"A Fracture In Time" By Ryley Breen AKA Shadow Master

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Note: This story has nothing to do with my 'Chronia' Gargoyles universe, it's just a story that popped into my head that I thought would make a pretty good fanfic. I discovered it when I watched the Beasties/Beast Wars episode 'The Agenda: Part three' and 'Optimal Situation' and wondered 'Hey! What would the Gargoyle universe be like if Optimus had been terminated?'. So I got busy thinking and this was the result. Now keep in mind that it has been years since I have seen the Transformers(G1) cartoon so the bulk of my info will be coming from sites containing Bio info on the characters and timeline. If I make any mistakes I apolagize in advance for my errors and hope that you will forgive me. Also for those of you not familiar with transformer time terminology pay attention to the following:

Nano-click = One Second

Cycle = One Minute

Mega-Cycle = One Hour

Stellar Cycle = One Day

Galactic Cycle = One Year

Be advised that this is just my educated guess as to how things may be arranged and I have no idea if this is accurate or not.

"A Fracture In Time"

Part 1: Chapter 1


The Ark

Those two words hold enormous significance to both the races of Cybertron and those of Earth alike but are forever unique. On Earth the Ark was a ship of biblical proportions built by Noah to save species of animals and peoples of Earth from the vengeful flood from God. For those from Cybertron it was the name of the ship which carried the last, best hope for the faction of transforming robots called the Autobots. Both ships were seen as the salvation of their kind but whereas Noah's ship cannot even be proven as ever existing the Ark of the Autobots has always been established fact. Over the years following the end of the great war between Autobot and their feudal rivals the Decepticons the Ark has drifted into the realm of myth. It is a myth that no matter how much time has passed is still revered as greatly as it had been in the beginning.

Unfortunately this is one myth that may be rendered asunder in a few moments.

Slowly, as though slowly waking from a slumber the doors to the bridge of the Ark open and admit the conductor of this dirge of death. When looking at him one might not think that he presented much of a threat to the giants surrounding him. Alas the giants still slumber in emergency stasis, unaware of the intruder in their midst and unaware of what boils in his mind. Looking at his face one can almost see a resemblance between the sleeping towers of metal and the newcomer, in body and mind. Some could easily be intimidated by him and see him as a powerful force in the current of history but few could guess the scope of influence he holds. When spoken on Cybertron his name provokes the memory of a long forgotten evil that was thought to have long since vanished but now it rises again.

"Now I enter these hallowed halls, a conqueror, Yes!" Megatron declares as he enters the stage of his grand finale.

Locking his turbines into place the leader of the Predacons rises into the air and slowly glides forward to the front of the room. Stalking forth so one could see that he too moves with the predatory grace of his transmetal beast mode and is worthy of the respect given to the beast it represents. All about him lies what he considers the past, a past which stokes the fires of his hatred all the more in their presence. With the swaying of his plasma cannon one could not deduce which slumbering goliath he meant to render asunder. Mayhap all? Mayhap none but one thing that remains clear is that a great change is about to take place and he will be the one to start it all.

"Autobots and Decepticons, still trapped in emergency stasis, awaiting the moment four million years hence when they will awaken and start the great war." , said Megatron as he looks over the motionless throng below him, "Hmmmm, the great war, where the the Autobots defeat the Decepticons and thus it is their descendants the Maximals who rule we Predacons."

Suddenly a wave of rage swells through him and his purple eyes glow with their fury.

"Archaic energon guzzlers! How *dare* they!!!" Megatron yells as he swats at the scarlet arm to his right.

Slowly rising upwards now he declared "Loathe though I was to follow my namesake's instructions, it has all come down to this! The ultimate risk, for the ultimate prize! A day of reckoning, with those who made *us* slaves!!"

With a slight change of direction laterally the Predacon leader looked town at his target, a helpless hunk of metal that knew not it's fate, and sneered triumphantly. Thrusting forward he looked straight in the eye the central object of his hatred, the symbol of the benevolent Autobots that remained strong long after the original was gone.

