skateboard and not break it, I didn't know. Emmett came over and flipped his board up with his foot so that he was holding it.

"Hey dude, I'm Emmett." He had a low booming voice, but he seemed really nice.


I suddenly remembered why I came here, and looked around for Edward. He was in the same place, talking to a gorgeous brunette girl. He seemed to be as dazed by her as I was by Alice.

Who could that could be? And where did these amazing people come from?