(A rapid heartbeat) "One shot is all that I need, just one shot, and it'll all be over. Even if for only a while."

------------------------------Flash Back--------------------------------------

"Don't worry Brute,while your on the field, I got your back." 'I turned and pointed to a spot on top of a building put in ruins' "From right there, on that roof I can see everything on the battle 's also the spot where the light shines so bright that you can go blind by overexposure to the suns rays. Just as long as I have my sniper rifle, and no one knows where I am, you don't have to worry so much." 'A large smile took form on my pink face then'

-------------------------------End of flashback-------------------------------

I was covered in sweat, but it made me shine radiant because of the sun's reflection on me. I had smudges on my face, that made me look like a baby when they finished eating their messy oatmeal. I wore a bandanna, to keep my hair back so that it wouldn't interfere with my was the shade of baby barf green, and it had skulls on it. My hair rained down my back, that shined like golden fire in the sun. I wore a white tube top, and baggy military pants, with big pockets in the side. My boots of course were above my pants, and were the shade of brown.

My partner on the field was Brute, and he was what you would call a girl's best friend, in a way. He's hair was as black as coal, and it never covered his forehead. He had it tied in the back, that in a way looked like little baseballs in his hair. He wore fingerless gloves, and navy military pants, with his brown boots tucked under his pants. Brute wore a baby blue tank top, and a chain he got from his father figure before he came here. It had a picture of his family in it, and was engraved "True strength is being able to hold it together, when everyone else expects you to fall apart" I thought it was really cool. But now, Sapphire, sapphire was the color of his eyes and that's all I remember of him since we were seperated, not that long ago.

I swiftly got up, and took a look at my surroundings before I lept like an idiot." Wow, what the hell is that" my hand quickly covered my mouth. What the hell was I thinking, as I dropped to the floor, in a spot where I couldn't be seen.I tried to get back up to look again, but as I did this huge robot machine was already up in the air and about five feet away from me. In my head I was telling myself, "Run you idiot run,run!!!" It took my body one second to respond and I ran as fast as I possibly could to my left, the east side of the building, for I was on the roof. I dove of the ledge, leaned forward, and to my luck, a metal pole stuck out the building."Alright" I reached out and grabbed it, and at the speed I as going, I spun around at least one full turn before I let go, and landed on my feet. It took about four seconds, to recapture my balance,to keep running. In my mind,was like "Oh my god am still alive,thank you lord, thank you!" But I knew I had to keep with those things after me.

I ran towards my left again. One of those robots, just popped out from the edge of the building. But an openining in between it's legs made me run faster to slide underneath it. As soon as I did, I stood up grabbed my hand gun jumped on it's back and shouted "Gott'cha".Before I could fire though, something hit my back, and I fell off the around me faded to black." Who, who are you" was the last words that I said before the darkness swallowed me whole.

'Beep,Beep' " What's that sound."