"At last we meet face to face *Optimus* *Prime*!" , Megatron spit out in contempt and sarcasm, "In one future you awaken and become the great *leader* of the Autobots, but time shall take a different route now."

Suddenly flying away, as if to stay out of arms reach of the behemoth, Megatron came to a stop fifty feet away from his foe and aimed his weapon well. In these moments the basis of his scheme became clear and the integrity of the universe trembled and prayed.

"Computer! All available power to primary weapon!" Megatron yelled and in acknowledgement of it's master's command the amethyst plasma began to glow like a small sun as it rose in strength.

If any of the giant transformers could speak there would no doubt be a variety of statements made. From the Decepticons there would no doubt be cheers of encouragement and advice on how best to destroy the leader of their hated enemies. Perhaps the original Megatron would even smile as his plan reached fruition or maybe he would be angry that it was not he that was going to deliver the deathblow. From the Autobots though there would be screams of protest and threats galore as the transformers of goodness tried to fight the emergency stasis and rescue their leader. Unfortunately both sides would have gone unheard for this was a warlord who followed orders from no one but himself.

With his weapon coming to a steady hum Megatron yelled "For the honor of the Decepticons, for the glory of the Predacons, for the Cybertron that *is* rightfully ours and *mine* to rule, I unleash this storm of vengeance upon thee. Farewell!!!!!"

Then in a torrent of energy the ignited plasma flew forth towards the cranium of the legendary Autobot leader striking it dead center. In another time and another place this blast would have resulted in no more than a small explosion, finite in it's duration. Unfortunately this was a blast that would send echoes throughout time and space while it went about changing all that was and all that might be. Who knows what new future was being carved out by the temporal wave front? Who could predict the effect it would have on recorded history? There is no real way to know for sure because once the echo disappears the only history that exists is the history after the event.


Manhattan, U.S.A, March 29, 1997

Getting out of Goliath's arms and stepping onto the balcony of her apartment Elisa breathed in the type of air that she thought she would never breathe again. It wasn't very different from the air she breathed while in Japan or in Prague as far as composition went but as a native New Yorker she could tell the difference. She almost smiled as she thought about how casually she said the names of all the places she had been. If she had said that to anyone outside of the clan they would think she were crazy or in serious need of a vacation.

Ugghhh! I think I've had enough vacation time to last me 'til next year! she thought to herself as she opened the window to her living room and dropped Cagney in.

"We could not have survived our odyssey without your help." Goliath said as he took her hands in his.

"Hey it was fun, most of the time!" , Elisa remarked as she turned to look at Cagney walking around the living room, "But there really is no place like home. It was really nice of Broadway and Hudson to look after him while I was gone."

"The clan will always be there for you, *I* will always be there for you." Goliath stated as he looked at her with wistful eyes.

"I know." Elisa said as she looked back at him with equal wishfulness.

"If only we were...." Goliath began but Elisa stopped him by putting a gentle hand on his chest.

Elisa began to open her mouth to console the gargoyle who had been her friend for so long when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a wall of bright eldritch light appeared and began to sweep across the land towards them. For a moment Elisa's mind stalled as she tried to comprehend what was going on around her. The wind was picking up to almost typhoon levels, to the point where even the sounds of the city were drowned out, and the rain pelted against her skin like needles. Looking to Goliath in the hopes of some comfort she saw that he too was finding it hard to come to grips with what was happening before him. Had some nut case set off a nuke nearby and this was the shockwave reaching them? Was Demona back at her genocidal ways? She desperately wanted this to be the case but somehow she knew it wasn't any of the scenarios she could think of. As the wall got closer and closer she pressed herself against Goliath's chest, as if his body alone would protect her as it had done so often in

the past.

Right then and there both of them knew that this would be the end of something, whether it be just Manhattan or of everything it would change just the same. With their final moments upon them all inhibitions left them and they looked to each other to express what they had been forced to repress during the past couple of weeks. Sadly they would not get the chance for just as they opened their mouths to speak the wave hit and all they knew was rendered unto nothingness.

