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Cold Feet

It was finally their day. It was the day they had been waiting more than a millennia for. It was the day that would be the start of a new future, a future in which Usagi was scared to death of. Today, her wedding day, would be the catalyst for the future of the entire solar system. She knew it was only a matter of time, before Chibi Usa was conceived. The day Usagi would give birth to her would be the day everything changed. She didn't know if she was ready to be a wife, or a mother, and she knew with out a shadow of a doubt she wasn't ready to be the ruler of Crystal Tokyo. She had barely graduated high school, and now she was expected to take on this kind of responsibility.

Her wedding was merely hours away, and Usagi was having second thoughts. She wanted to run as far away as she could, hide from all responsibility, all expectations. She wanted to hide from the eager eyes of her friends and family, waiting just outside her dressing room. She wasn't ready. She loved Mamoru with every fibber of her being, she couldn't stand to disappoint him, but she was just so afraid. Everything was happening too fast. She let her tears caress her face, crying away all her fears, and all her hesitations. 'This is going to be my perfect day' she kept telling herself, chanting that mantra in her head over, and over again until she made it true. It was the perfect wedding, Usagi had spent months planning every little detail. The wedding hall was bathed in white roses, the widows were made of stained glass depicting angels, and flowers that were softly lit by the morning sun. There was a plush red carpet leading from the entrance of the hall to the alter where she would vow to love, and cherish Mamoru for the rest of her life.

Everything was already in motion. As much as Usagi so desperately wanted to, she knew that she couldn't run away. She wasn't a child anymore, and that meant that she had to stand up to fears, fears that were greater than the demons or monsters she had faced as a child. She silently promised to herself that, no matter what the future had to hold, she would face it with the same resolute courage that she summoned while facing the vile beings that had tried to destroy them time, and time again. It wouldn't be easy, but few things ever were. At least she wouldn't be alone. They were all waiting for her. She could hear Rei outside the door grumbling something Usagi taking to long, and breaking down the door. She rolled her eyes, and looked at the white lace that made up the intricate pattern of her dress. It was time to face the rest of her life, headstrong, and with courage.