Zone Alpha 15, former continent of North America

Year 13 of Decepticon Occupation of Earth

For a moment the warrior did not know what was going on nor what had happened in the intervening moments since knowing and not knowing. All about her explosions roared through the air, red hot light streaked through the air and vehicles of all sorts went by either by air or land. A field of buildings were laid out across the land ahead but you could tell right away to which race it belonged but then it wasn't that hard. In roughly over a decade all the buildings made by man had been destroyed and what took it's place were merely symbols of oppression. The malevolent forces of the Decepticons from Cybertron had destroyed everything to make room for their energon refineries and military bases. The human race was no longer the dominant species of the planet but was instead reduced to simply insignificant slaves, expendable and without any rights at all. For a moment the warrior's mind screamed that this was not right, not how it was supposed to be and for a moment the warrior struggled to find out what was going on.

Unfortunately she wasn't given a chance.

With significant force she was tackled to the ground mere moments before three white laser blasts streaked through the air where she had been standing. For a moment she fought with the person who had taken her to the ground but as she moved she could tell that it wasn't only the world that seemed different. Her senses seemed crisper, more efficient than she seemed to recall them being and her sense of touch was sharp as well but dull at the same time. Looking to her right she saw who had knocked her down and received another shock when her savior was revealed to be a female robot. She didn't at all look like the kind of robot you see in most movies where they look virtually human or completely alien, the warrior looking back at her looked more like chiseled stone. The robot's body had your basic human female look to it but looked like it had been made with spare parts from an automobile. The robot was primarily a yellow golden color with white thrown on the arms, legs, midriff and face. While there were no actual seams she had what looked like a golden helmet on with a cross hairs in front of one eye.

Then the moment passed and the robot said crossly "What's the matter with you Nightshade!? You would've been slagged if I hadn't knocked you out of the way in time!!"

With that single word, that name 'Nightshade', all of her doubts and concerns vanished in the blink of an eye and in it's place her memories returned. It was as if her mind, her identity had been momentarily separated from her body and a stranger had been put in it's place. Shaking her head she got into a crouch stance behind some debris and pulled her twin particle blasters from their resting place in sub-space. Before answering her comrade she fire two shots at the fighter jet that had almost gotten her and smiled with satisfaction when it fell to the ground.

"Sorry Angelfire, must have been a momentary glitch in my primary processing unit!" Nightshade replied as her 'sister' got behind her and fired a few shots from her wrist mounted lasers.

"Yeah well get over it and get ready because it looks like we're on!" Angelfire declared as a massive explosion at the entrance to the refinery destroyed the ion cannons mounted on the wall.

As if on cue Jazz's voice came over her comlink "The entry batteries are down, beta team move in!"

"You heard him 'bots! Transform and move out!!" Nightshade yelled and almost simotaneously transformed into her armored sports car mode.

She still found that description somewhat funny considering how poor it was but then again she didn't concern herself with trivial things like that. War was no time to be contemplating your vehicle mode, things like that could get you sent to the Inferno in no time. Slamming down the accelerator she tore off towards the entrance to the refinery with the remaining four members of her strike team right behind her. Weaving and jiving all the way she hoped that the entrance batteries really were down because the strafing fire from the Insecticons wasn't leaving much room for maneuvering. Quickly she looked at her digital watch and kept in mind that it was at two minutes thirty-five seconds which made her accelerate all the more. She knew like the rest of her team that if they didn't manage to get in, grab the energon and get out before the timer ran out that they wouldn't be getting out alive at all. Roaring towards the entrance she saw Bombshell and Kickback standing in the entrance attempting to prevent anyone from getting in. Smiling at either their stupidity or overconfidence she immediately brought up her laser gatling guns from their compartments on her hood. With one final swerve to bring her targets back into line of sight she fire off a ten second volley straight through the center slamming Bombshell in the chest plate and

Kickback in the legs.

Not slowing down even for a moment she ran over Bombshell's body both increasing Trauma's workload and leaving one less Decepticreep to worry about later. Bringing up a map of the refinery she immediately looked up the location for the storage warehouse and plotted the quickest route. Suddenly a laser blast nailed her on the right hand side door, scorching the armor and forcing her to fight a bit to maintain course. Looking at the direction where the blast had to have come from she saw the problem and cursed at herself for being so sloppy.

I can't slaggin' believe I got tagged by the automated defenses!! she thought to herself as she altered her style of driving to make sure it didn't happen again.

It was a standing joke around the HQ that the Decepticon's automated defenses couldn't hit the broadside of Omega Supreme's backside and most who got hit by them were either rookies or oldies beyond their prime. Hopefully no one caught that little mistake but her or she would never hear the end of it after they all got back to base. She knew that if Angelfire saw that she would make a point of mentioning it to Jazz later so as to make her case of a change in command structure all the more logical. Even though they both treated each other fairly well there was no question that 'fire didn't like the fact that she got posted as Beta team leader instead of her. Fortunately though she was skillful enough to keep her 'sister' optimistic when the time for possible promotions came up. Dragging herself out of her thoughts she made a right turn and

transformed on the move right in front of the warehouse.

Not wasting time telling the others their jobs she immediately began to use her laser torch to begin cutting an entrance in the armored door of the building. It was a slow process but she hoped it wouldn't be too slow because if her watch was accurate they only had about a minute and fifteen seconds to go. This was the part she hated the most, cutting through the armored door skillfully so that there were no mistakes but at the same time quickly enough to stay on the clock. Her auditory and seismic sensors were at their peak efficiency, taking in every sound around her while waiting for the sound of a 'con sneak attack. Despite the way most people thought about refinery jobs it wasn't as easy as it sounded and had claimed more than it's fair share of casualties.

Finally as the final inch of the new 'door' was cut she knocked the slab of metal in and stepped back to allow the others to begin the loading of energon into Brawn's back in dump truck mode. Checking the timer once again she found that they now had roughly forty-five seconds to go before it became too late to pull out. The others seemed to know this as they increased the pace that they loaded energon onto Brawn at a rate of more than three cubes each. At the rate they were going Brawn would be filled at the twenty second mark which didn't even give them half the time they needed to get clear.

Activating her comlink she said "Beta team leader to Alpha team leader. Have arrived at destination and are in the process of loading the gold. Do not believe we'll be able to make it out by quitting time. Request new entree. Over."

"Alpha team leader to Beta team leader. Manager en route with an ETA of one minute." , replied Jazz over the com, "Finish your meal then get out fast!"

"Roger that! Over and out!" she replied before terminating the transmission.

A small bit of relief swept over her as she accepted the fact that they had more time than she thought they did. It would still be close but at least they stood a chance of exiting the compound before the time ran out and with Jazz providing cover fire everyone should be able to make it back alright. Looking back to see what kind of progress they were making on the loading she was pleased to find that they were almost finished. That left her with only one thing to do before they left so without a word to anyone else she entered the warehouse and walked over to the energon that would be left behind. In a way it was hard to believe that these compact cubes of energy, the cubes that glowed like the stars, could really be the stuff that kept her alive. Mentally she slapped herself for indulging in something that had no use in war time and was generally better off forgotten. Bringing out the explosives she had prepared she began to place them at strategic places among the energon cubes. Once she and the others were clear she would detonate them and level a fair portion of the refinery thereby shutting it down for at least two weeks.

With the final bomb in place she ran out and saw the last of their energon cubes being loaded onto Brawn and the shielded cover sliding over them. Hopefully no Decepticon or turncoat would get a lucky shot with a laser cannon on the way out and blow the energon to atoms along with Brawn himself.

"Alright people we have forty seconds to get the slaggin' heck out of here so lets *move*!" Nightshade ordered as she ran to the front of the group, jumped in the air and transformed back into her sports car mode.

Screeching her tires a bit she took off in the point position with Angelfire taking up the rear as they peeled rubber towards the vacated entrance/exit. Laser blasts from the remaining refinery defenses scorched the ground where they had been mere seconds earlier and sometimes where it thought they would be. Turning left then a few seconds later she finally led her strike team into the proverbial home stretch as the charred entrance gates came into view. For a moment she almost thought that they would be able to make it out in time, that there wouldn't be anyone to mourn when she returned to her quarters as she had done in the past. Unfortunately as she reached the sixty yard mark between her and salvation she heard the familiar sounds of bulldozers, cranes and other construction equipment and knew right away that the Contructicons had arrived.

"Constructicon's! Combine to form..." ordered Scrapper who was in the lead at the time.

Almost as if lifted by unseen hands the various Constructicons began to fly into the air as their bodies changed into their new forms. One by one they began to join with each other, either becoming an arm or a leg, finally after a few seconds becoming the monstrous gestalt responsible for killing many members of the resistance.

"....Devastator!!" yelled the green and purple giant as he walked towards the refinery.

Hooo boy!! We're in for it now! Nightshade thought to herself as she got closer and closer to the charred gates ahead.

Closer and closer she got to her freedom but at the same time each giant step of Devastator brought him much closer to them than was her preference. Almost as if to punctuate this fact a giant fist slammed down on the ground beside them knock almost all of them off their wheels. Rolling with it she transformed into robot mode and immediately began firing at the Decepticon giant's eyes with the hope that she could temporarily blind him. Angelfire copied her and they both combined their firepower at the face of their titanous enemy even though they were doing little more than annoy him.

"Brawn! Blur! Beachcomber! Get out of here!" , she ordered as she jumped and rolled aside to avoid one of Devastator's fists, "Angelfire and I will keep this glitched goon occupied!!"

"Rightrightrightright! We'regoinggoinggoing!!" replied Blur as the three Autobots drove off for the only exit available.

Oh yeah we'll think of something! I just don't exactly know what that is! Nightshade thought to herself as her CPU raced to find a solution to the problem.

For the moment all they could do was try to blind Devastator, aim their blasters directly at his optical receivers and maybe put one of them at least out of commission. Thus both she and Angelfire dodged and weaved, trying to keep themselves from being scrapped, while they continually fired in the general direction of Devastator's head. For a moment it seemed to be working, her sensors showed that Blur and the others had just made it out of the refinery and were proceeding to the rendezvous site. Devastator as she had hoped was trying to block most of their shots from getting to his optics while at the same time attempting to flatten them with his gigantic fists. True if he had decided to open fire with his plasma cannon he could easily scrap them but that would involving risking the refinery and apparently the Decepticon force was reluctant to do that yet.

"Hey Nightshade! Next time you want to volunteer me for hazard duty, FORGET IT!" yelled Angelfire as she fired four shots at Devastator.

"Oh quit whining!! We're doing our jobs and the convoy is already in the clear!" , Nightshade retorted as she brought her twin missile launchers to bear and fired, "Just fire another volley at the 'Con and let's get the slaggin' hell out of here!"

Not wasting any time at all she shifted back into her vehicle mode and made a mad break for the exit/entrance to the compound. This would be mighty close for them, with their firing being the only thing that kept Devastator from really cutting loose he would now be pretty free to take his anger out on them. Hopefully the fact that they could move faster than the giant would give her and Angelfire the edge they needed to get away. Focusing her sensor sweeps behind her rather than in front of her she could see that Angelfire was a bit farther behind her than she should be. She had already cleared the gates and was now roaring across the rocky landscape towards the hill they had previously hid on a few moments earlier and Angelfire was just now leaving Devastator alone as well as transforming into vehicle mode.

"Get the lead out of your trunk Angelfire or your gonna be going straight to the scrap heap!!" Nightshade yelled over the comlink as she tried to gauge the distance between her friend and their enemy.

"Don't get your servos all bent out of shape! I got plenty of time to get clear!" Angelfire replied hotly as she apparently accelerated a bit.

At that moment Nightshade would have sworn that some deity or another was listening because almost as soon as Angelfire concluded the transmission Devastator called his plasma cannon from subspace and fired a shot at her. Almost in synch with the blast an explosion lit up the night sky covering nearly half the refinery in fire and smoke. Nightshade slammed on the brakes and transformed, looking back at where her 'sister' had been just moments ago. She could faintly hear the voice of Jazz coming over her comlink but it was so faint she could have sworn there was a malfunction in her audio receptors. At this moment the various parts of her being were in conflict with each other, her logic told her that Angelfire was dead, her reason told her that she had to get out of there *now* and her heart told her to go back and rescue her 'sister'.

Even when outvoted there was only one thing to do.

Jumping into the air Nightshade transformed into her aircraft mode which was just as poorly defined as calling her vehicle mode an armored sports car. After all that really changed was that a pair of wings emerged between her front and back wheels, the brake and turning lights slid to the side to reveal a set of rocket engines and her wheels folded into hidden compartments. It was a source of endless debate between her and Ratchet, she wanted a more identifiable appearance and him saying that this was the best he could do. In the end she usually just walked off in a huff to train or to go on another mission but the grievance was always there at the back of her mind. As she soared over the wrecked refinery she looked thoroughly amid the debris and fires for signs of her friend which was difficult when she had to keep from being swatted from the sky.


"Angelfire, you lazy femme of a 'bot!! Where are you!?!?" , Nightshade yelled over her comlink as she launched a salvo of missiles at Devastator before veering off in another direction, "You better not be slagged or I swear I'll chase you all the way to the Inferno!!!"

Again and again she circled the smoldering ruins, silently aware of her sensors informing her of Decepticons approaching from the West and due to arrive in twenty minutes. Any sign for her would due, whether it was a bit of gold metal sticking out from under a pile of metal or her sister's annoying whining over the comlink. For a solid ten minutes she looked all the while annoying Devastator by refusing to be scrapped under his barrage of attacks. She had almost given up hope when all of a sudden a familiar thread of amber laser fire fired up from the damaged area of the refinery. So filled was she with joy that she almost 'whooped' with joy as she began her descent into the ruins but restrained that trivial response. Knowing that she didn't have a lot of time she deployed her grappling hook beneath her and prepared to lock onto her friend's torso. Swerving from left to right as Devastator's blasts kept getting closer and closer, Nightshade could almost feel her 'skin' melting due to the heat.

C'mon body-o-mine!! Stick together for just a few more nano clics! she thought to herself as she got closer and closer to the source of Angelfire's blasts.

"Nightshade!! This is a direct order from a superior officer!!" , came Jazz's voice over the comlink, "Turn around and get the slaggin' hell out of there!!! There's nothing you can do for her!!"

"Sorry sir! I cannot comply with that order!!" Nightshade replied over the comlink and immediately after took her com. unit off line.

After what seemed like mega-cycles she finally cleared the smoke and right there before her, legs pinned down under some debris and full of holes, was Angelfire. Predictably she was trying to be the hero and was attempting to wave Nightshade off but it wouldn't work. Nightshade lived by her own code of ethics and there was one rule that reigned supreme over them all and it would be a cold day in the inferno before she would break that rule. Locking on with her targeting sensors she waited as the distance between them shrank, waiting for the moment when it would reach minimum effective distance. In moments like these time seemed to slow, blasts from a blaster seemed to be moving in slow motion and distances can seem forever to cross. At the same time though these moments can produce acts of perfection, acts that you and your comrades will call million to one acts later. So as the last few feet disappeared Nightshade's doubt also disappeared and she had no doubt that everything would be alright despite the deadly blasts of energy streaking around her.

5 feet...4 feet...3 feet...2 feet...1 foot...FIRE!! Nightshade thought to herself and with a muffled boom the grappling hook shot out from it's housing attached to her underside towards it's target.

When the confirmation of a good launch came back Nightshade's joy broke loose and she exclaimed "YES!!!! Hang on 'sis', I'm bringing you home!!"

Immediately she began to climb higher and higher into the air, all the while dodging the frustrated blasts the mammoth Devastator. She was almost happy enough to laugh at the big lugnut, maybe even throw a few taunting remarks back at him about his programmer! Fortunately though reeling in Angelfire and keeping the both of them in one piece took up most of her attention so for the moment she had only time enough to think them rather than speak them. Then for a moment she thought she heard something extra besides the familiar sound of air blowing by and explosions filling the sky. She smiled as she recognized the familiar cursing and yelling of Angelfire as with every dodge her friend was swung back and forth on the end of the cable. She was *definitely going to be hearing about this later.

Switching to her rear view vid-cam she spotted Devastator slowly heading in the direction of the energon storage warehouse and was struck by a sudden inspiration. Suddenly pulling a complete one eighty she headed straight for Devastator while blasting him with everything she had, aiming more to cause pain than actual terminal damage. Like music to her ears she hit the emerald giant in a sensitive spot causing him to scream in a pain filled rage as he continued to fire his laser cannon at her. Fortunately though his aim was slightly off as his central processor was plugged with pain at the moment so she didn't have to focus so much on zigging and zagging around his blasts. Just as she was about to cross the barrier back into the energon refinery she veered off and headed in a direction that would lure Devastator in the appropriate direction. Just then her comm system told her that someone was trying to get her attention and were not going to take silence for an answer.

"Daredevils 'R us!! What's your pleasure?" she asked after clicking on her comm speaker.

"Nightshade don't you *EVER* do that again or I'll slag you myself!!!" , Angelfire's voice rang out over the background noise, "What the slag were you thinking turning around and attacking that motor-head!?"

Looking at her sensor display she smiled and replied "Just keep an eye on Devastator for a few more cycles and you'll see!"

Before Angelfire could reply Nightshade turned off her comm system and focused on the task at hand by monitoring Devastator's position. Step by step the Decepticon was moving right where she wanted him and seemed completely oblivious to the heinous scrapping he was setting himself up for. That was one thing you could count on when it came to most gestalts working for Megatron, they were big on firepower but denser than the purest Osmium. She supposed that was to insure that they didn't get it into their heads that they were potentially stronger then him in their combined states and capable of overthrowing him. In about a cycle though she was going to give that bucketheaded dictator a reason to chance making a more intelligent giant for his army. Focusing her rear sensors carefully and doing a few quick calculations in her onboard computer she waited for the precise moment to pull off her little stunt.

A little more......a little *more*......NOW!! Nightshade thought in exclamation as she activated the detonator that had been placed next to the left over energon cubes inside the warehouse where Devastator's foot was about to plant itself.

An enormous explosion rocked the area as all the stored energy of the energon was explosively released in one magnificent blast. It also had the quaint side-effect of knocking Devastator flat on his back and damaging his right foot to the point of making it useless. Now with one leg damaged severely he would be unable to walk much less use his foot thrusters to fly leaving the constructicons with only the option of separating into their five parts with only four able to continue the fight. They would of course be much easier to handle in their separate forms thus lowering their threat to the resistance strike team to a more manageable level. That is if she had any intention of sticking around and scrapping the rest of them which given how much fuel she had expended on this maneuver was not likely at all. Flying by for one more pass she veered off and headed in the direction of where Jazz was probably grinding his gears to shavings thanks to her suicidal stunt. Of course this was nothing new for her, she was always shorting the circuits of those she was assigned under even though she always got results. Still she was probably going to get stuck with sentry duty when they got back and that was *after* a long lecture from the Commander.

Approaching the rendezvous co-ordinates she saw those 'bots and terran forces not on immediate look out watching her coming in. Some were actually cheering in triumph for what she had done, others simply shook their heads in disbelief that she was still something resembling functional. Jazz on the other hand was giving her a look that could freeze molten slag the size of Devastator and made her servo-fluid run cold for a click as well. Slowly she came to a hover position over Trailblazer she carefully lowered Angelfire onto his vehicle mode's roof before disengaging the grappling hook. Switching into robot mode she decided it was better not to put off the grinding she was going to get from Jazz and walked over to him. Standing in her best 'at attention' stance she waited for her mission commander to start berating her on how she nearly got herself killed along with Angelfire not to mention disobeying a direct order from a superior officer. This would however change nothing, if given the chance to do it all over again nothing would be done differently.

"C'mon Autobud, let's get back to HQ before the Contructicons get back to their feet." was the only thing Jazz said as he changed into his Porsche vehicle mode and drove off.

Hooo boy! Inferno here I come! she thought to herself and joined her fellow resistance members as they transformed and headed for home.